Introduction of air purifier

Air purifier is also called “air cleaner”.

It can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants (generally including decoration pollution such as PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens, etc.)

Common used air purification technologies include: adsorption technology, negative (positive) ion technology, catalysis technology, photocatalyst technology, superstructured photomineralization technology, HEPA high-efficiency filtration technology, electrostatic dust collection technology, etc.

Material technology mainly includes: photocatalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fiber, HEPA high efficiency material, anion generator, etc.

Main types of air purifiers

The working principle of air purifier is mainly divided into three kinds: passive, active and passive hybrid.

(1) According to the air purifier’s removal technology for particulate matter in the air, there are mainly mechanical filter type, electrostatic electret filter type, high-voltage electrostatic dust collection, negative ion and plasma method

Mechanical filtration: generally, particles are captured in the following four ways: direct interception, inertial collision, Brownian diffusion mechanism, and screening effect. It has a good collection effect on fine particles but a large wind resistance. In order to obtain high purification efficiency, the resistance of the filter screen is large. , and the filter needs to be dense, which reduces the life span and needs to be replaced regularly.

High voltage electrostatic dust collection: a dust-collecting method that uses a high-voltage electrostatic field to ionize the gas so that the dust particles are charged and adsorbed on the electrode. Although the wind resistance is small, the effect of collecting larger particles and fibers is poor, which will cause discharge, and cleaning is troublesome and time-consuming. , it is easy to generate ozone and form secondary pollution. “High-voltage electrostatic precipitator” is a method that not only ensures the air volume but also absorbs fine particles. This is how the particles are charged with a high voltage before they pass through the filter element, so that the particles are “easy to adsorb” to the filter element under the action of electricity. The high-voltage electrostatic dust collection part originally applies a high voltage to the two electrodes, and when the two electrodes are discharged, the passing dust is charged. Most of the dust is originally neutral or weakly charged, so the filter element can only filter dust larger than the mesh. However, narrowing the mesh of the filter element will cause blockage. The high-voltage electrostatic dust collection method can make the dust charged. Under the action of electricity, it is adsorbed on the specially processed and permanently charged filter element. Therefore, even if the mesh of the filter element is too large (coarse), it can indeed capture the dust.

Electrostatic electret filter: compared with mechanical filtration, it can only effectively remove particles above 10 microns, and when the particle size of particles is removed to the range of 5 microns, 2 microns or even sub-microns, efficient mechanical filtration system will become more expensive, and wind resistance will increase significantly. Filtered by electrostatic electret air filter material, high capture efficiency can be achieved with low energy consumption, and at the same time, it has the advantages of electrostatic dust removal and low wind resistance, but no external voltage of tens of thousands of volts is required, so no ozone is generated. Its composition is polypropylene material, which is very convenient for disposal.

Electrostatic precipitator: it can filter dust, smoke and bacteria smaller than cells, and prevent lung disease, lung cancer, liver cancer and other diseases. The most harmful to the human body in the air is the dust smaller than 2.5 microns, because it can penetrate the cells and enter the blood. Ordinary purifiers use filter paper to filter dust in the air, which is easy to block the filter holes. Dust not only has no sterilization effect, but also easily causes secondary pollution.

Electrostatic sterilization: using a high-voltage electrostatic field of about 6000 volts, it can instantly and completely kill bacteria and viruses attached to dust, preventing colds, infectious diseases and other diseases. Its sterilization mechanism is to destroy the four polypeptide chains of the bacterial capsid protein and damage the RNA. In the relevant standards of the national “Air Purifier”, an air purifier is defined as “a device that separates and removes one or more pollutants from the air. A device that has a certain ability to remove pollutants in the air. It mainly refers to the indoor air. The single air purifier used and the modular air purifier in the central air conditioning ventilation system.

(2) According to the purification demand, the air purifier can be divided into:

Purified type. If it is located in an area with moderate indoor humidity, or does not have high requirements for air quality, the purchase of purified air purifiers will meet the demand.

Humidification and purification type. If it is located in a relatively dry area, and the air conditioner is often turned on and dehumidified by the air conditioner, resulting in dry indoor air, or has high requirements for air quality, it will be the most suitable choice to choose an air purifier with humidification and purification function. LG future celebrity air purifier also has the technology of natural humidification. It uses scientific and technological means to realize the vaporization of water. By rotating the windmill or disc filter, harmful substances are left in the tray for elimination, and only ultra-fine and clean water molecules are discharged into the air.

Intelligent. If you like automatic operation, intelligent monitoring of air quality, or reflect noble taste, or need to be more decent for gift giving, choosing an intelligent olansi air purifier is the best choice.

Vehicle mounted air purifier. If it is used for air purification in cars, it is necessary to specially purify the car odor, car formaldehyde and other internal pollution, and the air purifier can be specially placed in the car. Therefore, the best choice is the vehicle mounted air purifier.

Desktop air purifier. That is, an air purifier placed on the desktop to purify the air within a certain range around the desktop and protect the health of people near the desktop. If you often sit in front of a computer, desk or desk, but the indoor area is not small, or it is a public place, and it is not cost-effective or fashionable to buy a large air purifier at your own expense, a desktop air purifier is a better choice.

Large and medium-sized. It is mainly applicable to indoor occasions with large area, such as home hall, senior bank office, senior administrative office, important lecture hall, conference hall, senior hotel, hospital, beauty salon, kindergarten and other occasions.

Central air conditioning system type. It is mainly applicable to the purification of a single room or multiple rooms with central air conditioning or ceiling.




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