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Indoor air purifiers refer to adsorption, decomposition, or transforming various air pollutants (generally including dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens, etc.), effectively improve air cleanliness, is improved Indoor air quality, creating a healthy and comfortable office and residential environment.

In fact, although the name, species and function of the air purifier declared in the market, the roots of the retroactive, from the working principle of the air purifier, mainly not the following:

One is the principle of air purification of passive adsorption filters. The passive air is purified, and the air is pumped into the machine with the fan, filter air by built-in mesh, mainly capable of filtering dust, odor, disinfection, etc. This filter air purifier is multiferic using HEPA mesh + activated carbon filter + optical catalyst (cold contact, multi-catalyst) + ultraviolet sterilization + electrostatic adsorbed filter. Among them, the HEPA filter has the effect of filtering dust particulate matter, and other activated carbon, etc., the like is mainly adsorbed, and therefore, it can be seen that there are various labels such as wind turbine filter, photocatalyst, ultraviolet, static electricity, which seems very confusing. The working principle used by the air purifier is basically the same, all of which are passed by passive adsorption filters.

The second working principle is the principle of active air purification. The active air purifier and dual purification air purifier on the market generally select only one active purification technology. The main silver ion purification technology, negative ion technology, low temperature plasma technology, optical catalyst technology and net ion group technology. The fundamental difference between the active air purification principle and the principle of passive air purification is that the active air purifier gets rid of the limitations of the fan and the filter, not passive waiting indoor air is filtered in the purifier, then Through the exhaust of the fan, it is effective, the active to release the purified sterilization factor in the air, and the air is not deadly purified by the various corners of the chamber through the characteristics of air. It is mainly two types of two types of air-proof factor treated air using negative oxygen ions to treat air and utilize ozone as purifying factors. These two are typical air purifiers based on active purification principles.

Purification requirements classification

1 Pure type.

If it is located in areas where humidity in indoor humidity, or the air quality requirements are not too high, then a purely purified air purifier meets the demand.

2 Humidification and purification.

If it is located in a dry area, the air conditioner is often opened by air conditioning, causing indoor air drying, or high for air quality, then an air purifier with humidification and purification is the most suitable choice. .

3 Intelligent type.

If you like an automated operation, intelligent monitoring air quality, or reflect noble taste, or to give gifts need to be more decent, then buy an intelligent air purifier is the best choice.

4 Desktop type.

It is placed on the desktop, purifies the air of the person around the desktop, protects the health of the people near the desktop. If you often sit in front of the computer, the desk, or the desk, or the desk, but the indoor area is not small, or the public place, you pay the money to buy a large air purifier is not cost-effective, or not, the desktop The type air purifier is a good choice.

5 Large and medium-sized.

It is mainly suitable for large-scale indoor occasions, such as home halls, senior bank offices, senior administrative offices, important speech hall conference halls, superior hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, kindergartens.

6 Central air conditioning system type.

Mainly suitable for installation of central air conditioning, or with a single room or multiple rooms of the ceiling.

How to select an air purifier?

1 Purchase channel

When purchasing air purifiers, it is recommended to purchase regular channels such as large shopping malls, electrical stores, brand stores and mainstream e-commerce websites.

Buy air purifier according to its actual needs

Air purifier brand, function, performance, design and price have a great difference, which is dazzling. It is recommended that consumers buy products according to their actual needs, the more functions, the better. For example, for consumers that need to protect PM2.5, it is recommended to select air purifiers that protrude from PM2.5 purification capabilities. The new decoration family can focus on the air purifier that protrudes with formaldehyde and toluene capacity.

2 Filtering technology

Particle contaminant filtration technology is mainly HEPA filter, HEPA filter quality is uneven, although some small brands have higher filtration efficiency, but the resistance is large, the energy efficiency is relatively low, and it is easy to block, short life Generally, it is recommended to use a deep-shaped dust-proof Hepa filter with an electrostatic residential arm, which makes the non-woven fabric with positive and negative electricity, effectively capturing particulate matter in the air, and many HEPA mesh is known as static electricity. However, due to technical reasons, the eradish charge of the number of filters will be attenuated quickly in a short period of time, resulting in a decrease in filtration efficiency. It is recommended to select a 3M electrostatic elective HEPA filter, and the 3M mask uses the same electrostatic elective technology, and the eradiction efficiency is not attenuated. Efficient, low-impediment, big dust is hard!

3 Pay attention to the amount of clean air of applicable area or particulate matter (CADR)

The strength of the purification capacity of air purifiers is mainly determined by the amount of clean air of the applicable area and particulate matter (CADR: The rate of cleansing air provided), the relationship between the two is: applicable area = CADR × 0.1. The purification capacity of other pollutants should be combined with the applicable area.

4 Energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating

The air purifier is usually used for long-term continuous use, energy efficiency is worthy of attention as an important indicator for measuring the purification capacity of air purifier and power consumption. The higher the energy efficiency and energy efficiency level, the more energy efficiency representative air purifiers, the lower the cost of use.

5 Ozone release

Ozone has a certain purification ability as a strong oxidant, but it is harmed to the human body. There is a mandatory safety requirement for the ozone release of air purifiers, limited to ≤5 × 10-6% (ozone has a fish smell).

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