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A runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, breathing problems and tearing eyes are the most common symptoms of allergy. These symptoms should not be underestimated – this usually leads to asthma. The subject of allergy returns like a boomerang every spring, and allergy to various substances or pollen is declared by forty percent of us.

Room air purifier is designed to ensure that “clean air” is in our environment. What does this mean? Most of us spend the most time at home, in the office or in other enclosed spaces. Regardless of the room in which we are located, mites, viruses, bacteria, dust, animal fur, pollen, fungal spores, volatile organic compounds and microscopic dust are present everywhere (including the particularly dangerous PM2.5 fraction).).

Being in such rooms, inhaling ‘dirty air’, full of harmful substances is not the best for our health. There are an increased number of cases of lung diseases, including COPD, asthma or various allergic conditions in areas with contaminated air. In addition, statistical surveys indicate much higher mortality when such phenomena as smog occur. It is estimated that even every third stroke has its cause in air pollution (WHO data).

With help, we have air purifiers that can close almost 100% of the pollutants from the air around us. Room air purifier is electrical devices with an air filter system. A suitable air purifier can remove smog components such as PM2.5 dust, volatile organic compounds as well as almost all allergens, bacteria and viruses. Clearing users also observe a significant reduction in dust in homes. Thanks to the purchase of an appropriate air purifier, we can seriously reduce the amount of allergens in the air in the rooms in which we live.