Disinfectant Water Machine

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is major in producing healthcare products,and we found many many people are using the chemical disinfectant water,that is harmful for the body and also cause the environmental pollution.In order to imporve this situation,olansi people have done lots of R&D jobs,and in 2017,our new product disinfectant water machine is coming out,the products are going to launch onto the market in 2017.

Use our disinfectant water machie,you are just need to put the salt into the water,and then,start the machine,after salt water electrolysis,the disinfecting water come out.

It is not harmful to your body,and also not harmful for the environment.This kind of disinfecting water even can drink.

You can use this kind of disinfecting water to wash the fruit,wash the vegetables ,clean the floor and so on.

You can see below product detail pictures to know more about this machine.