Is the air purifier really useful? 

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For indoor air pollution, air purifiers are mentioned in a lot of publicity, so are air purifiers really useful? After many practices and theories, real air purifiers can help intercept harmful substances in the air, but is the air purifier effective? Isn’t it a psychological comfort? Let OLANSI analyze it for you.

The principle of the air purifier: The air purifier uses an internal device to absorb air to the inside, purify, intercept and purify, reduce harmful substances, and release healthy air. Air purifiers reduce harmful substances through the circulation of indoor air, so the working environment needs a closed space, so doors and windows cannot be kept open all the time.

We can understand some related functions and performances according to the four core indicators of air purifiers, namely CADR (clean air volume), CCM (cumulative purification volume), energy efficiency level and noise standards. Look at the CADR value to understand whether the purification efficiency is high: CADR value is also called the clean air output ratio, which refers to the total amount of clean air filtered by the air purifier per unit time, in cubic meters per hour (m³/h). It includes the CADR value of particulate matter and the CADR value of formaldehyde. The volume of air that an air purifier can purify in one hour can be used to measure the purification efficiency of this air purifier. If the product is marked with the CADR value of particulate matter: 310m³/h, it means that the air purifier can be used to purify the particulate matter for 1 hour, and it can purify the particulate matter of 310m³. The CADR value of formaldehyde also means this.

I believe everyone has a certain understanding of air purifiers, so let OLANSI recommend several air purifiers that are suitable for most people:





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desktop air purifier A5 (1)

An air purifier suitable for your family is very important to us. For your health, it is not too late to buy an air purifier. OLANSI is committed to technology to create a better life for consumers. , High-quality and healthy life, to produce the most suitable air purifier for everyone. If you need a suitable air purifier, OLANSI is at your service at any time.

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