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How To Find The Best HEPA Air Purifier Repair Companies

The benefits of using an HEPA air purifier in your home and office are just overwhelming. These could be helping to ensure problems related to breathing difficulty is gotten rid of, removing dangerous particles from the air and making it much lighter thereby making users to enjoy true comfort.


Despite manufacturers of HEPA air purifiers making claims about how durable their products are when used, it is only natural that your device will experience one fault or another after being used for some time. This is true especially when you are using a very expensive HEPA air purifier. Of course, there are always moments when repair will be needed since such devices need to be working 24/7 to ensure the air is constantly clean. It means they are likely to breakdown after some time.

Olansi K09B Air Purifier

Olansi K09B Air Purifier

Here is the major challenge

The problem is that most people don’t know how to find professionals that can help them repair their air purifiers once they become faulty. It is not every fault you can handle on your own. In other words, some can be very technical and require you to hire an expert in order to be corrected. Trying to do it on your own can even lead to further damage which means spending more money than necessary in replacement of parts. This post will be revealing how to find a reputable HEPA air purifier repairer. It is meant to help you save money while trying to get the best repair services at the same time.


Consider experience

This is a very important factor that should be taken into consideration when trying to find a company that is into the repair of HEPA air purifiers. The more a company has been existing in this field, the better since it can help you find out what could be wrong with such device without too much stress. Some of these companies are claiming to understand everything about HEPA air purifying devices. However, in the real sense they don’t have enough experience. You need a company that has developed and moved with the trend of air purifiers over the years.


For instance, air purifiers have upgraded from the way they were 10-15years ago into devices that are more sophisticated. It is important to hire an experienced company in this field in order to ensure things don’t get more complicated than they are already. Before making any commitment as to hiring a company to start repairing your HEPA air purifier, try to find out about its level of experience. You can ask questions about how long it has been operating in this field. It is recommended that you choose a company with at least 5years experience. This will ensure your device is in safe hands.


Customer reviews should be considered

Do you know that using third party reviews can help to find out more about a company? It has been discovered that most HEPA air purifier users don’t even make use of this strategy to filter out repairing companies that aren’t worth their time. Most repair companies will always make claims about how they can fix any kind of HEPA air purifier. There is no need trying to take their words for it since you can always verify such claims by looking at what past customers have to say. You will be shocked by what customers are always saying about such repair services.


The use of customer reviews is an effective way to find out whether a company knows what it is doing or not. In case you don’t know how to find the opinions of customers about a company which is into the field of repairing HEPA air purifiers, there is no need bothering. This is because such isn’t difficult in any way. You only need to visit the company’s website and request for them. If there is none, try to find another company to handle your device since it could be risky hiring the services of a company you are not sure of.


Another strategy you can use is asking neighbors about a company’s repair services. It is possible some of your neighbors might have hired such company in the past. Ask them how it faired in terms of fixing their HEPA air purifiers.


Using the comparison strategy

Do you want to hire the best HEPA air purifier repair company with low budget? Are you aware that this is very possible? Most people assume that because their budgets are low, it is better to settle for companies which don’t have any record when it comes to fixing air purifying devices. This is wrong as it is still possible to experience services of the best repair companies even with limited budget. You only need to know how to go about the entire process which will be revealed below.


This strategy entails searching for as many professional companies as possible. It means you don’t have to hire the first one that comes your way since there could be other cheaper and better options around. It is all about exploring the best available options in terms of prices and expertise. Some HEPA air purifier repair companies offer discounts than others. Just take advantage of such.


Availability of modern tools

A company which is claiming to be good at repairing HEPA air purifiers without having some of the best tools isn’t ready for business. There are lots of tools and equipment which make the repair process easy. These make the process of finding whatever that may be wrong with your air purifying device a complete walk in the park. In a nutshell, always try to find out the tools a company has available in repairing HEPA air purifiers before making any financial commitment.

Olansi K02A2 air purifier

Olansi K02A2 air purifier


Based on the above, it is obvious that when it comes to hiring a company to repair your HEPA air purifier, there are lots of factors you need to take into consideration. You can start by applying the strategies being revealed above to put your device in the best of working conditions.

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The right way to use an indoor air purifier for better performance

Air purifiers assist to remove impurities in the air we breathe. For example: dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, and other airborne pollutants. Most air purifiers use a woven material to capture particles as they try to pass through.

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

Types of Air Purifiers

  • HEPA Air Purifiers: True HEPA filters will trap 99.97% of airborne particles up to .03 microns. Also, due to the technology used in HEPA filters, airborne bacteria and viruses will not multiply in the filters and spread. Beware of air purifiers that claim to have a true HEPA filter, but instead have a HEPA-blend filter.
  • Ozone Generators: Although effective at trapping odors, ozone generators release high levels of ozone, a respiratory irritant. Many hotels will use an ozone generator in smoke allowing rooms to trap smoke odors, but due to the high levels of ozone, many rooms cannot be entered until 24 hours have passed.
  • Electrostatic Precipitators: By charging incoming particles with negative electrical charges, these negatively charged particles collect onto electrostatic plates. Maintenance is very high as the metal plates can become overrun with particles. Also, with ozone as a by-product, this once popular filtration choice has all but disappeared in homes.
  • Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers: By using radiation from UV lights, particles, such as bacteria, viruses and mold spores that pass through the light are killed. Unlike filters and plates, that collect particles as they pass through, the purpose of ultraviolet light is to penetrate the outer structure of a microorganism’s cell and alter its DNA, permanently preventing replication and causing cell death.
  • Activated Carbon: A highly porous form of carbon that it heated to extreme temperatures to increase the surface area. One activated carbon has the surface area of 500 m2. Although it will not trap particulates, activated carbon is very effective at trapping chemicals, odors, VOCs and off-gassing.

Why you want air purifiers for a healthier lifestyle?

Whether you happen to be healthy, sick, old or young, you can still benefit from this air purifier. The conditions like asthma, allergies, respiratory issues and infection of illnesses and viruses can be all connected to the indoor pollution. Also, every home consists of toxins in the surrounding and one should often clean the environment thoroughly. It is proven that this air inside the homes can be more dangerous than compared to outside air. To get relief from all these obstacles, one must have the air purifier in their home that offers a huge relief as well as solution for all those symptoms by highly lessening the quality of allergens in mid-air.

In addition to, this can lower the cost of expensive medications that are frequently familiarized to treat these illnesses. Along with these, the air purifiers can also lessen the spread of viruses and illnesses such as flu or common cold. Overall, this purifier machine is most beneficial to those with low immunity such as families with children and elderly. By just filtering the environment, these air purifiers can avoid these illnesses from spreading at home as well as minimize the likelihood of contamination with other individuals in your home.

The right way to use an air purifier for better performance

Actually, the indoor air quality has a major impact on your well-being and health. Also, the indoor air is five times more polluted than the outdoor air. But, many of the people neglect the factors that affect air quality. At present, one of the most efficient ways to enhance the indoor air quality is simply installing the air purifier in your home. This is a most useful appliance in any home that not only essential during winter, but also in summer as well, particularly if you have kids at your home. Moreover, choose the perfect air purifier from a renowned brand will significantly enhance the quality of air. Below are some useful tips and tricks for getting optimum performance with air purifiers that include:

  • Close the windows and doors
  • Replace the filters at a perfect time
  • Use an air purifier at a right time
  • Place it in a perfect location
Olansi K02C air purifier

Olansi K02C air purifier

Do air purifiers really work?

The promise of air purifier is a most enticing one. This is a must have appliance in each home that specially made to rinse the air in your home and also get rid of the complete impurities such as smoke, odors, dust and pet dander. Normally, the air purifier consists of a filter or multiple filters as well as a fan that sucks in and also circulates the air. When the air moves through a filter, particles and pollutants are captured, the clean air is pushed back into a living space. However, these filters are made up of fiber, paper and mesh and need a routine replacement to maintain its effectiveness. In addition to buying cost of air purifier, you must also factor in functional prices as well as filter replacement prices.

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