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What kind of people can use air purifier and which place is suitable to use Olansi Air purifier ?

The quality of life is constantly improving, and everyone is trying to live a better life. Eating well, living well, and using well can improve the quality of life from all aspects. For example, many people begin to buy air purifiers to make the air in their lives healthier. This idea is correct. The right purifier can decompose the harmful substances in the air and achieve the purpose of purification.1

Is it suitable for everyone to use the purifier? This is a question in the minds of many consumers. Do not know whether they are suitable for using the purifier? Yes, before purchasing the purifier, please make sure that you or your family are among the applicable people.

The first  is pregnant women. When a woman becomes pregnant, her body’s immunity decreases and she is extremely sensitive to air. Once the air pollution is serious, there will be dizziness, dry mouth and sweating, etc. These symptoms not only make pregnant women sad, but also affect the development of the fetus. In order to protect the health of pregnant women and fetuses, purifiers should be used. A survey shows that pregnant women who breathe fresh air every day have a lower chance of having heart disease, which is more than three times lower than children who breathe polluted air.

The second  is children. Children are growing up, their immune systems are improving, and sometimes they are vulnerable. If you often breathe polluted air, it will lead to the decline of immunity, affect the development of the body, and even may induce many diseases. For the sake of children’s health, high quality purifiers should be used.

The third is the office people. People who go in and out of high-end office buildings every day are enviable. In fact, their working environment is not very good, and the air quality is poor. Over time will lead to chest distress or emotional instability, a direct impact on work efficiency. You can use a purifier to work in a healthier environment.

The fourth is the elderly. When people get older, their physical skills decline, and they are found in the body by various chronic diseases. If the air pollution is serious, it will induce a series of systemic diseases. For their health, it is necessary to use a purifier.

The fifth is patients with respiratory diseases. These patients have difficulty breathing and are not comfortable. May as well use the air purifier, has the very good auxiliary function to the treatment disease.

Which place can use air purifier ?

Many places  are suitable for the use of air purifier, such as the newly decorated residence, the residence with the above-mentioned people’s life, the residence with pets, the residence with strong closeness and the hospital, etc. these occasions are suitable for the use of purifier. In addition, some people with high incomes who want to improve their quality of life will also use purifiers to improve their taste and healthy life.


Olansi New Desktop air purifier A12 models , suitable for mini room like bedroom, office. 



Olansi K05 air purifier with HEPA filter &negative ion release, suitable for car use. 

Olansi K15C3 Air Purifier

Olansi K15 series with double HEPA system and high CADR, suitable for hospital and big living room use. 

These places  and groups of people should use air purifiers to remove harmful substances in the air and provide a more pure and healthy living environment for everyone. Please don’t ignore the problem of air pollution. Living in this environment for a long time may lead to emotional instability or disease.

Nowadays, there are various brands of purifier and different prices. Consumers can choose according to their own conditions, not only for cheap, more understanding of performance. Take time to understand the air purifiers of major brands and make a comparison of cost performance.

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service of a air purifiers. Our mission is to let more customers drink clean and hygienic water, breathe fresh and clean air, and enjoy a healthy and secure life through technology. We can always provide healthy products that consumers need.


During the epidemic, is it necessary to buy air purifier for home quarantine?

Recently, the novel coronavirus epidemic has developed rapidly. The state also calls on most people to live in isolation to prevent disease. During the epidemic, although it is safe and reliable to stay at home, the indoor air will gradually become turbid when many people gather at home for a long time, which is easy to cause the growth of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is suggested that we should not only open windows for ventilation, but also open air purifiers to improve the indoor air quality. Air purifier is one of the necessities that many families have purchased, which can purify the air and reduce the pollution.

What kind of air purifier is suitable for home use during the epidemic?

At present, most of the purifiers on the market are of filter screen purification type. The main principle is to use a fan to pump air into the machine and filter the air through the built-in filter screen. As long as the diameter of the filter screen is smaller than the diameter of the microorganism, the pollution source can be filtered out. At present, most of the air purifiers on the market are HEPA screens. HEPA is an international standard, and the advantage of HEPA filter is that air can pass through, but small particles can not. It is interwoven with very small organic fibers. It has strong ability to capture particles, small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and has water absorption. The purification rate for 0.3 μ m particles is 99.97%.

The higher the level of HEPA filter, the higher the filtration capacity, but the greater the wind resistance. Currently, air purification manufacturers usually use H11, H12 or H13 filters as filter elements of their own air purification products. Of course, when purchasing, not only the filter element level, but also the air volume and efficiency should be considered.

A novel coronavirus H1N1 virus with novel coronavirus has been verified by using some empty products with H13 grade HEPA filter. Theoretically,the new coronavirus should also be effective in filtering, but it is important to note that no experimental data have yet been obtained.

If an air purifier is equipped with ultraviolet / ozone / anion bactericidal function while using an efficient filter screen, it can kill viruses and bacteria while filtering biological aerosols, which is better for disease prevention.


Today, I would like to recommend several olans air purifiers with higher filter element level

  • [Olansi air purifier K08D] large and simple screen display and easy to use9D2[KR~AL@S1VF6@)7]Y367CADR: 488m³/h  App Area: 34-58 ㎡ Product Size: 400*230*640mm1.
  • 8 Stages purifying : Multiple Filter + Neagtive Ion Releasing(10 million/cm³) + UV lamp+Humidification
  • LED touch screen, 8 grade wind speed display, Air Quality Display , PM2.5 display
  • Olansi Air purifier K15B :Double effect clean, one step faster purification2

    CADR: 800m³/h   App Area: 96 ㎡  Product Size: 400*400*669mm

Multiple Stages of purifying :Double pre filter+double nano HEPA filer+negative ion release

LED touch screen, 3 grade  wind speed display, Air Quality Display , PM2.5 display+Filter change indicator

  • Olansi Air purifier K09A : Fast haze removal and long-term aldehyde removal`Q6ZK`PCZ[@L_I}X}6~`28Y

  • CADR: 600m³/h  App Area: 72㎡  Product Size: 479*269*710mm
  • 1. Multiple Stages of purifying :Pre filter+nano HEPA filer+negative ion release
  • 2.LED touch screen, 5 grades wind speed display, Air Quality Display
    PM2.5 display+Filter change indicator

    Summary: with the consumption upgrading, air purifier is one of the necessities that many families have already purchased,

    The novel coronavirus has been proved to be effective in purifying indoor air. It is not confirmed that air purifiers have the ability to kill and kill new coronavirus. But staying at home for a long time, even ordinary air purifiers can improve indoor air quality. But when you keep it on, don’t forget to open the window regularly for ventilation.

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