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Is it true that there are different types of air purifiers? Definitely yes.

When we think of an air purifier we have the idea that these mostly have a fairly standard model, and that they also have only a specific function, but the truth is that this device has different uses, as well as different models that share only some features.

The truth is that there are some varieties in each air purifier, which we can classify according to some characteristics, the first related to the space in which they will be installed, and the next with the purification system they use.

olansi K15B air purifier

olansi K15B air purifier

Types of filters

Depending on the space: Within this category we will include the types of air purifiers whose classification is based on the space in which they will be operating.

Domestic air purifier

The air purifier for domestic purposes fulfills the function of making the environment in homes much more suitable for living within the space. These purifiers are characterized by their standard size, whose presence in small places is no problem. Domestic air purifiers are able to keep an environment of about 70 square meters free of contamination, which makes it ideal not only for homes, but also for offices and small offices.

Industrial air purifier

An industrial type air purifier varies with respect to the domestic one due to its size, and also because it has a much larger range than this. As it should be used in places that are quite large and crowded, it must have quite considerable power. In most cases, the shape of the industrial air purifier can be inserted into the structure’s ventilation system, so it becomes easier to fulfill its functions from a more central location.

According to its purification system: Various aspects can enter here; although we already know that an air purifier is responsible for processing contaminated air and expelling a much healthier air, not all manufacturers have placed the same systems inside this device, in fact we can say that there is more than one, you will know the More popular.

Purifier with HEPA filters

This type of air purifiers have a mechanism that is based on the composition of various meshes, which have a completely inaccessible space for certain particles, which are trapped in it, and subsequently discarded. These meshes are placed as in a kind of blade that is constantly spinning. They also incorporate ultraviolet light to kill any type of virus or bacteria.

Purifier with activated carbon filters

These purifiers have great use in the purifying industries, since they are not only responsible for air, but also for water. These systems are really beneficial for two reasons, first because they eliminate waste from the air they process, and second because they are capable of eliminating odors, especially those that are very strong.

There are several other types of purifiers, and it is even common to see how various companies that manufacture purifiers dare to combine multiple processes to create an apparatus that is completely effective.

Olansi K09C air purifier

Olansi K09C air purifier

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How to cleaning and take care of an air purifier use in your home?

What is air purifier and how it works?

An air purifier or air cleaner is a device which removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve indoor air quality. These devices are commonly marketed as being beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and at reducing or eliminating second-hand tobacco smoke.

Air purifiers use a system of internal fans to pull the air in your home through a series of filters that remove harmful airborne particles like dust, pollen and bacteria. The air purifier then circulate the purified air back into the room.

An air purifier is a device that will greatly modify your life. Many of us have heard this sometime in our lives, but do we really know what advantages it can bring?

While it is true that an air purifier is at home to serve us, we must also dedicate a few moments so that it can maintain its operation and provide all its benefits constantly.

Each manufacturer may have some specific instructions on their products, however there is always a common pattern, which must be followed by all owners of an air purifier.

These are some of the most common tips that exist for cleaning and maintenance of air purifiers that are at home or elsewhere.

air purifier olansi

air purifier olansi

Tips for cleaning and maintenance of an air purifier

– First of all, and as a precaution, every time the appliance is cleaned, it must be turned off and disconnected from the voltage source it has.

– In the grids that it possesses, a lot of dust usually accumulates, this must be carefully removed with a small-sized brush, this to be able to remove the dust from all possible places.

– The surface of the device can be cleaned with a soft and slightly damp cloth.

– You must carefully open the device as directed by the manufacturer, this with the purpose of removing the internal meshes.

– After having removed the meshes and grilles, they must be cleaned, preferably with soap and water, so any particles or dirt will be removed.

– The water used to clean the meshes or grilles must be warm, it is not advisable to wash them with cold water.

– It is very important to completely dry all the grilles or meshes before putting them back inside the appliance, they must be free of moisture to avoid damage.

– If an internal cleaning of the device will be done, the dirt must be removed with a dry cloth, moisture inside the device must be avoided.

– In case you are in front of the filters, under no circumstances should they be washed, regardless of the type of filter.

– This cleaning and maintenance operation must be repeated constantly every 2 or 3 weeks.

The importance of maintenance is becoming increasingly evident, as there is a point where both the filters and the grilles are completely saturated, fulfilling all the functions in a mediocre way, without providing optimum service to its users.

If you want to keep this equipment for a long time, and that it performs its purification work effectively and correctly, it is important that every so often you dedicate a few minutes to clean the air purifier, so you can keep your home environment less contaminated for much longer.

How Often Should You Maintain Your Air Purifier?

Air purifier maintenance will vary depending on the model. How often you maintain it will also depend on how much you use it.

If you put an air purifier in a relatively clean environment, you will need to maintain it less often. However, if you continually expose it to a lot of dust, pollen or cigarette smoke, you will need to clean it more often.

For most people, a good rule of thumb is to clean the entire unit every 6 months. Making a note on your calendar to maintain your air purifier at least twice per year is a good plan to follow unless it is getting a dirtier more often.

It is very important, as stated above, to follow all those advice given by the manufacturer of the air purifier that you have at home, since although the mechanisms have many standard functions, there will always be even a small aspect of differentiating each of the products. Following all the instructions will help you to use your air purifier in a correct way, which will allow you to maintain the good state of it, considerably extending its useful life, and giving you the opportunity to enjoy all its advantages for a long time weather.

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During the epidemic, is it necessary to buy air purifier for home quarantine?

Recently, the novel coronavirus epidemic has developed rapidly. The state also calls on most people to live in isolation to prevent disease. During the epidemic, although it is safe and reliable to stay at home, the indoor air will gradually become turbid when many people gather at home for a long time, which is easy to cause the growth of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is suggested that we should not only open windows for ventilation, but also open air purifiers to improve the indoor air quality. Air purifier is one of the necessities that many families have purchased, which can purify the air and reduce the pollution.

What kind of air purifier is suitable for home use during the epidemic?

At present, most of the purifiers on the market are of filter screen purification type. The main principle is to use a fan to pump air into the machine and filter the air through the built-in filter screen. As long as the diameter of the filter screen is smaller than the diameter of the microorganism, the pollution source can be filtered out. At present, most of the air purifiers on the market are HEPA screens. HEPA is an international standard, and the advantage of HEPA filter is that air can pass through, but small particles can not. It is interwoven with very small organic fibers. It has strong ability to capture particles, small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and has water absorption. The purification rate for 0.3 μ m particles is 99.97%.

The higher the level of HEPA filter, the higher the filtration capacity, but the greater the wind resistance. Currently, air purification manufacturers usually use H11, H12 or H13 filters as filter elements of their own air purification products. Of course, when purchasing, not only the filter element level, but also the air volume and efficiency should be considered.

A novel coronavirus H1N1 virus with novel coronavirus has been verified by using some empty products with H13 grade HEPA filter. Theoretically,the new coronavirus should also be effective in filtering, but it is important to note that no experimental data have yet been obtained.

If an air purifier is equipped with ultraviolet / ozone / anion bactericidal function while using an efficient filter screen, it can kill viruses and bacteria while filtering biological aerosols, which is better for disease prevention.


Today, I would like to recommend several olans air purifiers with higher filter element level

  • [Olansi air purifier K08D] large and simple screen display and easy to use9D2[KR~AL@S1VF6@)7]Y367CADR: 488m³/h  App Area: 34-58 ㎡ Product Size: 400*230*640mm1.
  • 8 Stages purifying : Multiple Filter + Neagtive Ion Releasing(10 million/cm³) + UV lamp+Humidification
  • LED touch screen, 8 grade wind speed display, Air Quality Display , PM2.5 display
  • Olansi Air purifier K15B :Double effect clean, one step faster purification2

    CADR: 800m³/h   App Area: 96 ㎡  Product Size: 400*400*669mm

Multiple Stages of purifying :Double pre filter+double nano HEPA filer+negative ion release

LED touch screen, 3 grade  wind speed display, Air Quality Display , PM2.5 display+Filter change indicator

  • Olansi Air purifier K09A : Fast haze removal and long-term aldehyde removal`Q6ZK`PCZ[@L_I}X}6~`28Y

  • CADR: 600m³/h  App Area: 72㎡  Product Size: 479*269*710mm
  • 1. Multiple Stages of purifying :Pre filter+nano HEPA filer+negative ion release
  • 2.LED touch screen, 5 grades wind speed display, Air Quality Display
    PM2.5 display+Filter change indicator

    Summary: with the consumption upgrading, air purifier is one of the necessities that many families have already purchased,

    The novel coronavirus has been proved to be effective in purifying indoor air. It is not confirmed that air purifiers have the ability to kill and kill new coronavirus. But staying at home for a long time, even ordinary air purifiers can improve indoor air quality. But when you keep it on, don’t forget to open the window regularly for ventilation.

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Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Olansi Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd

Olansi Air Purifier–The Top 10 Best China Air Cleaner And Air Purification Manufacturer Introduce The Function Of Air Purifiers

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd(Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipments Co. Ltd) is a professiona whole home air purifier manufacturer producing negative ion air purifier,active carbon home purifier,hepa air purifier,antibacterial air purifier and so on.



Olansi people will tell you why it is needed to choose a best whole home air purifiers and cleaners, central for home healthy.

Air purifier is also called air cleaner. The main function of air purifier is to decompose indoor polluted air, replace fresh outdoor healthy air with indoor air, thus ensuring indoor air quality and creating a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Many people don’t know much about air purifiers. Many people will ask if air purifiers are useful. They think it is a dispensable thing. Actually, air purifiers are closely related to our home life. Air purifiers The role of pollution in the environment is becoming more and more important today. Here we come to understand what the air purifier has.

Olansi Air Purifier 1

  1. Settling particles in the air


The negative ion air purifier can effectively settle dust, coal dust, smoke, fiber impurities and other inhalable suspended particles in the air to prevent the human body from breathing these harmful dust particles.


  1. Remove microorganisms and pollutants from the air


Air purifiers can effectively kill and destroy bacteria, viruses, molds, and molds in the air, on the surfaces of objects, and remove dead germs and pollen in the air to cause diseases and reduce the spread of diseases in the air.


3, effectively eliminate odors


The air purifier can effectively remove strange smells and polluted air from chemicals, animals, tobacco, soot, cooking, decoration, garbage, and replace the indoor air for 24 hours to ensure a good cycle of indoor air.


4, rapid neutralization of chemical gases


The air purifier can effectively neutralize harmful gases emitted from volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, insecticides, hazy hydrocarbons, and paint, and at the same time achieve the effect of physical discomfort caused by inhalation of harmful gases.


Products Featured

Olansi Air purifier 2


Olansi home air purifier OLS-K08 bedroom home mini addition to formaldehyde fog negative ion  , temperature display, intelligent adjustment mode.


The OLANSI Air Purifier OLS-K08 has a beautiful appearance and excellent performance. First, the machine uses the LG material ABS to produce. Secondly, OLS-K08 has some core functions: ,composite filters, fresh negative ions, WIFI remote control, and humidity monitoring. Finally talk about the purification performance, OLS-K08 has a CADR value of 488m3/H, a purification area of 90m2, a solid-state pollutant CCM of P4, a gaseous pollutant CCM of F4, and a noise value of 20DB to 60DB. Silent.”


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Established in 2009, located in Guangzhou City in South China, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professional hydrogen water maker and air purifier OEM manufacturer. The products of the company contain pm2.5 air purifier, home air purifier, HEPA air purifier, ionizer air purifier,air purifier with humidifier,room air purifier,hydrogen water machine and so on. All OEM air purifiers are manufactured in accordance with the CE, ROSH, and CB Certification.

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