New bike café adds solar, wind, an air purifier, and recycles coffee grounds into flowers

Wheelys Green Warrior bike cafe

The Wheelys 4, or the Green Warrior, can put you in the saddle of a bike-based small business for under $5000.

The latest iteration of the Wheelys micro-café, a bicycle-based pop-up coffee shop that can be pedaled to where the business is, instead of attracting customers to it, is getting closer to being a truly ‘ecological café bike,’ thanks to some artful revisions to the design and functionality of this mobile business. Two years ago, we told you that for $3000, you could own one of the world’s smallest cafés from Wheelys, and since then, hundreds of these organic indie coffee shops (well, sort of indie, as there is a franchise option) have been sold to javapreneurs in more than 40 countries, with many success stories from their pedaling baristas.

Wheelys Green Warrior bike cafe

he Green Warrior is the ambitious name of the new Wheelys bike café, and the design is just packed with features, ranging from a triple burner stove to a 3-basin sink with running water, as well as an awning, a small solar panel (no specs), LED lights, a water heater, an audio system, a fridge, a 3G WiFi router and a digital display, and of course, all of the coffee-making equipment. The specs don’t mention battery storage for powering all these electric gizmos, but perhaps that was an oversight, as it’s a must-have for a mobile business.

The new Wheelys will also offer an optional mini wind turbine, as well as an integrated air purifier  “that actually CLEANS the air from smog particles.” I kind of have my doubts as to whether or not a small air purifier like this could have a significant impact on local air pollution, but there aren’t very many details about this aspect of the café.

Wheelys Green Warrior bike cafe
One cool element of the Wheelys 4 Green Warrior is statement that the bike owners could turn their recycled coffee grounds “into small soil cubes packed with flower seeds, which we plant on the way to work.” And they must have anticipated our questions, because the very next sentence reads “No, we are not kidding!”

Just like the launch of the earlier Wheelys bikes, the Green Warrior is also using crowdfunding as a way to jumpstart the new product, with an Indiegogo campaign in the works that has already doubled its goal in just three days.

hose who want to run their very own “Starbucks killer” bike cafés can reserve theirs for a pledge of $4999, which Wheelys contrasts to the cost of starting a Starbucks ($500,000), and which could bring in the owners of these pedaling coffee carts as much as $700 to $1000 per day in the right location. And with the Wheelys franchise fee being just under $200 per month (USD), it’s also said to be the world’s cheapest franchise, as well as being the “fastest growing food franchise ever,” so this could be the organic pedalpreneur opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


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