What air purifier has a better effect of removing formaldehyde? Olansi HEPA 13 Air purifier

Formaldehyde pollution in the house must be removed as soon as possible, because formaldehyde is free in the air and difficult to deal with. There are many methods to remove formaldehyde. Which one is good? Activated carbon is a kind of. Due to its unique porous structure, activated carbon can better absorb impurities. Therefore, it is often used to remove peculiar smell in life, and some people can also be used to absorb indoor formaldehyde pollution. However, there is a disadvantage when using activated carbon to remove aldehydes, that is, once the activated carbon is saturated, it will release other harmful substances aldehydes and cause secondary pollution. We must remember to replace it in time. In contrast, in terms of safety and convenience, there are better products, that is, formaldehyde air purifier is more recommended, which has obvious advantages in both effect and convenience.

Moreover, the formaldehyde air purifier can continuously purify formaldehyde. It adopts an active method to completely and circularly remove indoor pollution, so that the room will not be troubled by formaldehyde. Which air purifier has a better effect on removing formaldehyde? Choosing a professional formaldehyde removal purifier needs to understand several core parameters of the formaldehyde air purifier. First, the formaldehyde removal technology must choose the “decomposition” technology. Adsorption will cause secondary pollution, static electricity and no consumables will produce ozone and cause other pollution. Second, pay attention to “formaldehyde Cadr value” and “formaldehyde CCM value”, The higher the “formaldehyde removal rate” index, the better the performance and effect of the machine in removing formaldehyde. Therefore, knowing several core key parameters, you can choose the best professional real formaldehyde purifier.

Which air purifier has better formaldehyde removal effect? Olansi K15 air purifier



In addition to ordinary people, air purifiers can be installed at home. They can be installed in all places. It has a lot of functions. It can provide clean and safe air, which is also divided into many kinds in air purification technology, such as catalysis technology, adsorption technology, electrostatic dust collection technology, photocatalyst technology, negative (positive) ion technology and so on. The materials and technologies used include activated carbon, synthetic fiber, photocatalyst, anion generator and so on. Many of today’s air purifiers are composite, which adopts a variety of purification technologies and material media. If you feel that the air in your place is polluted, or you want to enjoy a high-quality life, you can use the air purifier to achieve your desired purpose. When choosing, you must choose a regular brand.

Olansi is an air purifier enterprise with the most mature R & D and production technology in the industry. As a factory engaged in air pollution control and purifier product development, olansi air purifier has the status of “leader” in the industry, has won relevant national scientific and Technological Awards for many times, and is a high-quality manufacturer of air purifiers recognized by the industry.


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