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Are Air Purifiers Safe?

There have been lots of myths regarding air purifiers in recent times despite experiencing an increase in the number of people using them as compared to the past. For instance, there are people who believe it can bring about health complications which may prove fatal in the long run. Some are of the opinion that it can lead to its users experiencing symptoms which are unhealthy.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

If you entertain such thoughts about an air purifier, there is every chance that you lack adequate knowledge about its features. There is no need to bother as this post will be helping to explain whether they are safe or not. After reading the details of this post below, you will be wondering why it has taken this long to start using an air purifying device.


What you should understand

The truth is that instead of causing health issues in your system as most people believe, air purifiers have been designed to help improve your health. For instance, it has been discovered that odors, dust and bacteria around the home or office can cause breathing difficulties with time when not gotten rid of. This is one of the benefits of using an air purifier.


As a matter of fact, most people making use of these devices have claimed that their air became much lighter after about 1-3hours. Based on a review like this, there is no need trying to avoiding using such devices around the home. It is similar to indirectly depriving yourself of true comfort. Below are some of the safety considerations when people talk about using air purifiers. These are to help provide you with a guide on how to choose a safe air purifying device.


Using them on 24/7 basis

This has raised lots of topics for debates over the years. There are people who once claimed that although air purifiers are safe to be used in homes and offices, they shouldn’t be working 24/7. The truth is that these devices have been built to work regularly in order to ensure air around your home is purified and healthy. This means allowing them to work regularly will not cause any harm whatsoever.


They function like every other electronic device in your home at the moment since you will only be required to get them plugged and that is it. Provided there is problem with your electrical connections, they are expected to function at their very best. Also, your air purifier may not function properly once it develops electrical fault. This doesn’t mean it is not safe to be used as you only need to get it repaired.


The problem of ozone exposure

This is another trending topic when it comes to choosing air purifiers. Most people usually ask whether air purifiers with ionization technology is safe or not. It is true that there are air purifiers which generate ozone while trying to improve the quality of air in offices and homes. In such case, ozone is created as by-product. According to experts, air purifiers which contain/generate ozone aren’t safe to make use of. This is because once inhaled, they can expose users to suffering from olfactory cells as well as lungs damage.


The good part is that there are air purifiers which have been designed not to generate ozone. This means they are safe to make use of around your home without any fear. As a matter of fact, most air purifiers you see today have been certified by the appropriate authorities. They have been made to go through series of testing processes to ensure 100% user safety.


One way of getting access to a safe air purifier is asking all the needed questions before pulling out your credit card. Try to ask a seller whether such device is certified and approved. This will save you the stress of bothering whether the air purifying device can cause any long term health damage or not. Modern air purifiers have been developed to be 100% ozone-free.


The issue of using filterless air purifiers

Filterless air purifiers have been a revolution given how they have been designed to improve air quality without any need for filters as a component. Thermal ceramic core is what these filters make use of to ensure the elimination of pollen, viruses, bacteria and lots of other air pollutants. These are heated and destroyed in order to improve the quality of air.


Apart from being very effective in the process of cleaning indoor air, these air purifiers are becoming more popular due to how they can help users save costs on replacing and repairing filters in the long run. Furthermore, they don’t generate noise when working. This makes them perfect for use in bedrooms during night periods.

Talking about their safety to health of users, these devices function optimally without any compromise. Therefore, any concern about health challenges is mitigated due to how they have been designed to work.


You have to be careful though given that not all filterless devices can be safe to make use of. For instance, there are some which have been discovered to generate ozone while working. They don’t emit dangerous ion, ozone, UV light or emissions. It is basically all about checking out the features of an air purifier you must have decided to purchase. Ensure that you are dealing with an honest seller or manufacturer to avoid this problem since it has been discovered that most filterless air purifiers are not safe to make use of. Dishonest sellers will leave out important information which can aid you make to the needed assessment about whether the air purifier is safe or not.

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier


Based on the above, it is very obvious that when it comes to the subject of whether air purifiers are safe or not, there are lots of variables which need to be taken into consideration. It is all about making a decision about what you need and the air purifying device which can meet such needs without your health being compromised in any way.

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