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Some Of The Few Misconceptions About Home Hepa Air Purifiers And Filters

Is it a waste of money to buy HEPA air purifiers?

While air purifiers are very effective in what they do, they are sometimes blown out of proportion regarding how they work. Some people say it can be used to do anything that has to do with refreshing your indoor air space. Well, there is an iota of truth in the above statement, but swallowing everything hook, line, and sinker will be a great mistake.

A proper understanding of the functionalities of air purifiers will help you in using them efficiently. So this article will be focusing on some of the few myths and misconceptions that people around you might have had about these air cleaning devices. Let’s burst these myths one after the other.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

For total deodorization

As well as removing harmful particles from the surrounding air, air purifiers are equally built to make the air around you smell fine. That is a given, because the moment those unwanted particles are filtered off from the air in your indoor space, the air is bound to smell nice again. Although that is one of the advantages of using air purifier for your indoor air space, it is wrong to think that it can remove any amount of smoke or odor.

Some of those who have complained about the efficiency of air purifiers with respect to smoke odor removal have done so because they were wrongly informed on the subject. There is a level of smoke particles that you can expect your air purifier to remove from an indoor space. But if you seek 100% removal of smoke particles and bad odor, you can get the job done with ozone generators. Whereas ozone generators are strong deodorization devices, many experts have warned against using such for purifying an indoor space, be it your home or car. It can have a dangerous effect on your health.

For cooling a room

This is another misconception that seems to be gaining popularity with each passing day. Air purifiers can be good for removing specific air particles from the air space in your home, but that does not make them good enough to reduce the room temperature. A stand-alone air purifying device cannot do that. And the other way round, these devices cannot also increase the temperature of a room. If you are going to buy an air purifier because you want it to be used for increasing your room temperature, you will be disappointed. Air purifiers are only composed of multiple filters and motor fan. So it only sucks in the air, makes it cleaner, and sends the finished, clean air back into the circulation. It has nothing to do with changing the temperature in any way.

You cannot leave your air purifier on all day

The job of an air purifier is to rid the air you are inhaling of any air pollutants. Bacteria, viruses, and allergens do not go on recess or holidays. They are always in operation as long as you keep having air circulated from one corner to another. So it is highly recommended that you leave your air purifying devices on all day and at night. If you do the mistake of turning off your air purifier, it will need more time before it can clean your entire room of contaminated air particles. Therefore, whenever you are going to work or nobody is at home, you can reduce the speed of the device, but just make sure you leave it on. When it is the allergen season or that period when the weather always becomes hazy, you are also advised to leave it on all the time.

Will my air purifier consume large amount of power when it’s on?

Every motorized device that works when it is connected to electricity will surely consume some amount of power. An air purifier is not by any means an exception to this grand rule. Does it consume that much power? Air purifiers do not use up as much power as you think.

However, the best way to be sure about this is buying a product that has the energy-saving logo on it. When you use that type, even if you leave the device on for a long time, it will only end up using up a little amount of power.

Or you can go for the type that works with auto mode. That will reduce your burden in so many ways. Just put it in auto mode and let it decide when it will run on high speed, and when it will operate on low speed. This will save you more money in the long run.

How often do I need to change the filters?

This is another information that has bothered so many people that are planning to use air purifiers. They have heard that they will need to change the filters from time to time. How often? This is where some are getting it wrong.

The usual time span for changing a filter in an air purifier is one year after use. Automatic devices come with indicator light that can help you determine if your filter is bad or not. But if yours is the manual type, you can write down the date you started using it, when its 12 months’ time, you will need to change the filter immediately. Changing the HEPA filters of an air purifier for better performance is not something you will have to do every month or 3 months. You only do it once in a period of 12 months. That is a good bargain if you ask me.

Olansi K15B air purifier

Olansi K15B air purifier


If you live anywhere on this planet today, then you certainly need an air purifier to live healthily. There is a lot of air pollutants flying around the place; hence, it will be unsafe for you to inhale indoor air without any purification. As good as air purifiers are, there are some facts you need to know about them. Knowing those facts will help you use them more effectively. Fortunately, you must have learned a thing or two about the functionality limitations of an air purifier. From whether it can be used to deodorize a room that is heavily saturated with bad odor to how much energy it consumes, you have known what recent air purifiers are capable of and what they are incapable of.

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5 Benefits of Using UV light air purifier

What are UV light air purifiers?

UV lighting is a special type of radiation that can’t be seen by the naked eye because it’s part of the invisible section that makes up the electromagnetic spectrum.

To be precise, its wavelength is from 400 nm (750 THz) to 10 nm (30 PHz), shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays

It causes sunburns by destroying cells, and this cell-destroying ability is what makes it effective for destroying air impurities, specifically mold and mildew.

Ultraviolet light is a form of light that rests just outside the visible spectrum for humans. The wavelength of UV light is shorter than visible light, but longer than X-rays. It’s estimated that UV light makes up about 10% of the sun’s output.

What also makes UV light unique is that it’s divided into three sub-bands, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

You’ve probably heard of UV-A and UV-B light before because they’re heavily marketed on sunscreen lotions.

These types of UV lights are the ones that come from the sun and cause sunburn and skin cancers.

UV-C light, on the other hand, is a powerful form of radiation that’s harmless to people, but excellent at killing microorganisms, such as germs and viruses.

In fact, a recent lab test was performed where non-critical patient care items were exposed to two 30 sec. UV-C light cycles and the number of bacteria on 40 out of 51 target sites were reduced to below detectable levels

Of course, UV light is also created artificially, by technologies that include arc welders, tanning beds, black lights, and some forms of air purifiers.

UV air purifiers are designed to use short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C light) to inactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria and viruses. They have the same ultimate goal of all air purifiers: to reduce indoor air pollutants. The technology is also referred to as UV germicidal irradiation, or UVGI air purifiers. This is different from other air purifier technologies that contain UV light technology but do not use it directly against air pollutants.

On the market, UV-C air purifiers are currently sold as stand-alone, freestanding devices or as systems installed into pre-existing residential or commercial HVAC units. As air is forced through the device, it passes UV lamps, which directly attempt to disinfect the air by means of germicidal irradiation. The biggest safety concern is that ozone may be generated during this process.

Rarely a stand-alone product, UV-C light air purifiers often require additional systems for full effectiveness and are most often included in larger High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) air filtration systems. In fact, the EPA says that a UV-C air purifier does not seem effective as a stand-alone unit because it cannot trap or remove particles.

Olansi K08C Air Purifier

Olansi K08C Air Purifier

How do uv air purifier work?

As air passes through the air purifier, it eventually goes through a small internal chamber that exposes the particles to UV light.

The light is not emitted into the room, nor can you see it.

A UV light purifier works by disrupting the core DNA of these pathogens.

This prevents them from multiplying and causing you to become sick.

As you can see, UV lights are the king of killing all unwanted bacteria, germs, and viruses.

When combining this type of technology with a HEPA filter or Ionic generator, you can rest assured that wherever you decide to place the air purifying device, you’ll have the cleanest, most sterile air possible due to the use of a UV light cleaner.

5 Benefits of Using UV light air purifier

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

In the day to day, we are faced with several problems that can affect our respiratory health and ours. However, the use of an UV light air purifier can end up making our lives much easier. But, there is the basic problem: people do not know what benefits this device gives us. Well here, we will list about 5 benefits that will make us understand, how good this device can be for our health.


1- Filter Pet Hairs and Dandruff

Our pets leave hair and dandruff everywhere. Cat dander is especially small and sticky when deposited on a surface. The UV light air purifiers have a prefilter that filters the hairs in suspension and the HEPA Filter filters the dandruff.

2- Eliminates odors

As we have said before, UV light air purifiers mostly have an active carbon filter. This filter is responsible for trapping fundamentally organic compounds present in the air and responsible for the bad smell. We can call this filter the odor filter. UV light air purifiers for smokers are very useful since they not only purify the air they breathe but also eliminate the smell of tobacco.

The smell of food, the smell of moisture, the smell of your pet … Active carbon is an extremely porous material that attracts all these bad smells and eliminates them.

3- Cleaning Reinforcement

When we do the cleaning of a room, there are always particles in suspension that when we have finished will be deposited again on the floor, furniture and finally, on any surface. An UV light air purifier serves to filter these particles constantly. If you remove them, they are not deposited and if they are not deposited, we do not have to clean them! This does not mean that you are going to release the mop and the dust cloth so that it will undoubtedly be a support for cleaning.

4- Mold-free spaces

Mold proliferates in humid environments; this is a reality. It produces small spores invisible to the eye that are deposited on any surface, toys, carpets, curtains, etc. Mold is a common trigger for allergies and asthma. What does this mean? Well, he is responsible for making them worse and that is why sometimes we listen I am allergic to mold.

UV light air purifiers are effective in removing mold spores from the environment, their HEPA filter captures mold spores and removes them.

Now we recommend that if the humidity in the environment is very high use a good dehumidifier and root cuts the problem. If you reduce humidity, mold will not find its comfort habitat and therefore will not proliferate.

5- Improvement of respiratory health

There are many particles in the air that cause damage to our respiratory health, especially if we are allergic. Pollen and dust become our worst enemies, any presence of them ends up generating a lot of cough and discomfort. An UV light air purifier will be mainly responsible for keeping us calm in that aspect, helping to filter dust and pollen giving us a healthier air to breathe.

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