Negative oxygen ion air purifier is what? What is the advantage to human body?

Negative oxygen ion air purifier is what? What is the advantage to human body?


Negative ion air purifier is a negative ion by itself for air purification, dust, odor, sterilization appliance environment optimization, its core function is to generate negative ions, negative ions by dust itself has the characteristics of dust, sterilization detoxification to optimize the indoor air and the difference. Traditional air purifiers are in negative ion as the effect factor, take the initiative to capture the harmful substances in the air, and the air purifier is the traditional exhaust fan, to purify the air by filter dust, known as passive type adsorption filtration purification principle, need to replace the filter regularly, and the negative oxygen ion air purifier is not required supplies.

The use of negative oxygen ion purifier can restore the atmospheric pollutants, nitrogen oxides, active oxygen produced cigarettes (oxygen radicals), reduce the damage of active oxygen on the human body; and a positively charged air dust without charge after deposition, thereby purifying air.

So, now more and more families choose to use to purify the air of negative oxygen ion air purifier. Of course, in addition to air purification function, negative oxygen ion negative oxygen ion release can also be in good health, the negative oxygen ions can not only contribute to the body of vitamin synthesis and storage, strengthen and activate the physiological activities of the human body, so it called “air vitamin”.

Air anion and sedative, hypnotic effect. If every day we inhale the anion, the amount of health to persevere, be of great advantage: make people energetic, eliminate fatigue and burnout, improve work efficiency. To improve sleep and eliminate neurasthenia. Reduce the incidence of disease, prevention of colds and respiratory diseases. The improvement of heart cerebrovascular disease. The symptoms.

Of course, the benefits of negative ions are able to release the premise ion size ecological level of negative oxygen in small negative oxygen ion machine. Now the market competition scale of negative oxygen ion health instrument can clearly released the diameter of the ecological level of negative oxygen ion concentration and small, high concentration can reach more than 30 million /cm? 3; truly, small particle size, high concentration ozone content. For the vast number of consumers concerned about the 5cm, the ozone content of negative oxygen ions balance game health apparatus caused by less than 0.03mg/m? 3, far lower than the national standard limit; 0.16mg/m 3; and can be completely assured.

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