Do you really choose an air purifier?

Do you really choose an air purifier? 


Buy a small mask let many people worry about, buy air purifier is more complex, more let consumers make dizzy .

In fact, the current air purifier on the market only two kinds, one is passive air purifier by physical absorption, the other is the price a little expensive, but can be active passive type air purifier directly kill bacteria and viruses in the air.

The principle of passive air purifier is relatively simple, the fan will be polluted air suction machine, through the filter machine of suspended particles in the air, dust and other impurities after filtration, the release of relatively clean air. The core of this type of air purifier is a filter screen, roughly deodorizing filter, in addition to formaldehyde filter. HEPA filter, HEPA filter is the most expensive, the filtering effect is the best.

However, the biggest drawback of this type of air purifier is the machine running noise, but also can not kill bacteria in the air, especially in the bedroom may have an impact on sleep.

Active passive and active air purifier can kill bacteria and viruses in the air, different brands of the technology are completely different. However, consumers in the choice of air purifier, and look at some of the key technical indicators still can help you open your eyes.

The air purifier Cadr value can easily be ignored, Cadr value is the clean air output ratio, which is the purchase of air purifier of the most important factors. In short, the Cadr value is within 1 hours of the air purifier room air circulation filter several times, the higher the value, then the higher the purifier purification performance.

In addition, the purifier is to pay attention to CCM value. In March this year, the new air purifier GB introduced, clearly identifies multiple core parameters. Including the amount of clean air purification and cumulative amount (CCM value). The core of the filter purifier can really use a long time, is according to the CCM value.


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