To explore the “secret of longevity”



To explore the Japanese longevity secret water 

Japanese average life expectancy of 40 consecutive years ranked first in the world, the national average life expectancy of up to 82 years. (the global average of only 65 years old), Japanese why so long?

According to the statistics, Japan is the world’s attention to drinking water on the country, currently has crossed the safety requirements for water, clean water and healthy stage, they emphasize more on the human body. Japan is not Changbai Mountain, not the Alps, there is no green lake, the longevity of the Japanese drink what water?

The water of Japan proposed the small molecules of water, electrolyzed water, alkaline water, hydrogen rich water and so on. These water detoxification, detoxification, so in Japan also called healthy water, high water.

According to a market survey of Japanese consumers do: 49.4% Japanese drinking hydrogen rich water. Hydrogen is found in the best medicine of antioxidants, hydrogen dissolved in water, into the body, with the selective removal of malignant radical “role, to achieve” antioxidant, anti-aging effect.


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