The effect of long-term drinking of hydrogen-rich water

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Molecular hydrogen has a strong penetrating power, and it can effectively remove hydroxyl groups, which are hydroxyl groups, when entering the body. This is the root cause of many diseases. Molecular hydrogen has good selectivity to free radicals in the human body and can eliminate It is beneficial to the toxic free radicals of the human body and retains beneficial free radicals.


The relationship between malignant free radicals and many liver diseases, timely removal of harmful free radicals can protect liver cells, reduce liver damage, and improve liver function.


As a new type of effective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substance, molecular hydrogen can help the liver to remove inflammatory necrotic cells, can effectively remove malignant free radicals, significantly inhibit lipid peroxidation, reduce liver cell oxidative damage, and effectively prevent a variety of The occurrence and development of liver disease or injury serve the purpose of nourishing and protecting the liver.


The effect of drinking hydrogen-rich water for a long time

1. Prevention and treatment of liver damage caused by toxic free radicals


The research group of Professor ,the Second Military Medical University found that molecular hydrogen can effectively prevent liver tissue damage induced by harmful free radicals such as hydroxyl free radicals and hydrated electrons, and significantly inhibit a series of oxidation and inflammatory reactions caused by hydroxyl free radicals in liver tissues, and promote Damaged tissue repair.


2. Molecular hydrogen helps detoxify the liver


The research of Professor  research group from Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital Affiliated to the Second Military Medical University showed that molecular hydrogen has a protective effect on liver tissue oxidation and inflammatory damage after drug-induced liver injury, and reduces the degree of damage.


Molecular hydrogen can also hangover, and can reduce alcoholic liver damage.


People who have used molecular hydrogen products report that drinking high-concentration molecular hydrogen water has a better hangover effect, greatly reducing hangover symptoms, better recovery of physical strength and energy, fatigue, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, and other hangover symptoms are obvious Lighten up, or even disappear.


3. Protective effect on liver function after hepatectomy


Hepatectomy is the most commonly used surgical method in the treatment of liver cancer and other diseases. Such manual speed will inevitably cause a certain degree of liver damage, and in severe cases, it can lead to liver failure.



The results show that molecular hydrogen saline can effectively reduce the damage of stem cells after extended hepatectomy, promote the proliferation of hepatocytes, reduce the damage of oxygen free radicals to tissues during ischemia and reperfusion, and effectively inhibit cell apoptosis.


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