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In 2022, how should we choose the right air purifier manufacturer?

First of all, we need to know why we need to buy an air purifier? Because people’s living standards continue to improve, and the requirements for the surrounding living environment are getting higher and higher, our indoor air is sometimes worse than the outdoor. The pollution comes from the following aspects:

1. Excessive particulate matter, such as: PM2.5, allergenic pollen, bacteria, pet shedding, etc.;

2. The volatile organic matter exceeds the standard, such as: formaldehyde, peculiar smell (smoke, odor), etc.


Let’s talk about the most important filter when we buy an air purifier
How many layers of filters does our air purifier have? First of all, in order to ensure filtration efficiency, we need a layer of HEPA filter to filter tiny particles in the air, such as PM2.5. If you want to remove volatile organic matter, you must add a layer of activated carbon filter. The price of HEPA filter is generally higher. In order to extend its useful life as much as possible, we need a relatively cheap filter to remove some large particles. This is the pre-filter. This is the most effective triple filtration for air purifiers. The ATP-HEPA antibacterial peptide filter with three-layer filtration design can effectively filter pollen, dust mites, fibers and other harmful particles in the air, completely eliminating secondary pollution

High-efficiency activated carbon layer, carbon fiber extracted from plants is catalytically processed to make a large-area honeycomb material, long-term adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC and other harmful substances free in the air.
To filter particulate matter, the resistance of the filter is great. The cleaner the particulate matter is filtered, but at the same time it will cause the slow in and out of the air, that is to say, the efficiency is very low, so when choosing a purifier, you should choose a product with high efficiency and low resistance. Here, the third type of technology is the hybrid type, which can effectively solve the contradiction between high efficiency and high resistance, low efficiency and low resistance, and achieve high efficiency and low resistance purification effects.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing:

First, clarify your own needs (that is, the actual area of ​​the home that needs to be purified, if you have enough, you don’t need to be greedy.)

Second, the cost of use. (There are mainly three parts, one part is the electricity bill, the other part is the consumables, and then the maintenance and repair. There is also the service life of the motor, which can be used for many years from credible brands).

Third, confirm the credibility of the data (because the performance of the air purifier is difficult to observe intuitively, the credibility of the test data is very critical. The only thing that needs to be investigated is a credible CADR value.)
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Fourth, appearance (placing in a prominent place at home all the year round, appearance problems will definitely affect the enthusiasm for use.)

Fifth, noise (noise is the most important point in the user experience, because you can’t improve it yourself.)

Sixth, the price (air purifiers are not cheap, and it is unlikely that they will become cheaper. So when choosing, don’t be fooled by some black-hearted air purifier manufacturers because you are greedy for cheap. You must choose a trusted company and brand.)
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Choosing an air purifier manufacturer that suits you is a matter of urgency for everyone and every family. For more information, please consult Guangzhou Olansi Health Co., Ltd.



Can An Air Purifier Filter Allergens?

Founded in Guangzhou in 2009, Olansi Healthcare Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer on air purifiers, fruits and vegetables disinfectors, hydrogen inhalers, disinfectant liquid generators, water purifiers, beauty products, hydrogen water generators etc. Healthcare products. Olansi covers more than 60000 square meters, owns more than 350 staffs, with turnover US$ 100 million in 2020. Olansi has been serving worldwide famous brand like Haier, TATA group etc. for a long time and have good partnership with worldwide customers.

Dust, mites, pollen, fungi, food, medicines, animal dander, insects, etc. enter the human body through the mouth, breath, skin, veins and other channels, all of which may cause allergic reactions. Air purifiers are used to filter or remove particles, gaseous pollutants, microorganisms, etc. in the air. Dust, pollen, mites excrement, fungal spores, animal dander, etc., as well as possible gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene series, and VOCs in the air may trigger allergic reactions. They are all allergens. , And all of these may be filtered or removed by the air purifier.

The air purifier has a strong or weak ability to remove allergens according to its design. In summary, the use of high-efficiency air purifiers containing adsorption materials such as trueHEPA and activated carbon has a better effect of removing allergens.

One of the air purifiers that effectively removes allergens

Olansi originated from China and is a well-known air purifier manufacturer in China. Olansi K15C allergen air purifier can effectively filter bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, pollen, allergens, radon decay products, asbestos, etc. The filtration rate is as high as 99.99%. The operation of the air purifier is very simple. There are four levels of wind speed control. The wind speed can be adjusted according to actual needs. The maximum air volume can reach 800 cubic meters per hour, which can quickly deliver clean air.

Aolance adheres to the corporate philosophy of “cooperation, conscientiousness and proactiveness”, focuses on the research and product development of air purification technology, and continuously strengthens the professional management and operation capabilities, and has been recognized and praised by many international brands and consumers. Olansi always takes “building a platform for China’s air purification and blowing fresh air to every corner of the world” as its mission.

The worsening environmental pollution has affected our lives and health. Fortunately, we still have various defensive measures to protect ourselves.

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Is an air purifier useful? Comparison of filtering effect between air purifier and mask

Nowadays, the epidemic situation is so severe that we need to keep ventilation indoors. This is an important part of doing well in epidemic prevention at home. If we can have a good air purifier at home, it would be better. But we all have such questions. Is it useful for epidemic virus to buy an air purifier at home?

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Who is more effective, air purifier or mask?

According to the analysis of the transmission way of virus, respirator prevention is very effective, but most people don’t wear masks if they don’t go out, so back to today’s unfolding topic, how about the filtration efficiency of air purifier? Is it better than masks?



In terms of purification principles, the answer is yes. For example, air purifiers with H11 and H13 level HEPA filters can filter 99.5% and 99.97% of particulate matter less than or equal to 0.3 microns. This filtering level is definitely higher than N95 masks, because N95 masks are greater than or equal to 0.3 The micron particle filtration efficiency is 95%.

A3bHowever, in practical situations, is an air purifier more effective than a mask? The answer may vary greatly depending on the situation. First of all, the index of filtration efficiency refers to the filter, but the filter requires the air purifier to function. That is, the internal fan, and the exact point is CADR (the amount of clean air per cubic meter per hour). We see that there are too many products to blindly render the filter level regardless of CADR, but look at CADR regardless of the filter. Indicators such as lifespan, energy efficiency level, and noise are also undesirable.



How to use air purifiers properly during an epidemic?

  1. Placed correctly

The location of the purifier is somewhat particular. If conditions permit, it is best to place it in the center of the room, especially the purifier cannot be placed against the wall, which will greatly reduce the purification effect. For placement, a certain distance from the wall is required to ensure that the air flowing in and out of the machine is smooth and helps the indoor air circulation.

Do not put the air purifier with the water container or the humidifier together to prevent water vapor from entering the air purifier, causing damage to the machine or causing an electric shock.

2, timely open window ventilation

In fact, the air purifier should be carried out in a relatively closed space during normal work. At this time, often opening doors and windows will increase the pressure of the air purifier and reduce the purification effect. The user can open the window for ventilation when going out, or proper ventilation when the outdoor air is good.

3.Plug the power supply correctly

If we do not use the air purifier for a long time, we must unplug the power supply. When unplugging the power supply, we must hold the plug. Do not pull the power cord to unplug the plug. Otherwise, it may cause power damage or electric shock.

 3.Plug the power supply correctly

If we do not use the air purifier for a long time, we must unplug the power supply. When unplugging the power supply, we must hold the plug. Do not pull the power cord to unplug the plug. Otherwise, it may cause power damage or electric shock.


To buy air purifier, we need to find a reliable factory.

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