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Why do i need an air purifier machine for my home?

What is an air purifier machine?

Air purifier machine is also known as air cleaner and it is the device which can remove contaminants from air to enhance indoor air quality. This kind of device is the perfect choice to asthmatics and allergy sufferers because it can minimize second hand tobacco smoke. Different kinds of the air purifier machines are available like smart enabled version, carbon filtration, HEPA filtration, classic version and ultra violet light. Each type is having unique features and benefits so you can choose it based on your needs. According to the studies says that high quality air purifier machine might trap 99% of the air pollutants.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Things consider when you buy air purifier machine

Medically, air purifier machine is known to reduce asthma, minimize allergy symptoms, better standard of living and improving sleep. If you are a newbie to buy air purifier machine then you must concern about specific things which includes

  • Noise level
  • Maintenance costs
  • Energy consumption
  • Warranty
  • Manufacturer reputation

At present, people are showing interest to buy it for many reasons which includes eliminate mold, help with allergies, remove smoke and minimize allergy triggers. Remember one thing; each purifier is not using same filter. Some of the purifiers use HEPA filters and others are using activated carbon filter. If you are seeking for broad and better protection then you can buy air purifier machine with both activated carbon and HEPA is the ideal choice. According to the studies says that more than three hundred million people are suffering from asthma which happens due to polluted air. Using air purifier machine is one of the finest ways to clean air indoors so you can easily get rid of from many respiratory issues. High efficiency particulate air filtration is considered as the gold standard to purify the air. This kind of the filtration consists of the dense paper filter which can trap airborne contaminants. The best purifier can remove specific things like mold spores, pollen, dust, hair, mold spores, visible smoke and fungi. If you are a newbie to choose air purifier machine then you are advisable to read literature carefully. Now a day, it is especially designed based on the energy rating so you can use it round the clock which might not severely impact on electricity bill. Before you are planning to buy it, you are recommended to check the energy star rating.

Significant importance of buying air purifier machine

Air purifier machine size is major consideration when you buy it. You must find out the purifier which is suitable to your home. The main features of this purifier includes adjustable fan speeds, pre filter, digital controls, filter replacement indicators, casters, programmable timer and carting handle. Antimicrobial treatment coating prevents spread of microorganisms and bacteria in the internal filters. Likewise, caster is having set of wheel and it allows you to roll heavier machines. Air quality sensors are helpful to monitor the air to specific pollutants which can adjust the level to remove the particles. Remote control feature is beneficial to control the machine from distance.

Benefits of having an air purifier machine

1. Helps people with respiratory allergies

Anyone who suffers or has children affected by respiratory allergies knows how difficult poor quality rest and interrupted sleep can be in their daily lives.

I remember a particular case from a few years ago in a small village in Northern Scotland. Mairead, a young girl, had to be flown to London every September due to her asthma attacks caused by indoor mold and dust mites. It was rewarding to see how she improved her well being by simply avoiding her asthma symptoms with one of our air purifiers. She was happy to avoid the forced flights to a hospital in London and have a normal childhood.

2. Eliminates allergens

Asthma is a lifelong condition and a costly disease affecting people from all age groups, having its peak incidence in childhood. The treatment costs are quite a burden for the affected families.

Air purifiers that truly destroy the airborne allergens causing an allergy symptom, and by that reducing the demand of new medicines, are the simplest way to reduce health care costs and improve the quality of life of the allergy sufferers.

Avoiding one allergy symptom is better than treating it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3. Removes and destroy allergens

Anyone living in a clean environment like in Switzerland, Scandinavia or a remote island, may wonder why they need an air purifier. The answer is that indoor microbiologic contamination continuously grows regardless of how pure the air is outdoors.

Mold, bacteria, and viruses thrive in closed, humid environments with limited ventilation or air-conditioned rooms. Harmful mold multiplies in colonies everywhere on walls, floor, carpets, furniture, continuously spreading spores. These new colonies increase room contamination and can be inhaled, causing asthma and other respiratory allergies or chronic diseases.

By comparison, people allergic to seafood avoid their symptoms by not consuming it. Respiratory allergies work much the same way, as one should not inhale what causes the allergy symptoms. The only way to avoid these symptoms is for sufferers to use an air purifier that can destroy those allergens.

Mold and dust mite allergens are enemies to asthmatics and respiratory allergy sufferers. Therefore, the key to quality health is to destroy them. Mold is also capable of damaging all kinds of organic items like books, paintings, furniture, sofas and walls, affecting people’s health while working or living in those environments.

When looking for the best air purifier to remove or destroy allergens, one must review independent tests disclosed by manufacturers to ensure it will eliminate that specific allergen.

Surely it makes sense to destroy harmful allergens, rather than to merely capture them and keep them alive on a filter for 1-6 months, where they still have direct contact with the room, especially when replacing it.

As a father of an allergic son, I worked tirelessly to help reduce his symptoms and his reliance on medicine to feel better. I was inspired to invent a technology which transformed into a successful business, where I can help people like my son live better. I was assured through using this technology at home that it really worked, and eventually confirmed its efficacy through independent laboratory tests worldwide.

Olansi K08B Air Purifier

Olansi K08B Air Purifier

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