People of the Han Dynasty invented the “air purifier” so long, you have seen?

In winter, the haze is becoming increasingly serious, direct harm to our health. But now developed technology, although the haze problem has not been radical, but we can use anti haze masks outdoors, indoors can purify the air using air purifiers, improve air quality to ensure good health.

Then the problem has come, because the ring (air) (gas) (gas) asked (net) problem (chemical) is not only a problem and demand, so the ancient people in the face of air pollution is how to do it?

As early as 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty, the wisdom of the Chinese has started the production and use of “air purifier“. So, today we will try to understand the people of the Han Dynasty invented the “air purifiers” look like what, what is the working principle.

Lighting is widely used in the Han Dynasty of the animal fat as fuel, not full combustion of carbon particles and combustion ashes with the hot air flow becomes volatile, leading to indoor smoke. In order not to be choked to death, Han people began to study how to purify the indoor air. Thus, people of the Han Dynasty invented long letter lanterns. Wild fish lamp and lamp set lighting, copper cattle! Invented the three lighting tool is the people of the Han Dynasty the air purification, the aesthetic value of the function of “air purifier”

(gilded bronze figurine with a lamp)


(Wild fish lamp )




                                                                                        (Bull lamp )


Of course, around the long letter lanterns, lamp and other lamps Yan copper cattle may vary, but generally in the above three, but the work principle of all the same.



(Schematic diagram of each part of wild fish lamp)



Long letter lanterns, lamp and lamp adopts the bull goose “water filter smoke” way to purify the air. It is a long letter palace lantern, or wild fish lamp and copper cattle light, all contain at least “lamp, lampshade, lamp holder, flue flue (long letter lanterns in the palace is the right arm, a smoke channel of wild fish lamp as the flue pipe gooseneck, it is between the first cattle and light box), 5 tank”, other three kinds of lamps are constructed with reasonable design, many components can be disassembled, and the lamp shade can be arbitrary direction of rotation, to adjust the brightness and the illumination angle. When the lights lit. Through the smoke flue into the palace, wild goose fish and bull’s body, by water filtration, containing dissolved, so as to keep indoor air fresh, preventing pollution of oil fume on indoor air.

Although the gap between the three “air purifier ” and now really great, but in the Han Dynasty have practical exquisite invention of such a set of environmental protection and the Arts in a is rare, simply called black technology, have to admire the wisdom of the ancients!



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