How to choose a qualified and satisfied water purifier?

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Today Olansi want to share you a tip on how to choose a qualified and satisfied water purifier

W4 water purifier

To put it simply, the principle of water purifier is not complicated, and there are definitely benefits. Various water purifiers are aimed at different purposes. Let’s explain them one by one.

A: Is it necessary to buy a water purifier?

B: What are the main points for purchasing a water purifier?

C: Recommendations for common usage scenarios

D: Simple comparison of water purifiers

  1. Is it necessary to buy a water purifier?

The autumn breeze is blowing and the cold night is cool. The first cup of milk tea in autumn is a little bit cool, so it’s not as good as a cup of warm boiled water. However, the boiled water from the tap water not only has a rusty smell, but there are also some sediment residues at the bottom of the cup. This kind of “pure natural” water really makes people not warm. At this time, a smart water purifier can make you like the blandest but warmest boiled water again.

  1. What to look for when buying a water purifier

There are many brands and types of water purifiers in the market, not only domestic large-scale home appliance brands, international imported water purifiers, but also a variety of domestic water purifiers, which are dazzling and the brands seem to be the same. The technical indicators are not understood, and the comments are also posted. So you need a more professional guider in water purifier selection.

Recommendations for common usage scenarios

For renting, filter kettle/faucet water purifier

For home use, ultrafiltration water purifier/RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier

In South China, the water quality is relatively good, ultrafiltration water purifier/RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier

In North China, the water quality is hard, RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier

If you like drinking hot water,then RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier + pipeline machine / instant heating filter water purifier

If you like direct drinking, then RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier

If there are a lot of silt and rust, then front water purifier + RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier

If you need mineral, then ultrafiltration water purifier (but can not completely filter impurities and scale)

  1. Simple comparison of water purifiers

Contrast 1, the core of the water purifier-filter element

The most critical performance of a water purifier is to filter impurities, and the core accessory that determines the filter performance of a water purifier is the filter element, so whether you know the water purifier or not, the first thing to look at is the filter element of the water purifier.

The filter element combines various physical and chemical materials, and uses various materials to absorb, intercept, and chemically react to block impurities, dirt, sand, and odors in the water, leaving only purified water. The difference judgment of the filter element is mainly judged by the filter grade and the filter method. The filter grade refers to the number of layers of the filter, and the filter method refers to the way of using the filter material.

Contrast 2, important factor-price

As the old saying goes, you can’t eat poorly and wear poorly, and you won’t be poor for a lifetime. Every family needs to learn how to plan carefully. The price of a good water purifier is generally more than 1,000 yuan, so you can’t take it seriously.

There are many factors affecting the price of water purifiers, mainly including the brand size, the origin of the accessories, whether they are imported, technical level, efficiency, appearance and other factors. Generally speaking, imported products are more expensive than domestic ones, and big-brand machines are more expensive than small-brand machines. Imported accessories It is more expensive than domestic accessories, complex structures are more expensive than simple structures, high-efficiency ones are more expensive than low-efficiency ones, and those with beautiful appearance are more expensive than ordinary ones. Specific analysis needs to be done.

Contrast 3, water output speed-water pump

The main function of the water pump is to pressurize, because the pores of the RO reverse osmosis membrane are very fine, only 0.0001 microns. Normally, it is difficult for normal water molecules to permeate naturally, so a water pump is required to squeeze the water through the RO membrane. Therefore, the water pump is a necessary part of the RO reverse osmosis machine, while the ultrafiltration water purifier does not have a water pump.

The performance of the pump directly determines the speed of the water output and affects the water purification efficiency of the water purifier. If the household has a large population and water consumption, it is still recommended to choose a water purifier with better pump performance.

Contrast 4, secondary pollution problem-whether there is a bucket

The bucket of the water purifier is actually a remedy that people came up with based on the insufficient level of early technology. The original water purifier was equipped with a bucket at the beginning of the design because the water purification relies on the natural penetration of the water under natural conditions. Each level of filter material. This infiltration process is very slow, and it is impossible for people to wait by the water purifier, so they put a bucket to hold the purified water. With the development of water purifiers, the design of the bucket will gradually fade out of people’s vision.

The reason why buckets are gradually eliminated is not only because the purified water will breed bacteria after being filled, but also because the water purifiers are now equipped with water pumps, and the speed of water flow has increased. Most of the water purifiers have reached or exceeded the water output. 1L/min, this speed can already meet the daily needs, so there is no need to configure a bucket. In addition, the water bucket additionally takes up space under the kitchen, which causes inconvenience during use and is also very unsightly.

Most water purifiers are not equipped with buckets, and no bucket is the general trend.

Contrast 5, water quality testing-TDS/TOC/COD

Water quality testing is an important means for comparing water purifiers, and TDS is one of the water quality testing indicators. TDS is also called total dissolved solids, which indicates how many milligrams of dissolved solids are dissolved in 1 liter of water. The higher the TDS value, the more dissolved substances contained in the water. The TDS is directly related to the hardness of the water. The higher the TDS, the more soluble solids in the water, the higher the hardness and the worse the taste, and vice versa. Therefore, we test the water quality. The lower the TDS, the better, and the lower the TOC and COD, the better. TOC, the content of organic matter in water, is expressed by the amount of carbon, the main element in organic matter. COD, chemical oxygen demand, is an indicator of the amount of reducing substances in the water.

Contrast 6, suitability factor-size

The space size of the water purifier is a problem that has to be considered during the installation of the water purifier. If it is a direct drinking all-in-one machine, you don’t need to worry about it, but if it is a water purifier installed under the kitchen, you need to measure it in advance. Is the space underneath enough to install the water purifier. Generally speaking, the smaller the better.


Water purifiers, like other commodities, are all eye-catching, but the basic technical indicators remain the same. The focus is on the purification capacity and the structure of the filter element.

Of course, it is not limited to these dimensions. You can also choose the angle you like. But the most important thing is to use a uniform standard to measure. I hope everyone can learn to compare different water purifiers and choose a high-quality water purifier that suits them.


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Sammi Liang(Mrs)

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