Skin Care Device Plasma facial care beauty instrument

Skin Care Device Plasma facial care beauty instrument

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New Arrival high frequency plasma wrinkle removal Facial Care machine 


Product Parameter:

Product Name Plasma facial care apparatusModel B12
Battery 1130mAhPower AdapterDC 5V, 1.5A
Charging wayMicro USBRater Power <0.75W
Product Size 220*40*30mmAppilcable AreaFace
Operating guidelinesEasy to operate, gently push, close to the skin

Product Image:


Product Funtion : 

1. Kill bacteria: Active oxygen atom sterilization ,Oxygen molecule sterilization, Plasma sterilization

2.To repair the skin:Enhances skin’s ability, to moisturize Avoid dry skin itching

3.High energy permeability :Activate skin epidermal cells ,Increase the hydrophilicity of the skin, Helps absorb the essence

4.Reduce wrinkles:Balance skin ion location ,Tight skin dermis, Reduce wrinkles, Suppresses skin aging

5.Brighten skin color:Promote sufficient cells ,Promotes collagen synthesis, Help skin regeneration ,Decompose melanin to enhance skin tone

6.other Function:Hemostasis Purifying air Remove odorHdb03ee39e3eb48fd97006b05c1c19f66T



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