Desktop Hot and Warm Drinking Home RO Water Filters Purifier with UV

Desktop Hot and Warm Drinking Home RO Water Filters Purifier with UV

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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification and Dispensing Machine W20 Standard Edition

Hydrogen-rich cooling, heating and drinking in one step
Products Description
产品名称 Product Name
反渗透净饮机 Reverse Osmosis Purification and Dispensing Machine
产品型号 Product model
W20 标配版 W20 Standard Edition
额定净水量 Rated water yield
第一级滤芯 First-grade filter element
PAC复合滤芯 PAC composite filter element
制水流量 Water discharge
第二级滤芯 Secondary-grade filter element
200G反渗透膜滤芯 200G reverse osmosis membrane filter element
额度电压/频率 Rated voltage/ frequency
第三级滤芯 Third-grade filter element
天然微矿化碳棒滤芯 Natural trace mineralized carbon rod filter element
耗电量 Power consumption
额定功率 Rated power
原水箱容量 Raw water tank capacity
制热水能力 Boiling water production
废水箱容量 Waste water tank capacity
工作压力 Working pressure
适用水温 Applicable temperature
外壳材料 Shell material
适用电源 Applicable power supply
市政自来水 Municipal tap water
产品尺寸 Product size
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Company Profile
Zenfly Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd is a Healthy and environmental friendly manufacturer of purifier with more than 10 year’s experience,locates in Guangzhou.Our main products are air purifier, car air purifier, water purifier,water dispenser, hydrogen water machine, hydrogen water maker bottle and other related health care products. We are one of China’s top 5 largest purification products factories, and provides OEM/ODM service to hundred of enterprises.We sell to all over the world and the key markets are Asia, America and Europe.
Who we are
A Professional manufacturer of air purifier, car air purifier , water purifier, water dispenser, water hydrogen water generator,beauty products. .
Our mission is to let more customers drink clean and hygienic water, breathe fresh and clean air, and enjoy a healthy and securelife through technology. Welcome to joint our agent, we undertake OEM / ODM, to provide you with excellent products and meticulous service.
Why choose us
.1.Professional: Established in 2006, one of the leading manufacturer in air purifiers and water purifiers. 2.Excellence:Quality
and sincere before&after-sale service is our culture. 3.Certification:Company is ISO9001 certified, products are CB,CE,RoHS,CQC
SASO, CCC approval. 4.Convenience:Locating in Guangzhou China is convenient for customers’ visiting& exporting worldwide. 5.
Patent :Obtain all patents for our products. 6. Experience: Provide OEM and ODM service, such as mold making, injection molding.

7.Quality Assurance:100% Aging test for mass production. 5.Warranty service: One year guarantee period, lifelong after-sales
service. 6.Provide support: Provide technical information and technical training support regularly.

8.R&D Department: 40 engineers’ R&D team,the R&D director from Midea group 8.Stable :businesses are built on reputations. 9.Innovative:get the newest information and technology,fast reaction to market demand ,new models every year.

Q1: Can I get a sample? A: Yes, you can buy a sample from us.
Q2: Which express do you use?
A: DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT etc. according to customers’ need.
Q3: How long is the guarantee ?
A: One year guarantee for all our models.
Q4: What are the payment term?
A: TT is our default payment term, we can discuss if your have other request.
Q5: Any MOQ requirement?
A:500pcs for OEM, if neutral package, MOQ is 100-200pcs.
Q6: What is your main product?
A: Air purifier, Hydrogen water generator, Water purifier, Water dispenser and related accessories.
Q7: How long is your lead time for mass production?
A: Usually it’s 30 calendar days, but it depends on PO. Quantity.

Q8: What is your main market?

A: We export worldwide, currently main market is Asia, Middle east ,Europe, USA ec.

Welcome Heath Care Product wholeseller,retailer,importer, agent, dealer to visit Guangzhou Zenfly Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd located in Guangzhou China!  More information please contact: Patricia sales05@olansgz. com  Our website:  

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