Facial cleassing & essence importing instrument for beauty

Facial cleassing & essence importing instrument for beauty

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Charging Power5V/500mAUltrasonic power1MHz  20%
Standby current≤90uACharging current≤500mA
Charging Time1.5-3hProduct Size172*76*87mm
Automatic shutdownAfter power on, it will shut down automatically for 5 minutes; (timing starts from the first press of the switch button)
Waterproof functionHost ipx7, charging base is not waterproof, and UVC head is not waterproof
working condition1. Press and hold the “power” button for 0.5 seconds in off state, and then start the machine.

2. Press the start button to automatically switch into the cleaning mode low mode, low  medium, high , off.

3. Press the ultrasonic button, on  off

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