Hydrogen Water for Drinking

Why is it recommended to drink hydrogen rich water?

It is the hydrogenated water produced by means of electrolysis or hydrogen water maker, the latter being the most recent. When ionization occurs in water, it changes its molecular structure and its form activating it and creating a hydrogenated water that can be called living water. The hydrogen water from 12 water molecules, which are the common water having, only 5-6 molecules, and completely changing the qualities of water, changes its form and structure hexagonal polarity from positive to negative.

This molecular structure of hydrogen water is due to the activation of water by means of ionization by joining the water molecules, this is enriched in turn with hydrogen, which is a powerful antioxidant and penetrates more easily in our cells to slow down the feared free radicals, which are the cause of premature and accelerated aging, produced by the conditions of today’s society.

This is very beneficial for people, when we drink hydrogen rich water, because it helps us positively to neutralize free radicals and the accelerated oxidation of the organism also called oxidative stress.