What kind of Olansi air purifiers does your life need?

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Which air purifier is better? In recent years, serious air pollution has also brought about the vigorous development of air purifiers. Air purifiers with different types of functions make us feel dizzy. Do we need air purifiers in our lives? What kind of air purifier is better?


Air purifiers are not only used to remove haze

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It is well known that PM2.5 is the main component of haze. The removal of PM2.5 has become the original intention of many people using air purifiers, but if you think that air purifiers can only remove PM2.5, you are quite wrong. Pollution in the air In addition to PM2.5, there are health risks such as formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC, smoke and pollen allergens.


To give a simple example: why in some European and American countries, even if the air quality is good, the penetration rate of air purifiers is also high? They use air purifiers to remove pollen, large particles, and decoration pollution gases such as smoke, TVOC, and formaldehyde. In particular, the release cycle of formaldehyde can be as long as 3-15 years, and the rising temperature in summer accelerates its release, and the carcinogenic hazard is fascinating.


Spring and summer are the time periods when flying catkins and pollen erupt. Various pollens are the most common allergens. April is the most active period for all kinds of pollen, when the plants are in their blooming period. For example, the most familiar platanus “planet tree” and “maple poplar” pollen are even more terrifying because the allergic pollen continues to affect for half a year, such as arborvitae, juniper and other cypress trees, sugar beet, humulus, etc., which are short-lived in summer After the rain, as soon as the sun comes out, the pollen will increase immediately, and the pollen concentration will rise again. People with allergies need to be extra careful to avoid and reduce going out. It is very necessary to use air purifiers indoors.


After the winter, the haze weather is obviously much less, but this does not mean that you can relax your vigilance. Judging from the daily AQI monitoring data in Beijing in March, there were a total of 12 days of light pollution or above, and even heavy pollution in early April. It is still necessary to turn on the air purifier in such weather. It is particularly important to choose an effective and long-lasting air purifier. For the health of you and your family, choose Olansi, Olansi escorts your health.


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