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What is an air purifier for?Benefits and function of air purifiers

Many people do not know the function of air purifiers, and for this reason, they criticize if there really is a need to use these artifacts. Let me tell you in advance that they do work and that purifiers are not “expensive fans.”

Its main use is to improve air quality by helping to create a better environment of the room where you are using it.

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

Users after a while of use, realize that their migraines are over, their allergies disappeared and the smells dissipated, in conclusion, they have a much more pleasant and healthy habitat.

Industrial air purifiers promote cleaning in important spaces such as airports, hospitals and shopping centers. It can prevent many significant diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis.

Another interesting point that significantly improves the purifier is that it manages to filter all types of weeds that come off when we do daily activities, such as cleaning the house. An example would be when we shake the sofa cushions, since doing so gives off an amount of dust, mites and hairs that can affect our health. The air purifier takes care of all these problems.

In short, we will have a better quality of life in our home, for example, you can place it in the room where you play or rest with your pet. The purifier will ensure that all the animal’s hairs are trapped in the filter, preventing allergies that can be caused.

So how does this device work to improve my life?

These electrical appliances function as a filter to purify the air. The device has a fan attached which, when activated, creates an air inlet that passes through the filters and leaves completely clean. They have several filter sheets integrated and each one works independently of the other.

Within the air purifiers a process occurs to filter the impurities that is divided into 4 stages.

  • First it goes through an electrostatic filter.

It works to trap harmful air particles through an ionization mechanism. This filter mostly traps dust particles, hairs and larger particles.

  • G4 filter

It works by fine meshes that allows you to trap fine dusts, mites, pollen and smoke. It also improves the performance of the following filters as it removes medium-sized particles.

  • Activated carbon filter.

Activated carbon is a porous material that allows you to trap small biological particles. It consists of a chemical process in which the filter converts gaseous particles into solids and retains them. Mostly it manages to dissipate odors and biological particles present in the air.

  • Efficient HEPA filter

Efficiently cleans the air using an ultra-thin filter called HEPA (High efficiency particulate air). It works by trapping bacteria, germs and apart reduces mold secretion in the environment and prevents skin infections. It manages to purify the air through a micro-delegated mesh composed of fiberglass threads placed in sequence with a diameter of 2.0 μm. The particles, viruses, bacteria are trapped in 3 different ways: 1. They collide with the mesh 2. They are trapped in the mesh 3. They collide with other gas particles previously trapped. All air purifiers must contain a joint guarantee certificate to a letter of guarantee from a medical entity to verify its proper functioning.

Also, in the high-end purifiers, there are those that have the function of the ionizer type. It also allows to eliminate pollutants from inside the house, but in these purifiers they do not require filters, although there are already products on the market that allow you to clean the air of bacteria and viruses, which carry the two variants: ionizer and filter.

Benefits of using an air purifier

1. Clean home

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that indoor air can be up to five times worse than outdoor air. Many people don’t realize how many pollution sources exist in their homes such as cleaning products, pet dander, scented candles, indoor paints and cooking fumes.

Our Olansi Pure Cool air purifier uses a fully sealed filter system that includes 60% more HEPA media and three times more activated carbon than the previous generation to capture 99.97% of particle pollution as small as 0.3 microns. This keeps your home clean and captures irritating pollutants and allergens.

Olansi K06C Air Purifier

Olansi K06C Air Purifier

2. Personal cooling

Also unique to our product is that it doesn’t just act as a purifier, it also functions as a fan. Using olansi technology and 350⁰ degree oscillation, Pure Cool projects clean air throughout the room.

Of course, in the summer the cooling feature can be a lifesaver. To allow for year-round usage, the air purifier also features a new backward diffused airflow mode or purification-only mode.

3. Good night’s sleep

Purified air can be very beneficial for quality sleep. In 2017 we conducted a sleep study survey, where more than 70% of people surveyed felt better rested after sleep from using an air purifier.

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