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Small Space Refrigerator Ozone Sterilizer

Founded in Guangzhou in 2009, Olansi Healthcare Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer on Ozone sterilizers, fruits and vegetables disinfectors, hydrogen inhalers, disinfectant liquid generators, air puriifers, water purifiers, beauty products, hydrogen water generators etc. Healthcare products. Olansi covers more than 60000 square meters, owns more than 350 staffs, with turnover US$ 50 million in 2020. Olansi has been serving worldwide famous brand like Haier, TATA group etc. for a long time and have good partnership with worldwide customers.

Today we want to share with consumers on Ozone Sterilizer.


The epidemic has not yet ended, and we still can’t fall lightly when you gather. Going out to wear masks, regular disinfection is also the correct initiative to do with the health of others. With the gradual completion of the country, the mask is no longer difficult to buy, but the indoor environment is disinfected, and many friends pay attention. Although ultraviolet disinfection has a certain effect, there is also its limitations, where ultraviolet light is not found, the disinfection effect is equal to zero.

As a common disinfection method, ozone disinfection has been adopted by the hospital. It is well known that ozone has powerful oxidation resistance, which can directly undermine the genetic material and membrane of the virus, thereby killing bacterial viruses. Compared to other disinfection methods, ozone can enter other disinfectous indoor dead angles, such as seats, air conditioning ports, ground dark angles, etc., and disinfective and sterilization effects are more obvious.

Although ozone disinfection is good in life, ordinary ozone disinfecting equipment is relatively large, and can only put the item into the disinfection machine during disinfection, while ozone will reach disinfection effect at a certain concentration, so it is also The popularity of ozone disinfection equipment is limited. However, if the ozone disinfection equipment is small, it is believed that there is still a lot of interest in the current situation that has not been released.

Recently, Olansi launched a portable ozone sterilizers S1, which is not only small and portable, but also a wide range of applications, such as refrigerators, bedrooms, backpacks, wardrobes, and cupboards, so we understand together. Let’s reivew this product as below.

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