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The harm of formaldehyde to the human body

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People are skeptical about air purifiers. Why should we buy air purifiers? Is the air purifier really useful? The answer is yes, why do you say that, let OLANSI answer it for you

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Insert a report below: The news that an employee of Ali rented a newly renovated rental house and died of acute leukemia has once again made people fear formaldehyde and leukemia.

Everyone knows the harm of formaldehyde, but didn’t  expect it to be so serious.

  1. Carcinogenicity: In 2004, the authoritative International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified formaldehyde as a category 1 carcinogen, alongside cigarettes and alcohol.
  2. Acute toxicity: Ordinary people may die if they inhale about 7 grams of formaldehyde at a time.

What kind of existence is formaldehyde?

It is one of the common organic matter in nature and a common small molecule in the metabolism of animals and plants. Natural formaldehyde also exists in nature, but its concentration is very low. It is colorless, soluble, and irritating.

The current research cannot prove that there is a direct relationship between excessive formaldehyde caused by decoration and leukemia, but the pollution caused by decoration is real and is endangering our health.

Formaldehyde generally comes from our newly renovated new houses, and it is colorless and odorless. Even if you live for a long time, there will still be formaldehyde. If you smell a pungent odor, it means that formaldehyde is seriously exceeding the standard. Our common way to deal with formaldehyde is to open windows for ventilation and plant green plants, but the best way is actually to use an air purifier. Various air pollutants are intercepted layer by layer by the filter, and finally fresh air is filtered out.

An air purifier suitable for your family is very important to us. For the health of your children, it is not too late to buy an air purifier. OLANSI is committed to technology to create a better life for consumers. , High-quality and healthy life, to produce the most suitable air purifier for everyone. If you need a suitable air purifier, OLANSI is at your service at any time.

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