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Top Air purifier Features That Can Help You Save Money

It has been discovered that most people purchase air purifiers without taking some factors into considerations which would have helped them save money in the long run. Over 50% of end-users or consumers of various air purifiers usually make financial commitments before considering the features of what they are buying. This is only a recipe for spending more than expected. It is true that air purifiers have been manufactured to help you experience comfort through improving the quality of air in your home and office. However, such doesn’t mean it has to make you spend unreasonably.

Olansi K15A Air Purifier

Olansi K15A Air Purifier

Here is the untold secret

There is something most consumers of air purifiers don’t understand. This is the fact that they can still enjoy top features of air purifiers without having to spend too much. In case you are confused about which air purifier to purchase, ensure to read the details of this post from beginning to the end. It will be revealing some of the top features that you should lookout for in such devices before buying. These are guaranteed to help you save some money in the long run.


Multiple filters

This is one of the major mistakes made by end-users of air purifiers. At the end, they start considering the option of buying other devices that can help them do the job. Let’s face it, air pollutants are a combination of various particles like dust, smoke, odor, gas, and others. This is why purchasing a cleaner which has multiple filters won’t be a bad idea. Don’t forget that these devices are mostly built to tackle each of these particles separately.

However, modern devices are being introduced to ensure end-users don’t have to struggle in buying various air purifiers that can handle such particles differently. Always search for an air purifier which has several filters to save money. For instance, some are built with HEPA filter, carbon activated filter and pre-filter. Amongst these different types of filters, HEPA filters seem to be the most effective when it comes to getting rid of viruses, bacteria, pet dander, pollen and mildew spores.


The activated carbon filters usually have the role of capturing odors and gases around the home. Pre-filters are useful given that they can help in getting large particles trapped. Another way that an air purifier with multiple filters can be of great help is that you won’t bother about replacing filters on regular basis. This is because the pre-filer helps to offer some form of protection to the HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. It means you will be spending less.


Look out for warranty

Have you ever purchased any of those advertised air purifiers only to eventually discover that it never lived up to expectations? It is true that there are lots of great products out there. However, some aren’t good enough which is why you have to look for quality assurance. This is where warranty will prove to be of great help. Most reliable manufacturers usually offer warranties for their air purifying devices. These could range from a period of 6months to one year for inexpensive devices.


It can be very disappointing to use your hard-earned money in purchasing an air purifier only to start considering options of repairing it after few months of usage. It is true that these devices will have to be repaired due to being used constantly in homes and offices. However, it is important you compare the time a manufacturer is claiming it will last with any fault that may occur.


There are some manufacturers which offer warranty periods of between 3 and 5years for those expensive devices. When a manufacturer is trying to make such claim, it simply means the product is of high quality and worth given a try.When products have such length periods as warranty, they don’t usually require repair.


Energy Efficient

Electricity bills are part of your recurring expenses. This simply implies you will have to be paying for them over and over again. Air purifiers are manufactured to work on 24/7 basis given that the air always need to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any form of health complications. It is the reason why you have to always lookout for an air purifier which comes with energy efficient features to ensure you save lots of money on electricity bills.


There are people who have abandoned their air purifying devices claiming it increases their electricity bills. The truth is that there are lots of air purifiers being produced which have smart features. They don’t need to increase your bills unreasonably before performing optimally as expected.


Do you know that there are devices with wattage of around 50 -70 while on medium settings? There are even some that aren’t up to 15watts while on their lowest settings. These are the kind of devices you have to purchase in order to ensure your electricity bills don’t rise above what you can handle. The best part is that their features and functionalities aren’t compromised in any way.


Interchangeable Filter

Do you know it is possible to purchase an air purifier with interchangeable filter? The only drawback to this is that it may require you to invest some quality time in order to research which one can perfectly fit into your device. However, the benefits tend to outweigh its disadvantage given that you will save lots of money in the long run.


This will happen by having the chance to get a filter that suits your present needs instead of purchasing an entirely new air purifier. It is an economical way of adapting to the demands of the present times without having to spend excessively.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier


Based on the above, it is obvious that there are lots of features you need to lookout for when purchasing an air purifying device. These will help ensure you don’t have to spend beyond your budget in the long run. The above features are the first you should always check before pulling out your credit card to buy from a manufacturer.

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Ionizer, Air Purifier and Ozonator : Their Diferences

It is difficult for ordinary citizens to keep up to date with all the technological advances in terms of devices to improve air quality. When the acquisition of an apparatus of this type arises, it begins to verify that there are several options, without, in most cases, having a clear idea of ​​what each one does or what differences exist between them. Air purifier? Ionizer? Ozonator? How to know which is the most appropriate in each case?

Olansi K05A Car Air Purifier

Olansi K05A Car Air Purifier

With the intention of solving the doubts that may exist around these three types of devices, we will know what each one is and what it does, in order to finally decide which one is the most convenient depending on Whatever you want to achieve.

What is an ionizer?

An air ionizer is an apparatus intended for environmental cleaning that uses electrically charged particles to improve air quality. Therefore, the ionizer achieves this improvement of the air without using chemicals.

The ionizer manages to eliminate bad odors and pollutants providing a feeling of freshness that is very pleasant. This is one of the most appreciated characteristics of an ionizer, since its use achieves a perception of air similar to that in places in the middle of nature.

Its operation is based on the principle of electrostatic attraction. This means that particles of different electrical charges attract each other.

Since dust, bacteria, and in general, all pollutants in the air are positively charged, the use of the ionizer causes these particles to bind to the negative ions generated by the device, and to become heavier particles, fall to the ground.

What is an ozonator?

The ozonator has the same function, but uses a different method to achieve its objective of improving air quality. The ozonator generates ozone gas through a process that uses the electricity generated in a circuit, and the emission of this gas results in disinfection of the air, neutralization of environmental odors and an increase in the amount of oxygen.

Ozone has an enormous disinfection power, so its emission, both to air and water, serves as a cleaning method of great efficiency.

What is an air purifier?

After verifying that both an ionizer and an ozonator achieve the improvement of the air we breathe by removing particles and contaminants, the existence of air purifiers may seem unnecessary or generate some confusion.

For the elimination of toxic elements, the purifier can use several methods instead of just one. The most traditional is the use of fans and filters.

A purifier captures the particles present in the air by means of a fan and these are trapped in a filter, thus disappearing from the environment and generating a cleaner atmosphere.

Despite what it might seem, the air purifiers have a quiet operation, and also, because of their operation, they not only remove dirt, but also retain it.

Olansi A3B2 Wifi air purifier

Olansi A3B2 Wifi air purifier

So, which one to choose?

The versatility of the purifier, especially in the case of these more current models that allow combining several air cleaning systems, will be definitive for your choice among those who want to have a more advanced cleaning system. Therefore, the air purifier is your best choice among the 3 when choosing for the sake of your health and that of your family

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HEPA Filter Types Air Purifier Have Been Deemed Fit As A Reliable Means To Lower Allergy Triggers

Wheneverthe subject of air pollution is raised, what comes to mind for most people is just fumes from car exhaust and smoke from factories. Although those are equally constituents of air pollution, the subject goes beyond that. A lot of poisonous substances are flying around in our homes without us knowing. These substances will constitute a greater nuisance if you do not do anything about them. Pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and dust mites can give rise to severe problems within your home should you have a loved one who is struggling with asthma or allergy reactions.

You can make use of HEPA air purifiers to control and manage the kind of air particles you have in your home. These devices can help trap air pollutants and bring about relief for anyone who is suffering from occasional allergy reactions.

olansi K04A3 air purifier

olansi K04A3 air purifier

How Do HEPA filters function?

These filters are not like your ordinary air filters. It’s is an acronym for high-efficiency particulate air. HEPA filters are mechanical filters. It functions by pushing air via a mesh that captures harmful air particles like pollen, tobacco smoke, dust mites, and pet dander. They have got a 99% efficiency in air purification. This practical innovation has become part of the most recent cleaners and some other air suction technologies.

Choosing and making use of air filter

HEPA filters have now become a component of various air purifiers. These portable, small air purifying units work for one room. But before you make up your mind on the HEPA that you should buy, it is wise for you to find out the quantity of air that such a device can work with. So you should only buy a HEPA filter that can purify your entire room.

The best places to install such air filters are where you spend a lot of your time. A bedroom is an ideal place where you can have the filter installed. Implement these filters for decontaminating the air in your home. You can get these HEPA filters at most home improvement sales outlets.

Getting the most suitable air filter for your room is something you should never take for granted. From size to mode of operation, everything has to be factored into the buying equation before you finally make a choice. Buying the wrong air filter type for your room might make you think that it is inefficient. That is why you have to take this very seriously.

Of what use can HEPA filters be?

Making use of a HEPA filter within your home is necessary for removing air pollutants from the surrounding air, and ultimately leading to lower risks of allergy triggers. A particular study was carried out by a group of researchers, and it was recorded that allergy patients who were exposed to purified air did much better than their counterparts who were exposed to raw, unrefined air. These studies prove that HEPA filters help to reduce allergy triggers.

That said, you must understand that flying air particles aren’t the only ones responsible for these allergy conditions. There are other things you need to worry about. You can find air particles on your rugs, drapes, beddings, and those resting on your tabletops and countertops. For allergy persons who ignore these things, they will make HEPA filters look like they are not efficient. You need to make sure those areas are always clean. Another thing you could do is eliminate everything responsible for the air pollutants or irritants in question. For instance, the best way not to allow your room space to be overtaken by tobacco is by not smoking it in the first place. Air filters, no doubt, are going to help you in getting rid of air pollutants in your indoor air, however, you still have a role to play. But if you want to be completely safe from any unwanted air particles in your home, here are some of the things you could do:

  • Vacuum as much as you can
  • Use vinyl, tiles, or wood flooring in place of carpets.
  • Pets should be kept outside if you are allergic to their odor.
  • Change your beddings as often as you can and have them washed in hot water.
  • Use roll-up shades in place of curtains and draperies.
  • Cover your pillows and mattresses with plastic covers if possible
  • High-efficiency furnace filters work fine

Complement your HEPA filter cleaning efforts with all of the points that have been mentioned above, and you should be perfectly okay.

Great Health

The battle for good health is a sensitive subject. People are ready to go any length to get excellent healthcare services when they are not feeling okay. But what if there are measures you could take to prevent you from falling sick? Wouldn’t that be a better way of going about your life? There has been a lot of controversies surrounding the possibility of HEPA filters helping you live a healthier life. However, while these controversies rage on, studies have shown that a considerable number of the people who fall sick these days do so because they have been exposed themselves to air pollutants in high concentrations. So if you do the logic, it becomes clear. Get rid of the air pollutants, and you can enjoy a better health package altogether!


olansi K03C2 air purifier

olansi K03C2 air purifier

Hanging around an environment that is dominated by various air pollutants is not suitable for a healthy person, let alone someone who is struggling with an allergy. Sadly, pollution is what describes the world we are living in today. No thanks to the industrial revolution that took place centuries ago. Hence, making it absolutely necessary for us to purify the air we are inhaling today.The best way for every one of us to stay and remain healthy is by ensuring we are breathing in clean air. And from all that we have discussed in this article, you know you can get that done by installing a reliable HEPA filter within that indoor space.

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