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Can I use my RF and EMS beauty instrument for as long as I want?

What is the function of RF and EMS beauty instrument

Beauty instrument adopts with EMS current, electroporation technology, RF radio frequency and LED, what multifunctional it is, so that it can solve many skin problems.
First. The EMS current can activate cell and create new collagen, finally make you skin become more firm, more energetic and elastic, improve the fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin.
Second. The electroporation technology can create the gap between cells for a short time, which make skin absorb more skin care products.
Third. RF radio frequency can relieve muscle pain and skin fatigue, ease skin tension, reduce redness, swelling and pain, and resist repeated growth of acne.
Fourth. LED light have pink, yellow, green, blue and pink flash light six modes. These LED light can whiten skin, brighten skin tone, promote the regeneration of collagen, inhibit the excessive production of melanin and contractive pore etc.

Olansi Beauty Instrument

Olansi Beauty Instrument

It is normal that when an innovative treatment reaches the market, there are doubts about its use.

This is one of the most common questions among people who have gone to the services of a beauty instrument supplier and have acquired an RF and EMS beauty instrument. Many already know the incredible of its results, as well as the simplicity of its application, that is why more and more people have been encouraged to use this device.

All the questions have something in common, and in this case it is about how and for how long an RF and EMS beauty instrument should be used.

The most common questions that arise regarding the treatment recommende

d by beauty instrumentation suppliers are related to the way of use and also with the time of exposure. And it is known that, being a kind of therapy for the skin and muscles, there must be a specific duration for one of an RF and EMS beauty instrument.

EMS can help improve the appearance of your skin, and restore your muscle tone.

The improvement of facial or body appearance will always be achieved if guidelines are followed that dictate that we should always have a routine that helps us with this objective. For example, for those who want to preserve and regain the health of the facial skin, they must actively and constantly participate in a beauty ritual, with creams, serums and others; In the case of the routine for the body, physical activities are carried out frequently, to stimulate the muscular work.

Like any physical activity, it is important that we create a habit regarding the use of the RF and EMS beauty instrument.

As we also know, the EMS is in charge of influencing the muscles to simulate a physical activity (which can vary in intensity), but which manages to be more precise than others, since it works directly on the muscle that has been lost the tone.

This implies that the muscle exerts a greater effort than can be achieved through routines that are more traditional, so we can say that the muscle not only works better, but also in greater quantity, so it must have a limit, so as not to overload this.

How long is it recommended to use the RF and EMS beauty instrument? Can you use it daily?

When we talk about establishing a routine regarding EMS machines, it is because we need to keep track, assess our progress, and compare results. There are those who think that because it is a therapy that involves the use of electric current, being exposed to it on a regular basis, can become dangerous. The truth is that experts have determined that it is a passive exercise, which is incapable of burning the muscle, and also prevents joint injuries from being created.

This device can be used daily, without having negative repercussions on the health of our bodies.

Olansi Beauty Instrument

Olansi Beauty Instrument

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