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Your Portable Home And Car Air Purifier Buying Guide

Are you still driving your car without any air purifying system inside in this 21st century? If you are still doing that, then you are not helping yourself because we certainly live in a polluted world.

You need to start thinking in the direction of portable air purifiers if you want to stay healthy as you drive around in your car.

Olansi K01B Air Purifier

Olansi K01B Air Purifier

Therefore, if you were already thinking of how to get one, but you didn’t know what you should look out for, then this post is for you. A quick read of this post will tell you some of the things you need to know about these purifiers.

How do you know a high-quality air purifier?

Anyone seeking to buy a high-quality portable purifier should be able to identify specific features that can guarantee the highest level of air purification. Nevertheless, that is not an easy task for most people. Hence, this post will be helping you with some of the unique features you can keep your eyes on whenever you plan to buy a portable air purifier for your car.

Air purification method

For now, a car cabin can be purified of contaminated air by any of the three purification methods: ozone generators, ionizers, or filters. The amount of knowledge you have about these purification methods is what will help you determine the most suitable portable air purifier for your car.

Automobile air filters suck in air, processes the atmospheric air by separating microscopic elements, and purifies the air before they are sent back into circulation. The particles are attracted to the part of the device where they are filtered with respect to their various sizes. If the particles within the car are bigger compared to the filter’s hole, they will not be sent into the car, as they will have to undergo more filtration. Car purifiers are often manufactured with carbon filters and HEPA filters to help make sure the smallest of particles such as viruses, bacterial, or odor molecules are gotten rid of during the purification process.

In contrast, ionizers do not need to suck in incoming airstream before they can make the air cleaner. Instead, they let out negatively charged ions into the surrounding air. These particles are known as anions. The moment the anions come in contact with anything that is positively charged like contaminants, they purify the air by neutralizing the particles in the space or surface.

Ozone generators have gained popularity because of their effectiveness in ridding a space of its bad odor. Ionizers, in a way, function like ozone generators sometimes. The reason why many people prefer ionizers to ozone generators is that they don’t produce ozone molecules enough to cause any harm to the body. Ozone generators, with the help of their ozone generation power, is capable of neutralizing even the most unpleasant odor. Large industries use it to neutralize the repugnant odor produced from the by-products of their manufacturing processes. Nevertheless, you will have to be extra careful when using ozone generators for purifying your car cabin. That is because if you are exposed to a certain level of ozone molecules, it can become very harmful to your body afterward.

Multiple air purification layers

An effective portable air purifier for cars needs to have several air purification chambers. Thankfully, the purifiers that are currently being manufactured employ a combo of different purification techniques to get the job done. For example, some are manufactured with both car ionizer and a filter. Like we already stated, even though ionizers are also capable of discharging ozone in the course of their operation, the ozone production is not at a dangerous level. Your best bet for purifying your car cabin is by getting a portable air purifier with more than one filtration chamber.


Many systems need to be connected to a 12 volts cigarette lighter socket. Some others employ the use of a USB adapter that is connected to the outlet. Some are produced to function with a single button press, while others have to work after you press a combination of buttons. I would recommend that you go with whatever you think will be easy for you to use. The single button types sound like the best options when it comes to simplicity.

Manufacturers’ instructions specify that ozone generators should not be used when any living thing, human or animal, is inside the vehicle. Have that at the back of your mind when buying one.

Easy maintenance

You equally have to consider this before settling for any portable air purifier for your car. Air filter components would need some level of maintenance. That may comprise cleaning as well as having the filter replaced with one that is recommended. Car ionizers don’t require any cleaning as long as they are clean.

Benefits of using Car Air Purifiers

Olansi K06C air purifier

Olansi K06C air purifier

Some of the reasons why you should start looking forward to having a portable air purifier inside your car are:

  • It provides cleaner and safer air for everybody inside the car – the main job of any air purifying device is to decontaminate the surrounding air completely. Although that can be practically impossible to a certain extent, these devices can at least ensure fresh air that will be safe for inhalation. As such, everyone within that space will be able to benefit from clean and safe air.
  • Radiates clean and fresh air around the car – an unpleasant odor inside a vehicle is capable of making that ride an unpleasant one. Therefore, an air purifier will always make for a good pick for refreshing and sanitizing a car’s interior, while making your drive an exciting one.
  • Eliminates allergens and disease-causing agents – getting rid of a considerable amount of allergens inside a car will go a long in helping anyone with allergies. That will also be helpful to people who have one respiratory difficulty or the other.

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Portable HEPA air purifier: An Indispensable Item for This Generation

The quality of the air we breathe in is as vital as getting clean, drinkable water. If you keep soaking in impure air for a long time, sooner or later, it’s going to catch up with your health, and the resulting effects can be quite devastating. Worrisome research has shown that almost 60% of the raw atmospheric air we inhale is already contaminated with various forms of pollutants. Such air pollutants can compromise our immune systems if they are not properly handled as at when due. The best way to fight off any foreign entities from our bodies is by ensuring a robust immune system. Fortunately, one of the ways to accomplish this is by inhaling air with good quality.

Portable HEPA air purifiers are designed to practically keep the air you inhale at a safe and healthy level. But beyond that, there are several reasons why using a portable HEPA air purifier can contribute to your general wellbeing. Let’s go over these benefits one after the other.

Olansi A3B Air Purifier

Olansi A3B Air Purifier

Minimizing airborne diseases

The latter part of the last decade saw green energy experts recommend that we always keep our surroundings clean and ensure we have access to fresh air and portable water. Whenever air contain smoke, dust, and pollen particles, you can almost estimate the devastating effect that comes with inhaling such air contents. That is something that has to be avoided at all costs. However, when we look at the world we are in today, the only way to ensure we get rid of these air pollutants is by making use of portable HEPA air purifiers.

Stay Free from allergies

Various authorities have asked citizens to stay indoors across the globe as one of the measures of controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus. Besides, going to the hospital now when you do not have any coronavirus related symptoms is not a wise thing to do. Trust me; this is not the best time to get any allergy attack. As you remain indoors with your family, a high-efficiency particulate air purifier is just what is needed to make sure everybody remains calm and healthy. As it contains various filtering chambers, portable HEPA air purifiers are efficient for trapping pollens and allowing only clean, filtered air to come in contact with your nostrils.

Inhale refreshing air

Nothing beats that feeling of breathing fresh air every time you have to take in an ounce of air. Portable HEPA air purifiers have been notable for getting rid of all unwanted particles from incoming air streams, no matter their sizes. Yet they have been alleged to struggle in the aspect of deodorization. This information has led many users to combine portable HEPA air purifiers with carbon activated pre-filters to get clean air that is devoid of bad odor. This combination has worked pretty well, considering the number of households that are using it.

It will, however, interest you to know that there are air purifiers that currently combine the HEPA filtering technology and odor removal systems to give you the best quality of air.

How portable HEPA air purifiers Work

A brief explanation here on how a portable HEPA air purifier operates will not just help you understand its operation formula. Still, it will also boost your confidence about this air purifier type.

HEPA filters comprise fibers that are randomly arranged. The filters typically contain fiberglass, while possessing diameters as small as 0.5 micrometers. The strength of this filter is based on the filter thickness, face velocity, and fiber diameter. These filters are designed to target small air particles and small air pollutants. These particles are stopped by diffusion, interception, and interaction. This excellent filtration technique is what makes portable HEPA air purifiers to be highly efficient as an air filtration system.

The Historical Behind HEPA Filters

HEPA filters have gone through several evolutions over the decades since it was first discovered. The concept for developing the first set of HEPA filters was borrowed from a filter item that was discovered in a German gas mask during the Second World War. The paper item inside the gas masks was known to have a remarkable efficiency for capturing chemical smoke.

Thus, the British army duplicated the technology and mass-produced it for members of its regiments. It was a solution that worked well, particularly for those locations where ordinary masks were not effective. The army’s version of the HEPA filter used cellulose asbestos papers seated with deep pleated form having spaces between them. That was the foundation upon which other more advanced types of the HEPA filters were going to be manufactured.

Although the next version was produced during the 1940s, it took another ten years for HEPA filters to be available for the commercial market. In search of higher quality products, these filters have had to go through several upgrading processes so that pharmaceuticals, aerospace, hospitals, nuclear power, nuclear fuels, and other industries can use it conveniently. The technology has been so welcomed that even some vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters as part of their filtration systems.

The Best portable HEPA air purifier

All portable HEPA air purifiers do not have the same filtering capacity. Their abilities to provide you with clean, pollutant-free air is dependent on the type of filters they use. The higher the level of the screen-filter, the more particles the system will be able to get rid of during its filtration process.

At the moment, manufacturers of air purifiers are making use of H11, H12, or even H13 as their base filters for removing unwanted air particles. Therefore, the type of filter your purifier is using is essential if you are hoping to inhale high-quality air. That said, to be on the safer side, besides the filter element, you should consider other qualities such as efficiency and air volume before you settle for any product.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier


The big superpowers in the world are yet to have a unanimous decision on how to make the atmosphere safer for humans. But while the debate continues to rage, and the atmosphere is packed with different air pollutants, we could use portable HEPA air purifiers to control the quality of the air we have in our homes, offices, cars, and other indoor environments.

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