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Portable HEPA air purifier: An Indispensable Item for This Generation

The quality of the air we breathe in is as vital as getting clean, drinkable water. If you keep soaking in impure air for a long time, sooner or later, it’s going to catch up with your health, and the resulting effects can be quite devastating. Worrisome research has shown that almost 60% of the raw atmospheric air we inhale is already contaminated with various forms of pollutants. Such air pollutants can compromise our immune systems if they are not properly handled as at when due. The best way to fight off any foreign entities from our bodies is by ensuring a robust immune system. Fortunately, one of the ways to accomplish this is by inhaling air with good quality.

Portable HEPA air purifiers are designed to practically keep the air you inhale at a safe and healthy level. But beyond that, there are several reasons why using a portable HEPA air purifier can contribute to your general wellbeing. Let’s go over these benefits one after the other.

Olansi A3B Air Purifier

Olansi A3B Air Purifier

Minimizing airborne diseases

The latter part of the last decade saw green energy experts recommend that we always keep our surroundings clean and ensure we have access to fresh air and portable water. Whenever air contain smoke, dust, and pollen particles, you can almost estimate the devastating effect that comes with inhaling such air contents. That is something that has to be avoided at all costs. However, when we look at the world we are in today, the only way to ensure we get rid of these air pollutants is by making use of portable HEPA air purifiers.

Stay Free from allergies

Various authorities have asked citizens to stay indoors across the globe as one of the measures of controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus. Besides, going to the hospital now when you do not have any coronavirus related symptoms is not a wise thing to do. Trust me; this is not the best time to get any allergy attack. As you remain indoors with your family, a high-efficiency particulate air purifier is just what is needed to make sure everybody remains calm and healthy. As it contains various filtering chambers, portable HEPA air purifiers are efficient for trapping pollens and allowing only clean, filtered air to come in contact with your nostrils.

Inhale refreshing air

Nothing beats that feeling of breathing fresh air every time you have to take in an ounce of air. Portable HEPA air purifiers have been notable for getting rid of all unwanted particles from incoming air streams, no matter their sizes. Yet they have been alleged to struggle in the aspect of deodorization. This information has led many users to combine portable HEPA air purifiers with carbon activated pre-filters to get clean air that is devoid of bad odor. This combination has worked pretty well, considering the number of households that are using it.

It will, however, interest you to know that there are air purifiers that currently combine the HEPA filtering technology and odor removal systems to give you the best quality of air.

How portable HEPA air purifiers Work

A brief explanation here on how a portable HEPA air purifier operates will not just help you understand its operation formula. Still, it will also boost your confidence about this air purifier type.

HEPA filters comprise fibers that are randomly arranged. The filters typically contain fiberglass, while possessing diameters as small as 0.5 micrometers. The strength of this filter is based on the filter thickness, face velocity, and fiber diameter. These filters are designed to target small air particles and small air pollutants. These particles are stopped by diffusion, interception, and interaction. This excellent filtration technique is what makes portable HEPA air purifiers to be highly efficient as an air filtration system.

The Historical Behind HEPA Filters

HEPA filters have gone through several evolutions over the decades since it was first discovered. The concept for developing the first set of HEPA filters was borrowed from a filter item that was discovered in a German gas mask during the Second World War. The paper item inside the gas masks was known to have a remarkable efficiency for capturing chemical smoke.

Thus, the British army duplicated the technology and mass-produced it for members of its regiments. It was a solution that worked well, particularly for those locations where ordinary masks were not effective. The army’s version of the HEPA filter used cellulose asbestos papers seated with deep pleated form having spaces between them. That was the foundation upon which other more advanced types of the HEPA filters were going to be manufactured.

Although the next version was produced during the 1940s, it took another ten years for HEPA filters to be available for the commercial market. In search of higher quality products, these filters have had to go through several upgrading processes so that pharmaceuticals, aerospace, hospitals, nuclear power, nuclear fuels, and other industries can use it conveniently. The technology has been so welcomed that even some vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters as part of their filtration systems.

The Best portable HEPA air purifier

All portable HEPA air purifiers do not have the same filtering capacity. Their abilities to provide you with clean, pollutant-free air is dependent on the type of filters they use. The higher the level of the screen-filter, the more particles the system will be able to get rid of during its filtration process.

At the moment, manufacturers of air purifiers are making use of H11, H12, or even H13 as their base filters for removing unwanted air particles. Therefore, the type of filter your purifier is using is essential if you are hoping to inhale high-quality air. That said, to be on the safer side, besides the filter element, you should consider other qualities such as efficiency and air volume before you settle for any product.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier


The big superpowers in the world are yet to have a unanimous decision on how to make the atmosphere safer for humans. But while the debate continues to rage, and the atmosphere is packed with different air pollutants, we could use portable HEPA air purifiers to control the quality of the air we have in our homes, offices, cars, and other indoor environments.

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Benefits of buying an air purifier for babies and children

Babies and children are more sensitive to air pollution. Buying an ionizer is a solution for them to breathe without problems and avoid future health problems.

We already know the effect of pollution, both outside and inside, on our health. Now imagine how it can affect those with a weaker and developing immune system such as that of children.

According to Unicef, one in seven children lives in places with up to six times more pollution than accepted by international standards, considering it a threat to life and the future that no one can ignore.

During childhood the body’s first defenses are created to cope with any infection or disease. In addition, it is known that the brain of the baby and that of a small child, continue to grow during the first years and until the age of 20 it will not finish forming.

Olansi K02A Air Purifier

Olansi K02A Air Purifier

So how does an air purifier help a child?

The benefits of the air purifier can also be used to improve the health and quality of life of babies and children. In fact, the little ones of the house will benefit enormously thanks to the interesting benefits that characterize this modern environmental disinfection equipment.

Achieving maximum environmental purity without side effects is one of the main benefits provided by air purifiers, and babies and children, no doubt, can see their environment improved at home or in nurseries, say, with the use of these latest generation equipment.

Environmental purity means, above all, an air free from germs (viruses and bacteria), allergens (pollen, dust mites, pet hair, volatile organic compounds or VOCs, etc.), bad odors, pollution and dirt in general. And is that air purifiers are highly effective in achieving high environmental quality.

The benefits derived from this environmental hygiene translate into a minimization of the spread of diseases, prevention of respiratory problems, allergies or, at least, in an aid to reduce them significantly.

The cleaning of interior environments that we obtain with the sum of different technologies that work together also translates into a great advantage for the well-being of the little ones and, in general, of the whole family. While ozone disinfects, eliminates odors and oxygenates the atmosphere, ions neutralize the electrostatic charge of the air produced by electronic devices, while ultraviolet rays reinforce disinfection, without forgetting the different filtrations that are carried out thanks to the maximum efficiency filters .

This hygiene and well-being achieved avoids having to use air fresheners and aggressive cleaners or disinfectants of chemical composition. We can enjoy a clean atmosphere easily, without adding anything else, even in rooms where we have the diaper changer.

Depending on the place where the purifier is used, in fact, we can obtain one or the other benefits. Using them in the playroom or bedroom will help them do better when they do homework or study and also help them fall asleep.

If, for example, we put it in the dining room or other rooms of the house where there is smoking or where there are pets, for example, it will allow the children of the house not to suffer this type of pollution or allergens.

Likewise, by minimizing contagions, both the little ones in the house and the convalescent and sick people will be able to benefit from clean and healthy air. In short, air purifiers will be synonymous with environmental purity, prevention, comfort, well-being and health for the little ones in the house. And, of course, also for the rest of the family.

Benefits of having an air purifier for baby

1. An air purifier can help your baby sleep better

Night time is typically when the human body goes into “restoration” mode and everything slows down. However, inhaling pollutants that are small enough to bypass your nose hairs filters can make your lungs go into overdrive at night, working hard to rid your body of these invaders. This can also make your heart pump faster.

Having an Olansi purifier like the Olansi K08 air purifier in your bedroom to reduce airborne particles can help you get a better night’s rest and wake up refreshed the next morning.

2. Extends your life expectancy

Research has shown that airborne toxins from outdoor pollution and common household items such as formaldehyde (found in pressed wood furniture), ammonia (found in cleaning products and bleach), lead, and other toxins can accumulate in lungs as well as the brain

Long-term exposure to these invisible pollutants can be carcinogenic. They can also lead to neurological damage and increase your chances of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

One of the top benefits of Olansi purifiers is that they will reduce these contaminants from your indoor air by as much as 99%.


3. Become more productive

Studies have shown that reducing the indoor air pollutants (in particular volatile organic compounds or VOCs) has a positive effect on people’s cognitive functions.

Examples of VOCs are gasoline, benzene, formaldehyde, and solvents such as toluene and xylene. VOCs and can also be found in cleaning materials, building materials, paint thinners, air fresheners, hobby supplies, wood preservatives, aerosol sprays, etc.

When the amount of VOCs in the air was reduced, individuals were found to be able to process information better, thus leading to increased productivity levels and better decision-making.

The Olansi K08 air purifier is one of the most effective ways of reducing VOCs from your indoor air and the Olansi K15 air purifier for heavy-duty air filtration.

Olansi K08C air purifier

Olansi K08C air purifier

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