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Know More About Air Quality Index

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Today we want to share with consumers on Air Quality Index.

According to the air quality testing standard of China Environmental Protection Network, the classification of pm2.5 index is explained in detail:

1. excellent, index>=50

Under such a pm2.5 index, there is no pollution in the environment and there will be no impact on everyone’s health, and everyone can travel normally.

2. good, index 50 -100

Such a screen pm2.5 index is acceptable to everyone, and it will not cause great harm to everyone’s body.. However, some people who are particularly sensitive to certain pollution should reduce their travel, otherwise it will lead to the respiratory tract of these sensitive people. Discomfort, in severe cases, dizziness, vomiting and other discomfort symptoms may occur.

3. light pollution index 100-150

Sensitive people will increase their discomfort, and healthy people will also be stimulated. Therefore, the elderly, children, sensitive people, and people with heart and respiratory diseases should reduce their time outdoors.

4. Moderate pollution, index 150-200

In this index state, it will further aggravate the discomfort symptoms of susceptible people, and it will have a certain impact on people with heart disease and respiratory diseases. Children, the elderly, and those with heart or respiratory diseases should minimize their outdoor exercise time, and the general population should also reduce outdoor travel.

5. Severe pollution index 200-300

In this index state, the discomfort of people with heart disease, lung disease, and respiratory system disease will increase, and exercise endurance and resistance will decrease. It is recommended that children and the elderly, heart disease patients and patients with respiratory diseases try their best Avoid outdoor travel. Healthy people should also reduce outdoor sports.

6. the severe pollution index is greater than 300

Under this index, the endurance of healthy people will also decrease, and it will be accompanied by discomfort. Therefore, children, the elderly, patients with heart disease and respiratory system patients should stop outdoor exercise, and healthy people should avoid outdoor exercise. People living under this index should prevent the occurrence of each disease in advance.

Most of the air purifiers are with air quality indicator.

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