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Hydrogen Water can enhance the resistance?

Hydrogen molecules containing hydrogen rich water can neutralize the hydroxyl radical, hydroxyl radical damage super, at least 70 kinds of human diseases associated with it, drinking hydrogen rich water is the neutralization of free radicals is the most effective, the most direct and most safe method. You said that drinking hydrogen rich water does not enhance the resistance?

1 relieve allergy symptoms: the body resistance and immunity, including sterilization generated by white blood cells (oxidation) of active oxygen for invading the body of bacteria, foreign bodies and other attacks so as to protect the function of the body, such as pollen allergy but in the process of attack and had no need to attack the original reaction. Generation of reactive oxygen species in excess, it will lead to the surrounding normal cells and vascular injury. However, the use of electronic containing active hydrogen in the hydrogen in water, which combined with excess reactive oxygen, thereby generating harmless water on allergic symptoms and effective.




2 improve diabetes: diabetes is caused by insulin secretion is not normal, or its receptor abnormalities caused by the disease. In fact refers to the pancreas islet cells and its receptor can ROS attack, easy to cause the damage. The use of active hydrogen containing electron in the hydrogen in water, which combined with excess activity oxygen, to produce harmless water, and let islet volume return to normal function, so that the symptoms of diabetes were improved.

After Sport, drinking hydrogen water is very important

Whether it is a daily training intensity of athletes, or pay attention to the quality of life of healthy green organic food housewife, or long-term health problems have plagued you, you can try drinking hydrogen rich water, because of hydrogen rich water can produce a variety of metabolic and health effects, alleviate the oxidative damage and inflammatory reaction.

Medical research shows that the possible effects of hydrogen water include:

Improve muscle function after exercise, anti fatigue;

Reduce the level of blood lactic acid, extend exercise endurance;

Fight arthritis, reduce joint inflammation;

Promote tissue injury repair, improve wound healing and oral health;

Anti aging, weight loss, anti diabetes, improve cognitive function and intestinal health;

Reduce side effects of radiation therapy;

Treatment of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, the development of chronic degenerative diseases by anti-oxidation

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