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Best top 5 air purifiers to have in your home

Do you have health problems, allergies or bad smells in your home? With one of the best air purifiers these problems will disappear and you can enjoy a much healthier life. For this, we have created a guide for those interested in acquiring these devices,below is the best top 5 air purifiers to have in your home.

1- Rowenta PU4020 air purifier with 4 levels

This purifier is perfect for any room in the house, remembering that it is suitable for debugging rooms or rooms up to 30 square meters. If you need to purify a larger amount of air, you can also buy the XL version, suitable for spaces up to 70 square meters. Of course, the machine is larger and therefore will take up more space.

This machine has several filters. These filters are easily visible as soon as you open your lid. A filter is fixed and washable. Then you will find a carbon filter to eliminate bad odors, the perfect HEPA filter to remove smaller particles such as those from allergies and finally you will find the nanocapture filter to trap formaldehyde.

2- Newgens Medical air purifier with ionic technology

If you are looking for a small, inexpensive air purifier with good results, I recommend this model. It is not as powerful as the previous one

Through its air filters you can remove dust, viruses, bacteria and pollen from the air. It is a very complete product, which will take up very little space in your home. Its operation is very simple. It has 2 levels of cleanliness to choose from and has an LED indicator that will show you if it is on or off.

If you want to eliminate bad odors, you will not have problems. Of course, if you do not want to have too purified air I do not recommend having it on all day. With an hour a day it is more than enough to have a 100% purified air.

3- Olansi air purifier for bad odors

Olansi K09A Air Purifier

Olansi K09A Air Purifier

If you are looking for a good air purifier to eliminate bad odors from your home and ensure that it always smells good, I can assure you that this machine will give you very good results.

This purifier is perfect for cleaning the air in small rooms and it is also good for large rooms or living rooms. As for the elimination of bad odors, the results are very positive, because it has a high quality carbon filter.

4- Air Purifier Phillips Ac4012 White

It has a special carbon filter to eliminate bad odors and another HEPA filter to eliminate dust, viruses and especially the particles that cause allergy. It is very quiet. You will not realize that it is active.

It includes a small led light that indicates the air quality of the room: Blue is good air, purple is medium quality air, and red is air that needs to be purified. It includes timer and different speeds to program according to the needs of each person.

5- Sharp KC-a50eu air purifier with Hepa filter

It´s HEPA filter is of the highest quality. With this model you can easily eliminate dust particles, viruses and allergies that are transmitted through the air such as grasses.

To this filter you have to add your humidifier and an ionizer. This will prevent the air from drying out too much when it is purified by the filters.

To increase the comfort of the device, it has a remote control that will allow you to program it according to your needs.

Benefits of having a top air purifier

1. Reduction of respiratory triggers

The most common respiratory triggers are allergens such as pollen, dust, mold spores and pet dander, although there are other triggers such as tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes, and VOCs. Although many people are aware of the dangers of poor air quality, most do not realize that indoor air pollution is often worse than outdoors.

2. Reduction of unwanted odors

Whether it’s the smell of a pet or from an overflowing full trash can, unwanted odors will have you running to open a window. The benefits of having an air purifier with a quality activated carbon filter, especially charcoal-based, will reduce odors and help your air smell “fresh” again.

3. Reduction of virus-carrying particulates in the air

Cold weather forces many of us to be cramped indoors which can lead to a game of “tag” when it comes to Influenza. Some air purifiers have filters that can trap particles that carry viruses that you could otherwise be breathing in.

Olansi K03B air purifier

Olansi K03B air purifier

Regardless of the reason why you use an air purifier, clean air is vital in one’s overall health.

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