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Rehabilitation of hypertension – A Guide to drinking water rich in hydrogen


1. consumption

5-8 cup  a day

2. onset time

1-2 months, headache, dizziness, remission, blood pressure decreased steadily, 10-15mmHg

3. complete recovery

A class of hypertension grade two hypertension 3-4 months, 4-6 months, the blood pressure stable, asymptomatic, without medication or take the lowest dose of drugs, grade three hypertension often cause serious complications and irreversible pathological changes, so the recovery results are individual differences, but can prevent complications.

4. final efficacy

85% of the patients discontinued the drug and 15% of the drugs were down to the lowest dose



1, blood pressure by emotional, environmental temperature and other effects, fluctuations in the scope of relatively large, it is recommended that patients test blood pressure every day, according to the blood pressure gradually adjust the medication

2, under normal circumstances, three months began to reduce drug or blood pressure dropped steadily, more than two weeks began to reduce the drug. The drug reducing process should be slow, three tablets two tablets, half a tablet, withdrawal

3 patients with cerebral hemorrhage early drinking hydrogen rich water, can repair the nerve injury, prevention and treatment of complications.

4, hypertensive patients discontinued in winter often appear seasonal increases in blood pressure, recommended daily monitoring of blood pressure, according to the blood pressure or symptoms of low doses of antihypertensive drugs, and insist on drinking hydrogen rich water, the best appropriate to increase the amount of consumption.

5, cold winter, you can drink hydrogen water with moderate warm water

6, rehabilitation patients should pay attention to adjust the eating habits, avoid high calorie diet, good weight management and blood lipids

7, qualified patients can continue to drink hydrogen rich water after the rehabilitation, long-term drinking, improve the physique, prevent all kinds of chronic diseases and malignant zl.

8, because of various reasons can not continue to drink, can improve life habits, diet control, prevention of recurrence

Hydrogen water effect, the key is the hydrogen concentration

The key role is the necessary water to produce hydrogen through a variety of advanced technology for water dissolved in sufficient concentrations of hydrogen, hydrogen and water conservation is the key to hydrogen water products, in order to solve the problem of hydrogen gas leaks, many foreign manufacturers to adopt the method of monthly distribution. Is to reduce the inventory time, improve the quantity of hydrogen can be optimized in. Packaging technology, to prolong the retention time of hydrogen.


Hydrogen is a periodic table of elements, the first element in the universe, is also the most minimal elements, single hydrogen atoms can not exist in the atmosphere on the earth surface, many bacteria and plants can produce hydrogen molecules, hydrogen molecules but because the quality is small, very easy to rise into the upper atmosphere, so the surface of the earth from the hydrogen concentration is very very small. The biological effect of point of view, this concentration will not have any effect on the human body and biology.

Human and animal drinking water after hydrogen, hydrogen can be rapidly through the stomach and oral mucosa spread to the mucous membrane, and then into the blood vessels, with blood circulation to all parts of the body, most of them soon after breathing is released into the atmosphere. This process can reference after drinking alcohol absorption, the police can ask the driver to monitor analysis of whether the blow drinking and alcohol consumption, if you need more accurate data, you need to collect the blood by gas chromatography analysis.1024.99_副本

Hydrogen water has no effect, the key is the concentration of hydrogen, although there is no water on the hydrogen concentration of the standard, but the academic can think that the hydrogen concentration is good, because of the high concentration effect can cover the low concentration, while the hydrogen is not toxic, so from the perspective effect should amount will increase the concentration of.

Hydrogen rich water machine electrolysis hydrogen rich water, drink good looking woman

Hydrogen rich water machine electrolysis hydrogen rich water, drink good looking woman

That woman is made of water, one is all right, not only the woman is made of water, all the people around the world are made of water, the human body is 70% water, so that all human beings are made of water. Every human blood and water kept in circulation, but also because there these cycles, we can healthy life every minute, a cycle if there are no people, on behalf of the people has died.

A good skin must be a woman, love to drink water and eat the fruit of the woman, this is absolute, one day need 2000ml normal water, and must supplement the body of vitamin C and vitamin E, if the woman’s skin yellow, dry smell of urine, wrinkles, very obvious symptom is the main reason of premature senescence is the body of excessive free radicals, The new supersedes the old. problems, normal channel size and is The new supersedes the old. human sweat three channels, of course, women are more channels in each month is menstruation, imagine a woman sitting in the office every day, open air conditioning, no sweat, no drink. Coupled with the physiological cycle is not on time, this woman is not a healthy woman, at most is also a healthy woman, a lot of people body produce excessive free radicals, which cause the symptoms caused by all don’t know, in the end It is a serious problem that we realize that we know too little.

Hydrogen rich cup of water in Guangzhou city in water science and Technology Co Ltd (produced water in the cup) electrolytic hydrogen rich water, 2000ml every day, persist for three months, can effectively remove free radicals, plus with fruit, the amount of every woman premature wrinkles, symptoms will soon be eased, the skin will be wake up, restore vitality, so that every woman should know their physical condition and the surrounding environment, free radical increases with the pollution of the surrounding environment, so that premature aging and premature wrinkles of the upper part of the body, a woman had just given birth to look older than 10 years old, these are free to baseband the results of 2000ml every day from the hydrogen rich electrolytic hydrogen rich water to drink water, remove free radicals, beautiful and healthy, make your skin from the back to the young state, this is the dream of every woman the young secret is actually very simple, drink Water, drink plenty of hydrogen rich water.

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Hydrogen generator machine principle’s introduce

Hydrogen generator machine principle’s introduce


Hydrogen rich water machine, also known as electrolytic hydrogen generator. The machine is divided into two kinds, one is direct access to tap water pipe, using Ppmian, activated carbon filter to purify water, and then through the electrolysis. The other one is directly injected into the clean drinking water electrolysis device after electrolysis, electrolysis time pour out. Electrode electrolytic hydrogen production of hydrogen rich water machine and water electrolysis electrolytic time, electrolytic cell structure and so on.

Principle / hydrogen rich water machine 

2h2o= is the chemical formula of electrolytic =2h2 (gas) O2 (gas). In the current function, process of electrolyte oxidation and reduction reactions respectively in the two electrodes, the cathode by reducing water to form hydrogen (H2), in the anode through the oxidation of water to form oxygen (O2).

Health function of hydrogen rich water dispenser / hydrogen rich water dispenser

Alkaline water hydrogen rich water machine produced by electrolysis can neutralize the acidic metabolites, prevent the body acidic, eliminate hidden dangers. Many diseases can selectively neutralize toxic free radicals, beautifying and anti-aging effect. It can resist fatigue, anti-inflammatory, anti radiation, anti allergy effects.

The use of hydrogen rich water dispenser in reality 

Hydrogen rich water electrolysis machine is divided into alkaline water and acid water. Alkaline water: used to remove the smell of fish stew, soup, cooked, fried yellow leaves, boiled Steamed Rice can make Steamed Rice delicious fragrance and shiny, non perishable, tea to astringency, brown clarification, more mellow taste of coffee acid. Water: wash your face with the convergence effect, can play a cosmetic effect, clean food, kitchen utensils with sterilization, disinfection, fruit, in addition to pesticide residues in vegetables soaked in acidic ion water.

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Advantages of hydrogen-water-machine-manufacturer

Advantages of  hydrogen-water-machine-manufacturer


In twenty-first Century, with the development of science and technology, medical technology advances more and more doctors, more and more large, people pay more and more attention to their health, but the type of disease but does not reduce, the disease incidence rate is more and more high. As a kind of rare cancer diabetes before, but now we meet the eye everywhere. With around the development of modern industry and the pace of life of people, a significant change in the eating habits, chemical toxins contact every day more and more.

Accumulation of toxins in the body, resulting in a large number of free radicals, and excessive oxidation of free radicals, resulting in excessive oxidation of human cells, resulting in human damage, brought about by aging and various diseases

The people gradually understand to the toxin free radical, a large number of antioxidant products into our life. So what is the most effective antioxidant products? At the beginning of 2007 Japanese university medical research geriatric Institute chief professor Tada Nario, after nearly 4 years of painstaking research, prove that hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant, can neutralize human toxicity free radical. In recent years the world experts joined the study of hydrogen molecular biology, found that the penetration of hydrogen diffusion, easy absorption, and very safe.

February 3, 2016 CCTV discovery channel broadcast a film called “the sword of the hydrogen – > antioxidant science documentary, let many people aware of the importance of maintaining hydrogen oxidation, human health. With the study of biological hydrogen, hydrogen products gradually ask the world.

Because the human body every day need to replenish water, hydrogen dissolved in water, water intake to the body through hydrogen became hydrogen uptake in the most convenient way. This is called the hydrogen rich water, and hydrogen rich water machine. Because the hydrogen in Japanese is called “water”, so it is also called “water hydrogen rich water plain water. The hydrogen rich water products on the market are mainly filling (bag) with hydrogen rich water, magnesium rod hydrogen, hydrogen rich water and hydrogen rich water machine. In the face of so many types of products, how do we choose? First, to see whether the principle of hydrogen production equipment, to ensure the purity of hydrogen. Second, to see the concentration of hydrogen rich water, the higher the concentration of hydrogen on human health better. In addition to the overall price, market reputation and use is convenient to choose.

“Hydrogen life” brand of hydrogen rich water purifier is South Korea jn`s tech company, its the same type of product brand “luxzen” and “water in life” has been exported to Japan for 5 years, the market is recognized by the high quality products. Recently with the Guangzhou olansi healthcare co., ltd  of hydrogen water cooperation, product introduction China.Jn`s tech company began to focus on the study of hydrogen water technology since 2002, and launched the first hydrogen rich water purifier in 2006, with the key technology patents. “Hydrogen life” brand of hydrogen rich water purifier is directly connected with tap water, the water purified by the front RO water purifier; electrolytic hydrogen the use of the unique device of hydrogen and oxygen separation to ensure the purity of hydrogen; circulating system device unique timing will be the water in the tank again with hydrogen fusion, the hydrogen concentration in water and other products are not the same. Is that hot water is rich in hydrogen, cold hot water when the hydrogen concentration can reach 1.99ppm. with the further study and understanding of molecular hydrogen, hydrogen rich water will be closely related to your life. And the “hydrogen life” will be your best choice.




Olansi Introduces Hydrogen Water Machine for Producing Hydrogen Rich Healthy Water for Human Consumption

Olansi Introduces Hydrogen Water Machine for Producing Hydrogen Rich Healthy Water for Human Consumption


Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd is the China based professional manufacturer of air purifier, hydrogen water generator that supplies hydrogen water machines, allowing people to take care of their health by consuming hydrogen rich water.


Guangzhou, China, February 6, 2017 – For people who are concerned of impurities found in the potable water, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd has now introduced the hydrogen water machines to make hydrogen enriched drinking water. The machine helps producing water that is safe and healthy for drinking.


According to the spokesperson of the company, the hydrogen water generator they produce uses a patented technology of eletrolyzation. Because of the process of electrolysis, a large amount of hydrogen is produced, which is healthier for humans. It has been proved that hydrogen has an antioxidant effect on the human body and by drinking hydrogen rich water one can enjoy several kinds of health benefits. The hydrogen rich water can improve the digestion process, improve the sleeping, reduce blood pressure and can also delay aging.


People who want to maintain their youthfulness should think about drinking hydrogen enriched water, and can take help of the hydrogen water maker that Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd produces. The water maker visualizes the electrolysis process and has a touch control for shutting down the process. The water maker features a high strength plastic that is environment friendly and free from toxins. The bottle body is made of Eastman Tritan plastic that has a high temperature resistance and also makes it easy to clean.


The company has designed the hydrogen water machine that helps in the detoxification and improves the overall health. It also betters the taste of the water and one can consume more water to witness more health benefits. The water machine is lightweight, compact in size and easily portable from one place to another. Available in transparent color, one can see the water quality, and the bottle is made of food grade PC free plastic. The machine is available in different models and they also accept OEM manufacturing orders to meet the precise requirements of their clients. One can learn more about the hydrogen water machines by visiting the website http://www.oemairpurifier.com


About Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd is a Professional Manufacturer of Air Purifier, Car Air Purifier, Water Purifier, Water Dispenser, and Hydrogen Water Maker. The company focuses on producing environmentally friendly home appliances, with a commitment to promoting the cause of development of the motherland and to improve water quality. They take care of customer services, patiently listen to them, understand their needs, and provide them with accurate quality products and services as well as value-added solutions.
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Telephone: 86-20-86000438
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Why drink plenty of hydrogen rich water?

Hydrogen rich water is popular in many countries and regions, people drink hydrogen rich water almost every day.

So hydrogen water maker and hydrogen water machine are very important in our life.

Hydrogen and reactive oxygen species (free radicals) with the effective discharge of hazardous substances into the water body, to achieve anti-aging, eliminate fatigue effect! The excess hydrogen with breathing volatilized in vitro, don’t worry about excessive drinking can increase the body burden, zero and negative effects.

Hydrogen rich water for consumption crowd is very extensive, especially for the elderly, women, persons and patients with chronic diseases often smoke and drink, the hydrogen rich water oxidation reduction potential (ORP) reached negative 500 (MV) with a selective antioxidant, anti-aging, anti arteriosclerosis and skin whitening effect, has a broad market future. Its main performance index is negative redox potential (ORP).

Hydrogen rich drinking water for diabetes, allergies, hypertension, gallstones, rheumatism, skin disease, insomnia, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, cancer, asthma, myocardial infarction and other diseases can be cured and improved, the Japanese medical doctor Lin Xiuguang conducted the research and clinical verification of Nobel Reardon Laura of “magic water”. Finally cracked the mystery, is the water rich in hydrogen, generally in the nature of the spring water, river water, lake water, well water, tap water and so on, are not separate hydrogen, the hydrogen content is 0.

Hydrogen water contains abundant hydrogen molecules, by drinking into the human body is in the hydrogen decomposition enzyme decomposed into hydrogen atoms that active hydrogen, reducing reaction and active oxygen – body oxygen free radicals, generated human need the most harmless water. Hydrogen is a natural antioxidant best, hydrogen and hydrogen in the water very fine, can penetrate the cells rapidly, and human killer oxygen free radicals, the last generation of water out of the body. Each hydrogen molecules will be evenly coated with water molecules, resulting in the formation of small molecules, small molecules because of small volume, can be very good through the cell wall, the elimination of intracellular oxygen free malignant base.

Therefore, insist on drinking hydrogen rich water every day, can effectively remove harmful substances in the body, keep healthy.


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Olansi Ranks as the Leading Designer and Developer of Water Purifiers in China

Olansi Ranks as the Leading Designer and Developer of Water Purifiers in China

Guangzhou, China, (January 07, 2017) – Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd, also known as Guangzhou Olansi Water Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd, is a highly reputed designer and developer of water purifier and air purifier systems that are known for their innovative design, user-friendliness, flawless engineering and well as stylish appearance. The company was established in 2006 and ever since then, the experts at Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd have come up with one top notch design after another to meet the requirements for their commercial and domestic clients all over China. The superior performance of their water purifier systems has made their products popular even in other parts of the world.


At their official website, Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd presents a wide range of products for their customers which include hydrogen water generator, hydrogen water bottle, water filter kettle, hydrogen water maker and a range of other items. With an extensive factory and a 25-member engineering R&D team, Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd has got all the resources and facilities that it requires to design and develop top of the line water purifier and air purifier products for the domestic market in China as well as the global market. Their hydrogen water machine devices have been well received in all parts of the world due to their top notch design, user-friendliness and durability. It is factors such as these that have increased the demand of their products over the last ten years.

About Olansi:
Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd is a China-based company that is known for designing and supplying top quality water purifier and air purifier products for the global market. Their efficiency in creating the best purifiers has made them a reputed name in this industry.

To learn more about Olansi, visit https://www.olansi.net/product-tag/hydrogen-water-machine/

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Hydrogen rich water maker and hydrogen rich water electrolysis water machine’s difference

hydrogen rich water machine

Electrolysis water machine, hydrogen rich water machine, which has the distinction of hydrogen rich water cup.


1, have the function of electrolyzed water to produce hydrogen rich water

2, the general water into the hydrogen water  machine is running water, half-way through the filter softening and other links, and then electrolysis, the price of several thousand dollars, suitable for families, hotels and other fields

3, the hydrogen rich water machine is a simplified version of electrolysis water machine, is used in drinking water, many manufacturers use the general voltage capacity of 18V in 1-2 liters, suitable for household use.

4, the hydrogen rich cup again is a simplified version of electrolytic water machine, inspired by the popular Japanese water in the cup, a lot of low voltage than water machine rechargeable capacity in 300-400ml, realize the portability, hydrogen rich drinking water for individuals and families whenever and wherever possible, the price is relatively cheap, suitable for us in. Home or office drinking.

Hydrogen rich water machine is an important part in the hydrogen product,for more info please visit olansi website https://www.olansi.net


Hydrogen rich water maker(hydrogen rich water benefits)

Hydrogen rich water maker

Recently, in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other places to drink plain water (Chinese rise China also called hydrogen rich water maker/bottle), the media have pointed out that this is the overseas purchasing toilet cover, electric third was considered a popular rice cooker after explosion. Especially the hydrogen rich water machine imported from Taiwan, the hydrogen rich water benefits, live a so the water, hydrogen rich water meker is really so magical? How should we drink?

In fact, as this kind of water and everyone thought so mysterious, China in Taiwan has been popular for more than ten years, but in recent years, with the rise of cross-border, hydrogen rich water bottle and the toilet cover and the cooker, the hot sales state. “Quality decision body”, but can really understand the water of life, is not much, the importance of health people so called water is the “forgotten nutrients”. This point is true at all, you may wish to carefully look down.

The secret: the hydrogen rich glass industry flourished the mystery

Research shows that more than 90% of the human energy is created by mitochondria. Stimulate mitochondrial activity of water, namely “mitochondrial activity” living water “. Through the method of electrolysis of water aqua” medium to produce hydrogen rich water, purify water, remove residual chlorine. Aqua hydrogen rich water not only clean, hydrogen energy. The water is showing small molecules in living water masses, negative ion absorption depth 80%, purify the blood, the blood flow and metabolism, prevention of various diseases, improve the health of human body.

Scholars and experts more than once in a variety of occasions that hydrogen can be the prevention and treatment of related diseases of academic papers, even China Academy of engineering, the famous scientist Zhong Nanshan said in an interview, the respected hydrogen treatment of various diseases, perhaps it is to join these national scientists, let the rich scientific principle hydrogen water is guaranteed in the process of industrialization, the great breakthrough, with impressive results. The related research shows that hydrogen rich water to strengthen the nerve conduction process, promote the differentiation of neural stem cells directly improve red blood cell oxygen, quickly improve blood running. Can improve the pancreatic B cells dormant, significantly increased glucose metabolism. Anti mitochondrial oxidation, to ensure effective supply of energy. The body can enhance the genetic factor — DNA stability, prevent its gradual decomposition, so the growth of malignant cells have inhibition to divert. The operation of Qi in the body, increase vitality, with pigmentation, moisturizing brightening, anti-aging and beauty. Can relieve fatigue, sub-health conditioning: row stool, relieve drunken discomfort, stop diarrhea, end obesity. Endocrine regulation: regulating menstruation, delayed menopause. With clinical value, can treat cerebral injury brain disease, improve heart function, liver and other organs, can prolong the life (extended charge enzyme, telomere length and so on)..eed in the process of industrialization, the great breakthrough, with impressive results. the related research shows that hydrogen rich water to strengthen the nerve.

In fact, the official scientific expression of some jerky, that can be understood by our people, that is, the hydrogen rich water is not a “water” in medical research has been confirmed, but in life, he can do is drink for a long time, real good for your health.

Suggestion 2 kinds of hydrogen water makers from Guangzhou olansi healthcare co., ltd




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