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What are the benefits of hydrogen water?

Hydrogen rich water, now known as the most potent antioxidants that help the body to remove harmful free radicals, to keep healthy and beautiful, the first is the oxidation inhibited the hydrogen molecule in vivo! Soldiers of hydrogen molecules had to understand women may know it. Specific performance in can help the body detox, anti aging, lose weight.1024.96_副本

[Digestion] proved that the hydrogen rich water to ease the pressure to speed up the digestion, intestinal, gastric digestion between the liquid and food digestion, make the body metabolism.

[health] hydrogen rich water balance of the endocrine system, improve digestion and absorption capacity, prevent arteriosclerosis.

[Strong physique]  hydrogen rich water can effectively improve memory, ATP energy, the vigorous and energetic.

[ detoxification of blood purification], maintaining acid-base constitution, finishing in vivo. The pigmentation, acne and other skin problems, can be a good solution, easy to remove toxins, have very good effect on improving constipation.

[anti aging] hydrogen rich water scavenging hydroxyl free radicals in the human body harmful, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of various diseases.

[weight] hydrogen rich water can help you maintain a slim, solve the diet excessive, excess nutrients and waste toxins from the body.

[skin] hydrogen rich water directly with the human body, accelerate skin metabolism, can effectively remove stains, whitening, decomposition of harmful bacteria, restore skin white and color.



Hydrogen has a significant preventive effect on many diseases

In the past 5 years, it is surprising to find that hydrogen has a significant preventive effect on many diseases, such as ischemia reperfusion, ionizing radiation and inflammatory damage


Many people think that hydrogen is likely to be the NO, H2S and CO gas molecules and important biological activity, because has not found any hydrogen side effects, it has unique advantages in disease prevention and treatment.

However, most of the studies are focused on the observation of the prevention and treatment of diseases by hydrogen. The research on the mechanism of action is basically in its infancy, little is known about it, and many phenomena are still difficult to explain

In addition, the hydrogen safety awareness, no obvious side effect, theoretical inference mainly from the diving medical application of high-pressure hydrogen has no obvious effect on the human body, the research on the evaluation of the biological safety reported n


In view of the current mechanism of hydrogen and safety evaluation of the lack of human clinical trials of hydrogen should also be careful. Future research should focus on the mechanism of prevention and treatment of diseases of hydrogen, hydrogen in addition to other important antioxidant mechanisms outside, including its effect on cell signal pathway or gene expression, and antioxidant the reaction related enzyme, except for OH and ONOO- other important role of free radicals and so on;

It is also necessary to carry out research on toxicological evaluation of hydrogen, especially the long-term effects of long-term use of hydrogen safety or short-term use of high concentration of hydrogen on health. In order to promote the study of biological effect of hydrogen from the laboratory into clinical application as soon as possible, to promote basic research to the development of cutting-edge science.

Rehabilitation of hypertension – A Guide to drinking water rich in hydrogen


1. consumption

5-8 cup  a day

2. onset time

1-2 months, headache, dizziness, remission, blood pressure decreased steadily, 10-15mmHg

3. complete recovery

A class of hypertension grade two hypertension 3-4 months, 4-6 months, the blood pressure stable, asymptomatic, without medication or take the lowest dose of drugs, grade three hypertension often cause serious complications and irreversible pathological changes, so the recovery results are individual differences, but can prevent complications.

4. final efficacy

85% of the patients discontinued the drug and 15% of the drugs were down to the lowest dose



1, blood pressure by emotional, environmental temperature and other effects, fluctuations in the scope of relatively large, it is recommended that patients test blood pressure every day, according to the blood pressure gradually adjust the medication

2, under normal circumstances, three months began to reduce drug or blood pressure dropped steadily, more than two weeks began to reduce the drug. The drug reducing process should be slow, three tablets two tablets, half a tablet, withdrawal

3 patients with cerebral hemorrhage early drinking hydrogen rich water, can repair the nerve injury, prevention and treatment of complications.

4, hypertensive patients discontinued in winter often appear seasonal increases in blood pressure, recommended daily monitoring of blood pressure, according to the blood pressure or symptoms of low doses of antihypertensive drugs, and insist on drinking hydrogen rich water, the best appropriate to increase the amount of consumption.

5, cold winter, you can drink hydrogen water with moderate warm water

6, rehabilitation patients should pay attention to adjust the eating habits, avoid high calorie diet, good weight management and blood lipids

7, qualified patients can continue to drink hydrogen rich water after the rehabilitation, long-term drinking, improve the physique, prevent all kinds of chronic diseases and malignant zl.

8, because of various reasons can not continue to drink, can improve life habits, diet control, prevention of recurrence

Drinking water also needs to understand this knowledge

1200 ml
In addition to food in the water, light physical activity of adults every day at least 1200 ml of water. If you follow 250ml a cup to convert, drink at least 5 to 6 glasses of water a day. High odor, air drying and exercise should be appropriate to increase the amount of drinking water.


25 degree
25 ~ 37 ℃ water on the human health the most favorable, too cold or too hot water is not suitable for long-term drinking. Drinking cold water is likely to cause gastrointestinal injury, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease; drinking hot water will hurt the esophagus, may cause esophageal cancer.


30 minutes
Water into the body cells need 21 minutes, so half an hour before meals drink water, but also help digestion.


5 times
The body every day to drain 1400 ~ 1500 ml of urine output. Bladder storage capacity of about 200 to 300 ml, therefore, every day to 5 to 7 times the toilet, that is enough to drink enough water for the body.




3 people
3 kinds of people should pay special attention to drinking water. Diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, kidney disease patients, can not drink too much water, but not Meng drink, so as not to increase the burden on the heart and kidneys.

Hydrogen water effect, the key is the hydrogen concentration

The key role is the necessary water to produce hydrogen through a variety of advanced technology for water dissolved in sufficient concentrations of hydrogen, hydrogen and water conservation is the key to hydrogen water products, in order to solve the problem of hydrogen gas leaks, many foreign manufacturers to adopt the method of monthly distribution. Is to reduce the inventory time, improve the quantity of hydrogen can be optimized in. Packaging technology, to prolong the retention time of hydrogen.


Hydrogen is a periodic table of elements, the first element in the universe, is also the most minimal elements, single hydrogen atoms can not exist in the atmosphere on the earth surface, many bacteria and plants can produce hydrogen molecules, hydrogen molecules but because the quality is small, very easy to rise into the upper atmosphere, so the surface of the earth from the hydrogen concentration is very very small. The biological effect of point of view, this concentration will not have any effect on the human body and biology.

Human and animal drinking water after hydrogen, hydrogen can be rapidly through the stomach and oral mucosa spread to the mucous membrane, and then into the blood vessels, with blood circulation to all parts of the body, most of them soon after breathing is released into the atmosphere. This process can reference after drinking alcohol absorption, the police can ask the driver to monitor analysis of whether the blow drinking and alcohol consumption, if you need more accurate data, you need to collect the blood by gas chromatography analysis.1024.99_副本

Hydrogen water has no effect, the key is the concentration of hydrogen, although there is no water on the hydrogen concentration of the standard, but the academic can think that the hydrogen concentration is good, because of the high concentration effect can cover the low concentration, while the hydrogen is not toxic, so from the perspective effect should amount will increase the concentration of.

Hydrogen Water can enhance the resistance?

Hydrogen molecules containing hydrogen rich water can neutralize the hydroxyl radical, hydroxyl radical damage super, at least 70 kinds of human diseases associated with it, drinking hydrogen rich water is the neutralization of free radicals is the most effective, the most direct and most safe method. You said that drinking hydrogen rich water does not enhance the resistance?

1 relieve allergy symptoms: the body resistance and immunity, including sterilization generated by white blood cells (oxidation) of active oxygen for invading the body of bacteria, foreign bodies and other attacks so as to protect the function of the body, such as pollen allergy but in the process of attack and had no need to attack the original reaction. Generation of reactive oxygen species in excess, it will lead to the surrounding normal cells and vascular injury. However, the use of electronic containing active hydrogen in the hydrogen in water, which combined with excess reactive oxygen, thereby generating harmless water on allergic symptoms and effective.




2 improve diabetes: diabetes is caused by insulin secretion is not normal, or its receptor abnormalities caused by the disease. In fact refers to the pancreas islet cells and its receptor can ROS attack, easy to cause the damage. The use of active hydrogen containing electron in the hydrogen in water, which combined with excess activity oxygen, to produce harmless water, and let islet volume return to normal function, so that the symptoms of diabetes were improved.

After Sport, drinking hydrogen water is very important

Whether it is a daily training intensity of athletes, or pay attention to the quality of life of healthy green organic food housewife, or long-term health problems have plagued you, you can try drinking hydrogen rich water, because of hydrogen rich water can produce a variety of metabolic and health effects, alleviate the oxidative damage and inflammatory reaction.

Medical research shows that the possible effects of hydrogen water include:

Improve muscle function after exercise, anti fatigue;

Reduce the level of blood lactic acid, extend exercise endurance;

Fight arthritis, reduce joint inflammation;

Promote tissue injury repair, improve wound healing and oral health;

Anti aging, weight loss, anti diabetes, improve cognitive function and intestinal health;

Reduce side effects of radiation therapy;

Treatment of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, the development of chronic degenerative diseases by anti-oxidation

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Global Hydrogen Generator Market

Global Hydrogen water Generator Market

Global Market Research Report on Hydrogen Watrt Generator Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth complete study on the current state of the Hydrogen Generator worldwide.
A Hydrogen Water Generator is a device that separates hydrogen from oxygen in water, so that the hydrogen gas can be used in various applications. For commercial use, hydrogen is most commonly released by a petroleum cracking process from natural gas, as generating large amounts of hydrogen from water is more expensive than generating it from carbon. In this report, we only discussed hydrogen generator which hydrogen flow from10 Nm3/h to 250 Nm3/h.
This report focuses on the Hydrogen Water Generator in Global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle and Africa. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application.

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Hydrogen rich magic generator

Hydrogen rich magic generator

If you have not seen it, you will not believe a seemingly ordinary glass, actually there are many features: resistance to aging, enhanced activity, antioxidant activity, etc. This is the promotion of The new supersedes the old. Olansi hydrogen rich water maker/cup.


Electrolysis of water into hydrogen

The principle of hydrogen rich water is the water to produce hydrogen by electrolysis. The current through the water, hydrogen formed at the cathode, oxygen is formed at the anode. Positively charged ions move to the cathode, soluble in water mineral calcium, magnesium, potassium and other ions with positive charge, is formed at the cathode, which is what we the drink is alkaline water.

So,you should take a hydrogen water genrator at home to drink. It can improve your body’s health.


About hydrogen water generator

Sydney, Nov 29 (IANS) Australian researchers have reported the use of a new ultra-thin catalyst to split water into its two components, oxygen and hydrogen, to be converted and used as fuel, a report said on Tuesday.

The researchers at the Griffith University used the sheet-like, highly efficient catalysts that has long-term stability and help spur the process to create economically viable clean fuel.

The latest research was published in the Nature Energy journal, Xinhua news reported.

Just as sunlight generates electricity, the water-splitting process could do the same via the generation of clean chemical fuel such as hydrogen, a report quoted Professor Huijin Zhao, the director of Griffith’s Centre.

Hydrogen would be a promising clean fuel over petrol in the foreseeable future, Zhao said.

“Scientifically it’s already demonstrated, it’s already working but to do this in a way that’s economically viable, there’s still a bit of work to do and we need government policy, general public support,” he said.

“You also need those big companies to realise they should not dig up out of the ground anymore,” he said.

“It’s not just a simple technology issue.”

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