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Hydrogen rich water maker(hydrogen rich water benefits)

Hydrogen rich water maker

Recently, in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other places to drink plain water (Chinese rise China also called hydrogen rich water maker/bottle), the media have pointed out that this is the overseas purchasing toilet cover, electric third was considered a popular rice cooker after explosion. Especially the hydrogen rich water machine imported from Taiwan, the hydrogen rich water benefits, live a so the water, hydrogen rich water meker is really so magical? How should we drink?

In fact, as this kind of water and everyone thought so mysterious, China in Taiwan has been popular for more than ten years, but in recent years, with the rise of cross-border, hydrogen rich water bottle and the toilet cover and the cooker, the hot sales state. “Quality decision body”, but can really understand the water of life, is not much, the importance of health people so called water is the “forgotten nutrients”. This point is true at all, you may wish to carefully look down.

The secret: the hydrogen rich glass industry flourished the mystery

Research shows that more than 90% of the human energy is created by mitochondria. Stimulate mitochondrial activity of water, namely “mitochondrial activity” living water “. Through the method of electrolysis of water aqua” medium to produce hydrogen rich water, purify water, remove residual chlorine. Aqua hydrogen rich water not only clean, hydrogen energy. The water is showing small molecules in living water masses, negative ion absorption depth 80%, purify the blood, the blood flow and metabolism, prevention of various diseases, improve the health of human body.

Scholars and experts more than once in a variety of occasions that hydrogen can be the prevention and treatment of related diseases of academic papers, even China Academy of engineering, the famous scientist Zhong Nanshan said in an interview, the respected hydrogen treatment of various diseases, perhaps it is to join these national scientists, let the rich scientific principle hydrogen water is guaranteed in the process of industrialization, the great breakthrough, with impressive results. The related research shows that hydrogen rich water to strengthen the nerve conduction process, promote the differentiation of neural stem cells directly improve red blood cell oxygen, quickly improve blood running. Can improve the pancreatic B cells dormant, significantly increased glucose metabolism. Anti mitochondrial oxidation, to ensure effective supply of energy. The body can enhance the genetic factor — DNA stability, prevent its gradual decomposition, so the growth of malignant cells have inhibition to divert. The operation of Qi in the body, increase vitality, with pigmentation, moisturizing brightening, anti-aging and beauty. Can relieve fatigue, sub-health conditioning: row stool, relieve drunken discomfort, stop diarrhea, end obesity. Endocrine regulation: regulating menstruation, delayed menopause. With clinical value, can treat cerebral injury brain disease, improve heart function, liver and other organs, can prolong the life (extended charge enzyme, telomere length and so on)..eed in the process of industrialization, the great breakthrough, with impressive results. the related research shows that hydrogen rich water to strengthen the nerve.

In fact, the official scientific expression of some jerky, that can be understood by our people, that is, the hydrogen rich water is not a “water” in medical research has been confirmed, but in life, he can do is drink for a long time, real good for your health.

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Hydrogen rich water cup 11 uses do not miss

Hydrogen rich water maker 11 uses do not miss 

Hydrogen rich water maker drinking hydrogen rich water plays an important role in life, there are many we do not know the knowledge, today we come to you pa pa a cup of hydrogen rich hydrogen rich water in the life of an important role, not to be missed.


1 a water spray

Hydrogen rich water maker can use cotton soaked after attaining, or directly by hand gently into the face, neck and body skin. Small molecular hydrogen rich water can easily penetrate into deep skin to skin moisturizing effect. And for the free radicals caused by wrinkles, spots and skin allergy symptoms are extremely effective for a long time in. Air conditioning environment, it is recommended to buy a small volume sprayer, so that the hydrogen rich water into the drink the rest of the spray bottle, used as a water spray.

2 Bubble Tea

Recommended for top fermented tea (such as Pu’er Tea, Liupu tea tea tea etc.) special taste than other water, the water will be more mellow, dissolve faster, will make you do not have a surprise.

3 brewing infant formula

100% dissolved baby milk, more easily absorbed. The baby and the water is neutral, soft water, more suitable for the baby to drink.

4 prevent hangovers

Drink a cup of hydrogen rich water, prevent hangover, to ensure that the second day can still work in high spirits.

5 Cordyceps sinensis and ginseng.

The use of hydrogen rich water in the solvent capacity for fat and sugar and other substances (soluble in four times the ordinary water) can be used as special water boiled Cordyceps, ginseng and other high-grade tonic, the tonic with rich water soaked hydrogen 30 minutes cooked, double beauty tonic effect.

6.spa and sauna after drinking

Spa and sauna after drinking a pack of hydrogen rich water, add high-quality water, quickly neutralize free radicals and detoxification. They will make you relaxed and happy, with long past will greatly enhance the beauty and slimming effect

7 massage after drinking

A cup of warm hydrogen rich water–(hydrogen water maker), massage effect will multiply.

8 make juice, jam

Recently popular family fresh squeezed fruit juice, homemade jam. If you use hydrogen rich water to produce, it will better retain the original fruit flavor, unique flavor.

9 reduce tooth decay

There are some subtle uneven surface of our teeth, adhesion will break down the acid erosion of our teeth on the convex surface of the plaque. The daily drinking hydrogen rich water the first proposal of hydrogen rich water containing resides in the oral cavity after a few seconds slowly swallow, so you can use a hydrogen rich water reducing bacteria acid in the mouth, reduce tooth decay.

10 to promote the metabolism of the scalp

If you feel the hair becomes sparse, increased dandruff, scalp hair or occasionally some small eczema, suggest that you can try to spray some hydrogen rich water on the head. The scalp can promote the recovery of health status The new supersedes the old., scalp. If your hair perm damage because of long-term Hair Coloring received every day, then spray some rich hydrogen the water in the hair can improve hair

11 cooking

May be some luxury, but occasionally you can try to use hydrogen rich meal. Wash the rice boiled after hydrogen rich water to soak for a while cooking, can be reduced due to contact with air oxidation of rice, so cooked Steamed Rice special fragrance.

Hydrogen rich water maker electrolysis hydrogen rich water

Hydrogen rich water maker electrolysis hydrogen rich water


With more and more serious environmental pollution, especially the sky haze level recently north and northwest of China has to have the aircraft from landing point, people breathe in this environment of air, accelerate the process of all kinds of viruses, but also accelerate the production of free radicals, and remove all kinds of pollution and toxins in the body in this environment, reducing their health is necessary.


Hydrogen rich water is composed of hydrogen rich water maker electrolysis hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecular nature, hydrogen molecules dissolved in water permeability is strong, through the respiratory tract, blood, skin, digestive tract by the human body absorb quickly. The hydrogen molecule is effective in the treatment of many diseases. The clinical study found that hydrogen molecules can reduce ischemia reperfusion injury, also has anti-inflammatory effect, can inhibit the chronic oxidative stress injury, promote energy metabolism of cerebral infarction, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson, diabetes, high blood lipids, has certain therapeutic effect of ventilation.

2000ml insist on drinking hydrogen rich water can slow the speed of telomere shortening during cell passage every day, prolong the life of cell, increase cell passage speed limit, intervention of oxidative stress caused by aging, especially by the haze caused by skin disease can get better treatment in a timely manner.

Hydrogen rich water hydrogen molecule on human health is not made and the apartment, so every day we have to insist on drinking hydrogen rich water amount, make water hydrogen hydrogen rich water we remove free radicals in the body, let the healthy life with us every day.