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Best Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Produce Electrolysis Of Water By Water Electrolyzer Inquiry From Korea

Best Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Produce Electrolysis Of Water By Water Electrolyzer Inquiry From Korea.

Hydrogen water maker is new products started from Japan and Korea.Now it is hotsale in worldwide now.

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hydrogen water maker

Today we olansi people have received an inquiry about hydrogen water bottle from a korea customer as below:

Dear sellers
We are looking for best hydrogen water bottle/tumblers.
Basic requirements
1. Hydrogen amount in produced water : >800ppm
2. USB Based charger (220V)
3. Bottle volume : 300ml~600ml
4. Basic bottle material : Glass(portable, shatter resistant)
5. Sample Supported : 1~2 pieces required for preliminary analysis according to South Korea Healthcare regulations.
6. Product price per piece : 28~33 USD / piece (bulk order above 1000 pieces), FOB to Incheon/Busan port
7. Warranty : Minimum of 1 year overseas warranty.

Best regards

DongHyun Kim


hydrogen water bottle

hydrogen water bottle

What is Hydrogen
Hydrogen gas (H2) is the smallest molecule in the universe, about half the size of oxygen. This gives it a higher cellular bioavailability above any other supplement, drug or nutraceutical. Hydrogen can rapidly diffuse deep into all the cells and mitochondria, as well as easily pass through the blood brain barrier. We are talking about hydrogen that is not bound to any other compound, but is free and available. Water has bound hydrogen that is connected to oxygen (H2O or H-O-H). Available hydrogen is hydrogen gas (H2 or H-H), which can be dissolved into the water in its gaseous form.

Need for Hydrogen
The rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and many neurological disorders, such as: autism, ADD, depression, Alzheimer’s, etc. are disturbingly high. The need for a natural and safe anti-aging remedy that brings the body back to homeostasis has never been greater. Scientific research on molecular hydrogen suggests that this long forgotten molecule may be the key to the revolution of health and wellness.

Benefits of Hydrogen rich water

Smallest, most bio available
Selective—only scavenges bad radicals
Converts radicals to water—no toxic byproduct)
Improves the body’s antioxidant system (Glutathione, catalase, SOD)
Helps lower excessive oxidative stress)
Protects against radiation damage
Stimulates energy metabolism to help prevent weight gain
Supports glucose homeostasis
Stabilizes cholesterol levels
May help prevents erectile dysfunction
Decreases lactate (lactic acid) build up during exercise
Supports cognitive function
Prevents age-related decline in cognitive capacity
Extremely high safety, no toxic affects
The water tastes smooth and light
Alkaline pH
Alkaline stabilizing ingredients
Essential magnesium, which is a required co factor for over 300 enzymes
Hydrates faster than bottled water

About Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd located in the Guangzhou province of China involves the production and export of a wide variety of hydrogen water maker and purifying products. It has been serving its clients worldwide for more than a decade with integrated research, quality control and management systems, development programs, advanced technologies and fancy looks.

Person: Daniel Yuan
Company: Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd
Add: Gaosha Industiral Zone,Zhongcun,Panyu District,Guangzhou,China
Tel: 86-20-86000438
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Prevent hypertension — Hydrogen water maker

1. consumption

5-8 cups a day

2. onset time

1-2 months, headache, dizziness, remission, blood pressure decreased steadily, 10-15mmHg


3. markedly improved

A class of hypertension grade two hypertension 3-4 months, 4-6 months, the blood pressure stable, asymptomatic, without medication or take the lowest dose of drugs, grade three hypertension often cause serious complications and irreversible pathological changes, so the recovery results are individual differences, but can prevent complications.


4. promote efficacy

85% of the patients discontinued the drug and 15% of the drugs were down to the lowest dose




1, blood pressure by emotional, environmental temperature and other effects, fluctuations in the scope of relatively large, it is recommended that patients test blood pressure every day, according to the blood pressure gradually adjust the medication

2, under normal circumstances, three months began to reduce drug or blood pressure dropped steadily, more than two weeks began to reduce the drug. The drug reducing process should be slow, three tablets two tablets, half a tablet, withdrawal

3 patients with cerebral hemorrhage early drinking hydrogen rich water, can repair the nerve injury, prevention and treatment of complications.

4, hypertensive patients discontinued in winter often appear seasonal increases in blood pressure, recommended daily monitoring of blood pressure, according to the blood pressure or symptoms of low doses of antihypertensive drugs, and insist on drinking hydrogen rich water, the best appropriate to increase the amount of consumption.

5, cold winter, you can drink hydrogen water with moderate warm water

6, rehabilitation patients should pay attention to adjust the eating habits, avoid high calorie diet, good weight management and blood lipids

7, qualified patients can continue to drink hydrogen rich water after the rehabilitation, long-term drinking, improve physical fitness, prevent all kinds of chronic diseases

8, because of various reasons can not continue to drink, can improve life habits, diet control, prevention of recurrence

Hydrogen Water can enhance the resistance?

Hydrogen molecules containing hydrogen rich water can neutralize the hydroxyl radical, hydroxyl radical damage super, at least 70 kinds of human diseases associated with it, drinking hydrogen rich water is the neutralization of free radicals is the most effective, the most direct and most safe method. You said that drinking hydrogen rich water does not enhance the resistance?

1 relieve allergy symptoms: the body resistance and immunity, including sterilization generated by white blood cells (oxidation) of active oxygen for invading the body of bacteria, foreign bodies and other attacks so as to protect the function of the body, such as pollen allergy but in the process of attack and had no need to attack the original reaction. Generation of reactive oxygen species in excess, it will lead to the surrounding normal cells and vascular injury. However, the use of electronic containing active hydrogen in the hydrogen in water, which combined with excess reactive oxygen, thereby generating harmless water on allergic symptoms and effective.




2 improve diabetes: diabetes is caused by insulin secretion is not normal, or its receptor abnormalities caused by the disease. In fact refers to the pancreas islet cells and its receptor can ROS attack, easy to cause the damage. The use of active hydrogen containing electron in the hydrogen in water, which combined with excess activity oxygen, to produce harmless water, and let islet volume return to normal function, so that the symptoms of diabetes were improved.