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Hydrogen inhalation machine principle and Olansi H100 hydrogen inhaler

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Today, we want to introduce hydrogen inhaler

Hydrogen inhalation machine is commonly referred to as hydrogen breathing machine. It is a device that electrolyzes high-purity water to produce high-purity hydrogen for human body inhalation to achieve hydrogen health.

The main function

The hydrogen absorption machine is a machine used to breathe hydrogen. The production of hydrogen is from water, after electrolysis, and then separates the hydrogen. It requires an electrolysis tank, electrolysis device, separation device, etc. Each component is a set of complex system.

First of all, the electrolyzed water tank is made of safe and harmless food-grade materials to contain the high-purity water used in the electrolysis of the hydrogen well, which is sterile and non-polluting. The hydrogen produced in this way has a higher purity and a better effect.

Secondly, the electrolysis device, the core component of the hydrogen absorption machine, is the key link in the production of hydrogen, where the reaction equation will occur: 2H2O===(electrolysis) 2H2+O2 It is mainly composed of platinum electroplates and polymer separators After the power is turned on, hydrogen is continuously generated from the positive electrode and oxygen is generated from the negative electrode. This technology of producing hydrogen from pure water is called SPE pure water electrolysis hydrogen technology.

Finally, the hydrogen and oxygen separation device increases the concentration of hydrogen produced after separation, so that it is effective. The separation device uses ion exchange membranes to separate hydrogen and oxygen.


We has a new arrival Hydrogen Inhaler H100.

H100 hydrogen generator

H100 hydrogen inhaler specification


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