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Hydrogen generator machine principle’s introduce

Hydrogen generator machine principle’s introduce


Hydrogen rich water machine, also known as electrolytic hydrogen generator. The machine is divided into two kinds, one is direct access to tap water pipe, using Ppmian, activated carbon filter to purify water, and then through the electrolysis. The other one is directly injected into the clean drinking water electrolysis device after electrolysis, electrolysis time pour out. Electrode electrolytic hydrogen production of hydrogen rich water machine and water electrolysis electrolytic time, electrolytic cell structure and so on.

Principle / hydrogen rich water machine 

2h2o= is the chemical formula of electrolytic =2h2 (gas) O2 (gas). In the current function, process of electrolyte oxidation and reduction reactions respectively in the two electrodes, the cathode by reducing water to form hydrogen (H2), in the anode through the oxidation of water to form oxygen (O2).

Health function of hydrogen rich water dispenser / hydrogen rich water dispenser

Alkaline water hydrogen rich water machine produced by electrolysis can neutralize the acidic metabolites, prevent the body acidic, eliminate hidden dangers. Many diseases can selectively neutralize toxic free radicals, beautifying and anti-aging effect. It can resist fatigue, anti-inflammatory, anti radiation, anti allergy effects.

The use of hydrogen rich water dispenser in reality 

Hydrogen rich water electrolysis machine is divided into alkaline water and acid water. Alkaline water: used to remove the smell of fish stew, soup, cooked, fried yellow leaves, boiled Steamed Rice can make Steamed Rice delicious fragrance and shiny, non perishable, tea to astringency, brown clarification, more mellow taste of coffee acid. Water: wash your face with the convergence effect, can play a cosmetic effect, clean food, kitchen utensils with sterilization, disinfection, fruit, in addition to pesticide residues in vegetables soaked in acidic ion water.

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