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Hydrogen Water from Olansi Hydrogen Water Maker-Your Best Friend to Remove Free Radicals

There are many studies approval that the hydrogen water can improve anxiety and improve people’s quality of life. The studies in the past are aim to most of the chronic patient, such as dyslipidemia patients, diabetic patients and sports fatigue patients. Generally, these studies approval that hydrogen water for most of the people can be disease cure, or disease-free fitness. Hydrogen water has become a new choice in people’s daily life. And the most important to this change is that the hydrogen water can remove free radicals. In our daily life, the free radicals can be generating anywhere.


Antioxidation of hydrogen water

Antioxidation of hydrogen water

If people want to live, in addition to adequate nutrition for food, they need to breathe continuously to obtain oxygen. Oxygen is also necessary for the body to carry out various oxidation reactions, but when the body is using oxygen for certain metabolic reactions inevitably, there will be some unstable substances, and these unstable substances are all oxygen transformations. Their personalities are very lively. They don’t like security and stability and stay in place. They even like to attack other people because of them. This kind of personality that we don’t like to be confined, we call it free radicals.

The unbridled personality of free radicals is certainly a headache, but sometimes the human body needs to eliminate some of the microbes or abnormal cells that invade the human body through the activity of free radicals. Therefore, lively free radicals also have their lovely side.

When the concentration of free radicals in the human body is not very high, our body has a complete system to eliminate these free radicals. This system is called the antioxidant system. However, unfortunately, the space and form of our current life will lead to a significant increase in the concentration of free radicals in the body, such as smoking, air pollution, water pollution, radiation (x-ray, ultraviolet rays), insecticides, stress in life, excessive exercise And so on, these will increase the concentration of free radicals, which we call oxidative stress. The greater the oxidative stress, the higher the concentration of free radicals in the body. At this time, the antioxidant system in our body will face a crisis of insufficient use.


In summary, the sources of free radicals are the following:

  • Smoking (secondhand smoke), alcohol (each cigarette produces 10,000,000,000,000,000 free radicals).
  • Radicals, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves, sun exposure, or radiation therapy received by cancer patients all produce free radicals.
  • Environmental pollution, including air pollution, drinking water pollution, industrial waste water pollution, and soil pollution.
  • Abuse of chemical drugs, such as the abuse of food additives, pesticides, fruits and vegetables, drugs, medical drugs, etc. (especially those without a test drug).
  • Mental conditions, stress, irritable, anxiety, depression, nervousness and other emotional problems can also produce free radicals.
  • People in modern cities have a lot of stress, poor living conditions, and various types of pollution. The free radicals in the body are overflowing. If they are not controlled, they may suffer billions of free relentless attacks every day.


As you can learn that the free radicals are always cover all the corners, so we need more hydrogen water in our daily life. A hydrogen water maker would be our best friend. Olansi healthcare is professional in the field of hydrogen water maker produce, personal portable hydrogen water maker bottle or hydrogen water machine for home use, we can get the right products from Olansi.

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