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What Is The Use of The Negative Ion Function of The Air Purifier?

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Improve lung function: 30 minutes after inhaling negative ions, human lungs can absorb 20% of oxygen and eliminate 15% of carbon dioxide.

Improve myocardial function: Negative ions have a significant function of lowering blood pressure, which can improve myocardial function and increase myocardial vitality. Improve sleep: After negative ions, it can invigorate people’s spirits, increase work efficiency, and improve sleep. It has obvious sedative and hypnotic effects, promotes metabolism, and negative ions can activate a variety of enzymes in the body to promote metabolism.

1 Production of active oxygen: Negative oxygen ions can effectively activate oxygen molecules in the air, making them more active and easier to be absorbed by the human body, effectively preventing “air conditioning diseases”.

2 Improve lung function: After the human body inhales oxygen-carrying negative ions, the lungs can increase oxygen absorption by 20%, and emit 14.5% more carbon dioxide.

3 Promote metabolism: activate a variety of enzymes in the body to promote metabolism.

4 Enhance disease resistance: It can change the body’s response ability, activate the function of the reticuloendothelial system, and enhance the body’s immunity.

5 Improve sleep: Through the action of negative oxygen ions, it can refresh people’s spirits, increase work efficiency, and can also improve sleep, which has obvious analgesic effects.

6 Sterilization function: The negative ion generator produces a large amount of negative ions while producing trace ozone. The combination of the two makes it easier to absorb various viruses and bacteria, causing structural changes or energy transfer, leading to its death. Dust removal and sterilization are more effective in reducing the hazards of second-hand smoke. It can effectively remove and neutralize toxic gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, carbon monoxide, etc., to protect human health.

7 Clean air, eliminate smoke and dust: negatively charged negative ions and positively charged smoke and dust floating in the air are neutralized by electrodes to make them naturally deposited. Chemical acid decomposes, neutralizes and removes substances with odors (such as sweat odor, decoration and chemical odor, putrefaction, musty, amonia (poop) and other odors), so as to achieve The role of air purification. It gives you a wonderful feeling as if you are in the depths of the forest, and keeps modern urbanites away from all kinds of diseases and all kinds of harmful substances in newly decorated houses.

8 Protection: neutralize the high-voltage static electricity of TVs and computers, and form a negative ion protective layer in front of them to effectively reduce the damage to eyes caused by high-voltage static electricity generated by TVs and computers, effectively prevent myopia, and reduce dust on TVs and computers. damage.

9 Negative ions can enhance the moisture retention of hair: Normally, the surface of the hair is in the form of scattered fish scales. Negative ions can regain the scattered fish scales on the surface of the hair to make the hair look more shiny, and at the same time it can neutralize the hair. The presence of static electricity prevents the hair from splitting ends.

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