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Benefits of air purifier with ionizer and why need to use air purifiers at home and office

Clean air is a cornerstone of good health. The air that we breathe, like food, is essential to life. Without it, people, animals, and plant life would cease to exist. Unfortunately, the air that we breathe isn’t always as fresh or clean as it should be. This is, to some extent, expected when it comes to an outside environment. But what about the air indoors? It may come as a surprise to some, but the air indoors is as polluted, or more so, than the air outside. This is partly attributed to the fact that homes are kept closed up for a majority of the day. Fumes from aerosols, pet dander, and mold are just a few of the things that affect indoor air quality (IAQ) and ultimately health.

Consider the natural carbon cycle: you breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, which in turn is used in photosynthesis in trees and plants and converted into clean oxygen once more. In a confined space, however, the carbon dioxide has nowhere to go and so the confined environment’s carbon dioxide level becomes increasingly concentrated. The same concept applies within your home. Any harmful elements in the air have nowhere to escape – so you breathe them in.


Your home’s air needs to be purified in order to breathe only fresh and dust free air. Spider webs, dust that come along with the wind through windows and many other particles that are emitted from electronics, all pollute the air and increases the chance of skin allergies or lung diseases. To avoid the hazardous pollutants to enter your body through air, it is important to improve the quality of air by adding an Air Purifier to your home. It comes with several benefits for health and is also the best way to filter your home’s air. Let us understand the several benefits an Air Purifier comes with.

Other people may buy an air purifier because they are allergic to their cat or dog. Dog and cat hair can make people sneeze, make it harder to breath, irritate your eyes and generally make life a bit harder, but there are loads of air purifiers that will not only help combat these allergens but also remove the unpleasant smells that pets can leave in our homes.

Air Cleaning

Following are the advantages of air purifiers:

  1. Air purifiers generally clean the air around us refining it by keeping away or separating microns of 0.3 and larger size to render it 99.9 percent dust free.
  2. Some purifiers are planned to keep in mind people afflicted from asthma. Such purifiers can make the air free from all sorts of tiny bit causing allergies and even other foreign body so that the patients get to breathe fresh air.
  3. When you are about to purchase an air purifier to make sure that your appliance is in integrated with the Room Air Cleaner Certification Program quality recorded. There is a grade set for air purifier appliances. Clean air delivery rate or CADR is a measure that assesses the percentage of grime free air in cubic feet.
  4. Air purifiers can creep second hand smoke and even curtail any odour in the air.
  5. Iconic purifiers are of great help to people who have health problems as they aid in cleaning the smallest particles in the air.
  6. To avert bad smells from the air ozone purifiers are fruitful as they have the ability to remove medicinal smells, heavy cooking smell and cigarette smoke also.

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