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Today we want to share with consumers on air purifier HEPA filter.

Every time when it comes to the haze period, the air net products become the best-selling product, and people think that the buying air purifier can make the indoor air cleaner at home. Generally speaking, we will focus on the filtering effect of its supporting filter when purchasing airlines. Because in our cognition, the higher the airfiltering effect is, the better. In fact, this is not reasonable, because the filter is used as the heart of the new wind system, and the advantages and disadvantages of the filter directly affect the purification capacity of the new fan.

The HEPA high-efficiency filter is intertwined by high-density fibers. It is very difficult to capture the particles, high adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and the effect of filtration granules is very obvious. The HEPA high-efficiency standard filter is achieved, and the purification rate of 0.1 micron and 0.3 microns reached 99.998%. If it is filtered with cigarettes, the filtration effect can almost 100% because the particulate matter in the cigarette is between 0.5 and 2 microns, and cannot be passed through the HEPA high-efficiency filter.

We currently use European standards to generally divide G1 to U17 a total of 17 levels, and the best U17 level of HEPA filter has a total purification of 99.999997%. If it is divided according to Chinese standards, it is generally divided into two grades of efficient, high-efficiency-high-efficient, sub-efficiency, high efficiency, and super efficculus.

From the following picture, the European standard F7-F8 is called high-frequency filter; F9-H11 is called sub-high-efficiency filter, and H12-H14 is referred to as a high-efficiency filter, and U15 ~ U17 is called Ultra high metering filter.


In addition to common European standards and Chinese standards, there is an uncommon US standard MERV. The US standard is C1 to UH20 division, a total of 20 levels. In contrast to European standards, the purification effect of M13 in the US standard is approximately equal to F7 of European standards, which is a high-quality filter, and the UH17 in the US standard is substantially equivalent to the European standard H13, which is the high-efficiency filter we said. Net. Therefore, in order to ensure air purification, we best select the filter level in the H12 (or high efficiency) of the filter level when selecting the air purifier, so that the PM2.5 problem can be fundamentally solved.

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