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What is the working principle of the fruit and vegetable pesticide residue cleaning machine?

Nowadays, people’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. In terms of healthy diet, many people worry about how to clean a large number of fruits and vegetables. Manual cleaning undoubtedly requires a lot of time and cost. Washing machines have become a good choice in the catering industry and personal families.
However, how does the fruit and vegetable pesticide residue cleaning machine work?


1. About pesticide residue cleaning machine

Pesticide residue cleaning machine is actually a cleaning machine equipped with an ozone generator. It is mainly used to clean vegetables and fruits and is widely used in household life and industrial and agricultural production. There are many classifications of fruit and vegetable cleaning machines. According to the different types of cleaning, they can be divided into fruit cleaning machines and vegetable cleaning machines; according to different cleaning methods, they can be divided into drum cleaning machines, bubble cleaning machines, high pressure cleaning machines, vibration cleaning machines and brushes. Cleaning machines, etc.; according to technological development, it can be divided into traditional cleaning machines, assembly line cleaning machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, etc. At present, there are many brands on the market. The quality and effect are good, and they are worthy of trust, Like Olansi vegetable and fruit sterilizer.


2. the working principle of pesticide residue cleaning machine

The biggest feature of the pesticide residue cleaning machine is that it is equipped with an ozone generator. When working, the ozone generator generates ozone, and then the ozone pump is used to transport the ozone to the water in the cleaning bucket, thereby generating ozone water, achieving a strong explanation of pesticides, disinfection and Sterilizing effect. Ozone is extremely oxidizing and permeable, and it can quickly penetrate into pesticide residues and bacteria and viruses to oxidize them, and the effect is very good. In addition, ozone also has the function of keeping fresh and deodorizing. Fruits and vegetables washed with ozone water will keep fresh for longer, and there is no peculiar smell, and the fragrance is overflowing.


3. the precautions for the use of the washing machine

First: carefully read the operating instructions of the washing machine to ensure accurate operation of the machine, and carefully check the various accessories and circuits of the washing machine to avoid malfunctions during operation;

Second: Before using the washing machine, wipe the washing basin and shell of the washing machine clean to avoid secondary pollution of fruits and vegetables and affect the normal operation of the machine;

Third: The amount of water must be put in according to the regulations, and the operation steps must be standardized.

Fourth: Clean the machine carefully after cleaning to avoid leakage of disinfectant water and cause adverse effects.

The fruit and vegetable washing machine brings convenience to your life, but also brings troubles, so the editor here reminds you to choose the one that suits you and strictly follow the operating instructions.

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Disinfectant water generator vs bacteria. Who will win?

Microorganisms have been present in the earth since the beginning of their times, finding ways to survive, staying in hosts and others.

Science has explained it for many years now, and this explanation is maintained according to the theories and tests of so many scientists who assure that from microorganisms, life has been generated as we know it.

That is, we can assure that there are millions of microscopic particles that interact with us daily, some circulate normally, but there are others that are able to lodge in our organisms, causing damage that really must be treated with treatment and under medical supervision adequate.

Olansi fruit and vegetable washer machine

Olansi fruit and vegetable washer machine

The bacteria, once they enter our body, begin to cause problems, which result in various diseases.

Most of these microorganisms harmful to our health, are known as bacteria, which are always causing some diseases that seriously affect our health, for this reason they must be fought immediately.

What is a bacteria?

Bacteria are simply microscopic organisms that are part of a large family, and these are mostly causing multiple diseases. Being organisms with a minimum size, they can be almost anywhere, without us knowing. This is one of the main causes that these organisms can enter our body, unleashing some health complications.

And it is that these are practically anywhere, especially in those that do not carry out regular cleaning, since hygiene is one of the enemies of these organisms.

Most common ways to combat them.

Bacteria, like viruses and germs, can be preventatively fought through the use of a disinfectant water generator and a disinfectant water machine, which can easily eliminate any of these problems.

The disinfectant water generator and a disinfectant water machine can perform their work from a simple combination of water and salt, which, through the mechanism of these devices, manages to become a powerful disinfectant, which has the power to eliminate bacteria up to 99%, which is quite effective if we take into account many other possibilities.

When the bacteria are already in the body, and have been causing some health problems, they are fought through medications, in this case it is antibiotics, which locate the bacteria and eliminate it.

The disinfectant water machine can have various applications, so it can not only be used to clean surfaces, floors and windows, but you can also purify other elements inside your home, since you can use it to wash any garment, you could also clean food by washing it with the water this machine emits.

Those are not all the uses that disinfectants water have, these machines are capable of protecting even the most defenseless at home.

Another interesting use that a disinfectant water generator has is that it not only cares for many people, taking them away from the possibility of contracting a bacterium, but it can also take care of other beings that are important to you, your pets.

They are quite vulnerable to acquiring bacteria, so a thorough disinfection of all their utensils and their fur keeps them protected.

Olansi fruit and vegetable washer machine

Olansi fruit and vegetable washer machine

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