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Today’s drinking habits will determine your health in 10 years

The problem of drinking water safety in the wold is becoming more and more serious. There have been concentrated drinking water safety incidents in many areas. These viruses and garbage have always threatened our lives and must deserve our more attention. Therefore, ensuring the quality of daily drinking water is particularly important. Water purifiers have become It is an important daily necessities for many of our consumers to protect the health of their families.


Do you know how many viruses and garbage can be blocked by the filter element of a water purifier in a year:


Statistics show that: (due to the different water quality in various regions, it is for reference only)


About 2600 milligrams of rust in one year, 26000 milligrams in 10 years;


About 9,600 mg of organic matter (two-two pesticides) in one year, 96,000 mg (2 catties of pesticides) in 10 years


Approximately 500 mg of sediment impurities in a year, and 5,000 mg in 10 years;


About 4 mg of lead per year is 40 mg in 10 years. (Excessive lead damages the nervous system, retards children’s mental development, and leads to Alzheimer’s disease)


Are you still using your body as a filter,

Health is priceless,

Health is the happiness of the rich and the wealth of the poor!



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Olansi Disinfectant Water Machine Have Won 2017 Global Cool Design Awards

Today is good day for olansi company.Our new product disinfectant water machine have won 2017 global Cool Design Awards.

Cool Design Awards 2

Cool Design Awards 1

This awards is held by global sources which is the famous E-commerce platform.

Cool Design Awards 3

This award is a good news to our olansi people.

In the year 2016,Olansi healthcare co., ltd have make lots of R&D job for our new products Disinfectant water machine.And we already lanch this new product in the year of 2017,now you can take some samples for testing.

Below is the spec of olansi disinfectant water machine:


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