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Can you fight Coronavirus with a disinfectant water machine?

The current pandemic has led us to reconsider our cleaning habits and the use of disinfectants.

At present we are being affected by multiple drawbacks, but the most outstanding has undoubtedly been caused by the current pandemic, caused by a highly contagious virus of the Coronavirus family.

Since Coronavirus began to affect the health of hundreds of thousands of people, we have seen how everyone has taken measures to combat it in the most efficient way, and some of them have given quite beneficial results, while others have not been effective. .

This virus is known to be highly contagious, but it is weak against soaps and disinfectants, which end up eliminating it.

As it is a totally new virus, there is not too much information about its behavior, but scientists who have been in charge of studying the virus closely have noticed that it reacts very poorly to disinfectant products, such as soap, alcohol, among other hygiene options.

Olansi disinfectant water machine

Olansi disinfectant water machine

A disinfectant water generator has been presented as a valid option to combat this virus that affects us all.

This led them to wonder if there was a simpler way to combat the virus that is circulating in the streets, and one of the options that was thought of for this task was a disinfectant water generator, since it is capable of also fighting other organisms that cause some more common diseases.

A disinfectant water machine is the fastest and safest option for all those who not only want to fight the most common bacteria and germs that can be found at home or on the street, but has also been shown to be effective in eradicating the coronavirus from any surface where it is applied.

However, when wanting to have a disinfectant water generator or a disinfectant water machine, it does not come to our mind that there is any small enough so that we can have it at home, but the truth is that they do exist, and they are very easy and practical to use, especially at this time.

The coronavirus manages to survive a few hours on certain surfaces, so cleaning them correctly will make the virus die.

It must be remembered that coronavirus is a virus that can remain for some time in the air, and also on many surfaces, so it is always sought that all these elements are in the presence of disinfectants and soaps, to make sure to eliminate it completely, and that does not present any danger of contagion.

Using a disinfectant water machine is very safe, not only to clean the surfaces of your house, such as tables, floors, among others, but its use goes much further. This machine allows us to create, from water and salt, a disinfectant that is really safe, even to treat delicate surfaces such as food, thus creating a safe atmosphere at home, to which all the elements of household, and best of all, without running the risk that the use of this disinfectant on the surfaces of fruits or vegetables is harmful to health.

olansi disinfectant water generator

olansi disinfectant water generator

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Avoid diseases at home: Eliminate 99% of bacteria with 84 disinfectant liquid water electrolytic generator

We are all clear about something: Getting sick affects us negatively in many things, avoiding us from carrying out our daily tasks, lowering our daily income, even depending on the disease, compromising our physical integrity to a greater extent.

However, worldwide research indicates that most diseases are caused by bacteria found in the environment. Viruses tend to be killed by the antibodies found in our immune systems, however, bacteria are much more resistant, and therefore tend to produce more durable and powerful diseases.

Even so, the elimination of bacteria is usually a common process: there are many disinfectants produced by different industries on the market, and many soaps with antibacterial capacity that claim to be able to destroy 99% of bacteria in the blink of an eye eye: problem? They are synthetic and industrially manufactured components. As man-made components, they contain various different chemicals to work their antibacterial capacity, and their prolonged use can have several negative repercussions, since most of these components are toxic.

These disinfectants and soaps, in turn, cannot be used in cleaning food or kitchen utensils: given their toxicity, just eating them can end up being worse than a disease of a bacterium.

As if that were not enough, since they are manufactured products, they have a cost: depending on their power, quality and effectiveness; comes a price that goes from the common to the quite expensive. You may not feel it at first, but if you keep buying the product for a long time, you will realize all the money that is invested in them.

But, if I want to keep all disinfected, what can I use?

This is where technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and has brought us a natural, economical, effective and extremely simple solution: a disinfectant water generator.

olansi disinfectant water generator

olansi disinfectant water generator

This appliance is based on a small device slightly larger than a kettle. It has the ability to perform a chemical reaction with the compounds placed on it, generating a compound called sodium hypochlorite, a natural, non-toxic, odorless and inexpensive disinfectant. Ideal for cleaning any type of surfaces, food, wounds, it can even be used as a mouthwash to prevent gingivitis!

Now, you may be wondering: What are these compounds that need to be added in order for the disinfectant water generator to start doing its job? You surely think that they are almost impossible to obtain and end up being very expensive. Well, the best thing about this device is its simplicity and that the components you need to make this natural disinfectant seem incredible, ready to know what they are? Well, it’s simple, you just need: Water, and salt.

Combining a tablespoon of salt and an average of two liters of water, it is capable of creating a disinfectant so powerful that it eliminates the same amount of bacteria as a commercial soap, making it one of the most profitable devices on the market at the time of cleaning is all about. Therefore, you should not hesitate to buy one, in this way you will maintain your health and that of your family, in a simple, easy, economical and effective way.

 The disinfectant water generator is one of the functional household or business appliances that play a vital role in making life healthy. With health consciousness among the people increasing like never before, Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is introducing affordable and serviceable technologies of water purifiers. This machine is helpful in these days where pollution is at its peak. They are useful in removing even the smallest virus and germs, and therefore, the device is effective in eliminating most particles, pathogens, microorganisms, and other colloids.

Olansi disinfectant water machine

Olansi disinfectant water machine

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During the epidemic, except masks, did you get some other necessary prevention artifacts?

With the increasing number of new coronavirus pneumonia diagnoses and suspected cases, protection against the epidemic is still severe, and various suggestions on personal protection measures have emerged. In addition to common protective measures such as wearing a mask and washing hands frequently, the issue of disinfection has also received much attention.
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In addition to masks, what are some good anti-virus items?

1. Medical alcohol
The common virus killing agent is medical alcohol.
According to the diagnosis and treatment plan of the new coronavirus pneumonia (trial version third), 75% alcohol can effectively kill the virus. Therefore, under the general sterilization requirements, such as for ordinary daily necessities, medical alcohol can be used for disinfection.
Olansi suggested that commercial medical alcohol should be purchased directly, and it is difficult to control the concentration by self mixing.



Recommended use of portable alcohol spray can be carried and protected at all times.
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284 disinfection liquid homemade machine (sodium hypochlorite generator)

Sterilization and disinfection at home is the top priority in addition to masks, creating a safe environment and reducing bacterial and viral infections. However, the traditional 84 disinfectant liquid sold out online and offline, nowhere to buy!

Disinfectant self-made machine  can be used at home

It can be used in the whole family without restriction
It’s also very economical. The cost of 1l disinfectant is  very low.

The disinfectant has strong disinfection ability, which can easily destroy virus protein and nucleic acid. It was also the main disinfectant in SARS period before, and can be used in medical treatment, public places and families.


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3. Air purifier with disinfection and purification function

It is recommended to select products with sterilization and disinfection functions in daily house and household air purifier.

The antiviral technology of CU2Ag +Antibacterial  is a new bactericidal technology developed by OLANSI. It takes pet skeleton as carrier and cooperates with H13 HEPA filter screen for medical use, which has a good effect of bacteria isolation, sterilization and antiviral.
Through the third-party detection, it is confirmed that the removal effect of SARS, h7n9 (avian influenza, Coronavirus), H1N1 (respiratory influenza virus) and other viruses is obvious.

The third report showed that the bactericidal rates were as follows:
Anti viral activity rate of SARS: 99.58%
Antiviral activity rate of H1N1: 99.91%
H7n9 antiviral activity rate: 99.98%

Every family needs an air purifier in 2020~

Tips: recommends the use of air purifiers to achieve scientific air prevention.


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4。 Hand sanitizer with sterilization and disinfection function

During severe epidemics, wash your hands frequently, and wash your hands immediately after entering the door for disinfection.

The usual maintenance-type hand sanitizer and fragrance-type hand sanitizer are recommended to give way to soaps or hand sanitizers that are mainly sterilized and disinfected. Hand soap is more effective, followed by hand sanitizer.


It is recommended to use soap or hand sanitizer to stay away from bacteria and start with your hands.
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The future will be better and better, everything will be better!
Isolate the virus, but never love!
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Olansi Disinfectant Water Machine Have Won 2017 Global Cool Design Awards

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