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Olansi Disinfectant Water Machine

Viruses and bacterials are ubiquitous arounding to our life. Although they are invisible, But we also feel the threat of health.



In densely populated areas such as kindergartens, subways, offices, and entertainment venues, germs can easily breed, even in homes that are hygienic. In an environment where viruses and bacteria are present, if the body’s resistance is reduced, it is easy to be infected with viruses or bacteria. Clinically, there are often viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, viral influenza, and viral enteritis.


In this special times, the germs are also very rampant, and the surrounding health is receiving increasing attention.



Due to the good sterilization effect of disinfectant, there are many different types of disinfectant at home, such as fruit and vegetable disinfectant, tableware disinfectant, kitchen cleaner, toilet cleaner, floor disinfectant and so on. If you clean and sterilize your home, buy a bunch of bottles and jars.

So, is there a chlorine-containing disinfectant that combines multiple functions in one and has a disinfectant that can say goodbye to home bottles? Can not only effectively disinfect, but also save the trouble of using different disinfection water in different places?


Would like to introduce a new product ——Olansi XDSJ-5 disinfectant water machine!


Salt + water to make a disinfectant


The water disinfection machine XDSJ-5 mainly produces sodium hypochlorite through salt and water electrolysis, and sodium hypochlorite is the main component of disinfection water on the market.



Available chlorine 500mg / L


The effective chlorine content of sodium hypochlorite produced by the water disinfection machine XDSJ-5 is as high as 500mg / L, which is the same as the effective chlorine content of diluted disinfectant solutions on the market, which is suitable for disinfection in different situations.


More than one bottle


With the Olansi Water Disinfection Machine XDSJ-5, we can say goodbye to various household cleaning bottles and jars such as clothes disinfection water, kitchen cleaning treasures, toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, etc.



The Olansi disinfection water made by the XDSJ-5 disinfection water mechanism can clean kitchens, toilets, floors, and balcony. Simple and convenient, a disinfection machine replaces multiple bottles of disinfection water.


No dilution, use directly


The disinfection solution made by the disinfection water machine XDSJ-5 can be used without dilution. Practical and easy to use at home.


Four functions for different scenarios


The water disinfection machine XDSJ-5 has four disinfection and sterilization functions: “fruit and vegetable”, “tableware”, “home” and “bathroom”. It can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, tableware, home and bathroom. Disinfection is simple and convenient.


Keep healthy. To find out more, please visit: https://www.olansi.net/


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