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Do you know? Whether a new car, or an old car, there may be air pollution in the car!

Ming bought a new car in recent days. He was very excited. He wanted to drive out for a ride when he had time. But as soon as he got into the car, he quickly became dizzy, and the children at home were also uncomfortable when they entered the car.


He  didn’t know what the reason was at first, but later realized that it might be the fault of the new car. The air pollution inside the car was the culprit.

Common pollutants in the interior of the family car include benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, olefins, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc, And the mainly from:

New Car Itself  


With the expansion of the automobile market, new cars often enter the market directly under the production line. The various toxic and harmful gases in the various accessories (such as plastic parts, carpets, roof felts, sofas, etc.) and materials are not fully released. The air directly causes pollution, and the higher the temperature inside the car, the more volatile the pollutants.



Automotive interiors use a variety of solvent-based adhesives, such as: wallpaper adhesives, carpet adhesives, sealing adhesives, plastic adhesives, etc., the adhesive will release formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene And other volatile organic compounds.

                                                                     Interior decoration


Under normal circumstances, when new cars arrive, people will get used to car interior decoration. Cushions, foot pads, seat covers, etc. are all common decorations. These decorative materials may contain pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, acetone and xylene.

In order to dress up the car, some car owners also put blankets, fluffy toys, etc., which are easy to adhere to dust mites and dust. In addition, some car owners use car perfume or air freshener to cover up the pungent smell in the car. In fact, these fragrances are a source of pollution.

Air conditioner evaporator


If the air conditioner evaporator in the car is not cleaned for a long time, a large amount of dirt will adhere to the inside and microorganisms will be generated, and harmful substances such as amines and nicotine will be dispersed in the narrow car space.

                                                                     Smoking in Car 


If smoking in the car, the concentration of volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide and other pollutants will be very high, and chemicals such as nicotine and cotinine can remain in the car for a long time, forming a “three-handed smoke” hazard.

What should we do to prevent and mitigate pollution in the car ?

We recommend


Car air purifier K05 B


♥Integrated barrel filter element design♥

360 ° HEPA filter

Active suction interception filtration

Filter particles as small as 0.3 micron

Remove pollen, dust, formaldehyde, odor, microorganisms, etc

Whirling into the wind, there is no escape from pollution


Olansi  car air purifier

CADR value of fine particles: 8m /h

About 3 square meters of car space calculation

The air inside the car can be purified 2 or 3 times per hour

♥Negative ion purification technology♥


Release 5 million high concentration negative ions

Fresh air inside the car

Bring “air vitamins”

Keep our minds awake

Driving more peace of mind

Create a good purification effect


Same car, different breathing experience

Turn every ordinary day into a beautiful life


Urban traffic is generally congested, people spend more and more time in the car, and the air quality in the car has a corresponding increase in the impact on human health. Roads are countless. Healthy is foremost.


Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service of household environmental purifiers such as household water purifiers, air purifiers and hydrogen-rich water generator. Our mission is to let more customers drink clean and hygienic water, breathe fresh and clean air, and enjoy a healthy and secure life through technology. Welcome to joint our agent, we undertake OEM / ODM, to provide you with excellent products and meticulous service.

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Some manufacturers will also be included in the original car air purifier configuration table, and today we got two models equipped with air purifier: Camry high with the Volvo S60, take a look at them for the car PM2.5 thin Purification of particulate matter.

Car Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier

Toyota Camry high with the original model comes with air purifier, in fact, is to install a large air purifier behind the rear seat, the body hanging in the trunk compartment.

Car Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier

In the car PM2.5 initial value of 180 cases, open the original air purifier, the value dropped significantly, about 10 minutes or so the value dropped to about 60, 20 minutes, the car PM2.5 value display The minimum value of only 8.5, compared to the previously tested portable car air purifier, the data results are very satisfied.

Car Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier

Volvo’s IAQS system is one of the distribution point, and today we also find a S60 to test how much the system’s role in the end. Its main function is: You can real-time monitoring of the air quality inside the car, if the PM2.5 fine particulate matter is too much, the air conditioning system will automatically switch to the internal circulation state, through the efficient air filter filter PM2.5 particulate matter inside the car Purified off.

However, here is a bit different from the test on the article, is the purification of this system is to open the air conditioning under the premise only effective, if not open the air conditioning only open within the cycle, can only ensure that no new PM2.5 fine particles into the car , But can not play the role of purification. So this test, we will adjust the air conditioning air volume 3 block, fixed inner loop mode.


From today’s actual test point of view, all kinds of purifiers for PM2.5 fine particles in the filter car are effective, but because of the different dust removal principles and filtration capacity, the numerical difference is also reflected in a large, and of which Play a decisive role is the filter, filter material, the thickness of a direct decision of the filtering performance. The car’s three major advantages of Olansiare low noise, stable quality, efficient purification. Filter using hepa filter or formaldehyde filter. Do not worry about quality problems.


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